Why you should stay in Peregian Beach when you visit the Sunshine Coast

Are you planning on visiting the Sunshine Coast in Queensland anytime soon? I took a trip there in February and I think I discovered a hidden gem, so me being me I’m here to share my secret with you – in case the title didn’t give it away, I’m talking about Peregian Beach. If you’re looking for a super laid back beach holiday with some great food options (and bonus points if you also travel with or generally like dogs), here’s why you should stay in Peregian Beach when you plan your trip to the Sunshine Coast.

Actual Peregian Beach

When we were booking our trip to the Sunshine Coast, we had a lot of people rave to us about Noosa. Unfortunately, we found the cost prohibitive when it came to booking accommodation. Instead, I settled on a place not too far away called Peregian Beach, and I hoped it would do. So on our first full day on the Sunshine Coast, of course we headed to Noosa to see what all the fuss was about.

To be fair to Noosa, it’s got a beautiful beach and some nice chichi shops to browse (and not buy anything unless you’re an actual rich person who maybe owns a beach house that you can stuff with flowing kaftans and objet d’art). However, we should have realised the score when it took half an hour and some predatory space stalking to find anywhere to park when we arrived. Noosa is the unfortunate victim of its own success and it’s got the crowds to match. The beach looked like you’d taken the contents of an average Westfield on a Saturday afternoon and plonked them onto aforementioned beautiful bit of sand. In other words, hectic. And this was just a term-time weekend.

As a (still) baffled beachgoer, it’s not really my speed – I’m much more of an empty beach kinda gal.

Which is exactly what we got when we visited actual Peregian Beach later that afternoon. The only people around were a few couples and families enjoying a pre-dinner stroll. Oh, and some dogs. Did I mention Peregian Beach is a dog friendly beach? If you want to see puppies frolicking in the surf, you need to head to Peregian asap.

When somewhere has a beach this beautiful, why would you stay anywhere else?

Does it get better than a pastel sunset on an empty beach?

I loved that on Peregian beach you could be sure of finding a fairly large spot of sand to call your own, and seeing as the narrow town runs parallel to the ocean, you’re never really more than a block away from a faceful of that beautiful vista.

The vibe

Peregian Beach is a laid back place. As we explored, a hint of reggae music wafted over from one direction, and the sound of clinking glasses from another. On our way to the beach we walked past residents enjoying sundowners on their verandahs, snoozing dogs at their feet. It’s a place for those for whom relaxation is a lifestyle, and I loved it.

Alongside a scattering of beachfront mega mansions that are hard to avoid along any popular beach in Australia, you’ve got the kind of low-key places that we stayed in. Our AirBnB was exactly what we wanted and nothing more and I’d definitely recommend it to a friend.


One of the great benefits of small town living is that you won’t get stuck in traffic. It’s right next to a main road that will allow you to explore the Sunshine Coast with relative ease – Noosa is 15 minutes to the north, Caloundra is 40 minutes to the south, Sunshine Coast/Maroochydore airport is 20 minutes also to the south, Australia Zoo is 45 minutes to the south west, and the beautiful hinterlands begin 30-40 minutes to the west.

This is Montville, one of the hinterland mountain villages recommended to me by Courtney; isn’t it adorable?

There is so much to see and do on the Sunshine Coast, and the car is the best way to get about. So staying somewhere with quick and easy road access made exploring a breeze.

Good food

Don’t let this whole small town thing fool you. There’s excellent food to be had in Peregian Beach. We ate at the Peregian Beach Hotel, where the gluten free pizzas were a solid 3/5, and there was live music accompanying our pig out.

We stocked up on all kinds of gluten free wonders at the shiny IGA just around the corner, and Sian says the pizza from Pizzami is excellent. I kind of wish we’d gone there instead but never mind… we’ll just have to go back. There are also some slightly more upmarket restaurants that look worth investigating; suffice to say whatever your dining style you should find somewhere to suit you in the centre of Peregian Beach.

and because…

Have you ever been to the Sunshine Coast? Where would you stay?


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