Australian Road Trips I want to take

Real talk. We’re currently on a holiday hiatus right now, because what with potential job changes, our string of visitors, and both of us needing new phones, travel is off the cards for the immediate future. I am not allowed to book anything. Nope. Not even so much as a road trip.

I am roadtrip obsessed at the moment - how can you not be in a country as beautiful (and huge) as Australia? I'm making lists of lists of roadtrips I want to take as soon as humanly possible, and I'm sharing them with you at

Which, of course, means I now want to go EVERYWHERE and see EVERYTHING. So I thought I’d write a list right here right now of all the Australian road trips I’m just itching to take, so that when we once again roll round to travel booking time I’m not stumped for ideas. Which would be typical me.

Sydney – Byron Bay

Courtney’s trip earlier this year inspired me, and I wish I could go for just the day – alas, Byron is a little further away for us here in Sydney. So I’d make a 4 day trip of it, and stop off for a night each way at one of the cute AirBnBs that I found en route. There’s one that’s also a cat rescue shelter, and you can share your accommodation with a cute kitty! How adorable is that?!

Anyway, once in Byron I’d definitely go see the beach but, on account of still not having quite mastered that beach thing, we’d probably wander around the town a bit as I hear it’s quite eclectic. I’d also do my very best to see 20 dolphins in a wave, because surely it doesn’t get better than that?

Sydney – Jervis Bay

I’ve seen so many articles about Jervis Bay recently. The beaches look absolutely beautiful, and I’m hoping it’s got that laid back coastal vibe that the Sunshine Coast had, only a slightly shorter drive away from Sydney.

I can picture us staying near this beautiful beach, going for lovely walks – preferably on a boardwalk if I can at all find one, I’ve decided they’re my favourite kind of walk don’t ask me why, and maybe visiting Bowen Island or the Botanic Gardens. Also I could catch up on all that reading I’ve been meaning to do for ages.

Alice Springs – Uluru

You can’t move to Australia and not make it to the red centre at some point. It costs a fortune but everyone I know who has gone says it’s worth it. I reckon this is one for a big celebration, but it’s going on the list anyway. We will make it, one of these days!

I am roadtrip obsessed at the moment - how can you not be in a country as beautiful (and huge) as Australia? I'm making lists of lists of roadtrips I want to take as soon as humanly possible, and I'm sharing them with you at

I mean, just look. Obviously we wouldn’t climb it, because even though the climbing ban doesn’t come into effect until 2019, we do respect the traditional owners of the land and their wishes. And they wish people wouldn’t climb it. So we won’t.

I’d also love to see the rock formations of Kata Tjuta nearby, and if we could possibly manage to see it in the same trip, maybe even the Aboriginal rock art at Cave Hill. We saw a recreation of the site at the National Museum of Australia in Canberra, and it was amazing. To see it in real life would be even better!

All the way across the Nullarbor

While we’re talking outback, how much more outback can you get than a trip across the Nullarbor Plain? The name means no trees, and add that to the fact that the trip involves the longest straight stretch of road in the world (143km!) and you might get an idea of what magnitude of road trip we’re talking about here. This is a bring everything with you, no shower for a week kind of a situation. This isn’t normally my preferred kind of holiday, but if we had a van like Ben, I’d do it again.

I am roadtrip obsessed at the moment - how can you not be in a country as beautiful (and huge) as Australia? I'm making lists of lists of roadtrips I want to take as soon as humanly possible, and I'm sharing them with you at

I’d rent our Ben-a-like from Adelaide and drive to Perth via Esperance, which I think would take around a week to 10 days. Depending on where you stop. Things to see along the way include indigenous art at the Murrawijinie Caves, and the remains of NASA’s Skylab which crash landed near the Balladonia roadhouse in 1979.

The Great Ocean Road

This is another classic that I think makes it to the top of most ‘must do Australia’ type lists. My cousin took this trip last year and loved it, so I am now jealous. She managed to avoid most of the crowds, too, so I think there’s definitely a knack to timing and order of visit.

I am roadtrip obsessed at the moment - how can you not be in a country as beautiful (and huge) as Australia? I'm making lists of lists of roadtrips I want to take as soon as humanly possible, and I'm sharing them with you at

If you can make it there for sunrise or sunset all the better. I think this must be sunset but my geography is not world famous so I’ll move on from pure speculation.

This is another one you can do via camping, campervan, or hotel and I think my preference would be campervan, all else being equal. I know myself and I faff, so if we stayed in hotels I’d never get anywhere to beat any crowds. And camping ain’t happening.

The Sapphire Coast

For more majestic coastline views I’d head to the slightly lesser known Sapphire Coast, aka the southern New South Wales coast. Realistically we’d probably start out from Sydney, seeing as that’s where we and the car live, but the trip would start in earnest once we hit Bermagui. That’s already 7 hours away so we might need to stop before we’ve started, if you know what I mean. However, the Sapphire Coast itself isn’t all that huge, and would only take around two hours to drive the whole thing. So a slow approach would be most welcome, perhaps basing oneself in some chichi beachside accomm and pottering to some sights during the day. Like Horse Head Rock. I’d quite like to go there.

That night I’ve spent on the beach in bermagui was absolutely amazing! Watching the galactic core rise above the horizon is always a transcending experience😁. Happy to have shared the experience with @russelbrewtyphotography and @petarbphotography . Getting stuck stuck by the tide on the beach for 12 hours is always more fun with companions😀 . . . . . #amazing_longexpo #longexposurephotography #ig_australia #australiagram #nightphotography #nightsky #horseheadrock #longexposure #universetoday #visitnsw #longexpoelite #nightscape #australia_shotz #magicpict #longexposure_shots #stargazing #starrynight #milkywaygalaxy #astrophotography #special_shots #rsa_night #ig_shotz #australia #astrophotography #jaw_dropping_shots

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If we went between June and November I’d keep a beady eye out for migrating whales along the coastline, too.

Perth – Margaret River – Esperance

You can see how much my blogging friends inspire my trips – I started with Courtney and I’ll finish with Lauren, who spent her mini-moon in Esperance and it looked absolutely gorgeous. If we don’t manage to do the Full Nullarbor, I think this would be a great mini version to do. I’d definitely stay in the same place Lauren did because it looks perfect, I’d definitely eat a lot, and I’d try and visit as many of those beautiful beaches as I could. What I’d do when I got there I have no idea but, details….

Next steps involve cross referencing the above with any excellent gluten free dining spots I can find, and affordable accommodation. In Australia, that’s always a gamble.

Do you have any recommendations for any of the above? I’m all ears (but don’t make them too good; remember I am on a travel booking ban).


I am roadtrip obsessed at the moment - how can you not be in a country as beautiful (and huge) as Australia? I'm making lists of lists of roadtrips I want to take as soon as humanly possible, and I'm sharing them with you at



  1. 27th April 2018 / 06:25

    Yay for road trips!! We plan to do all of these – great nomads r us! We are doing one you haven’t mentioned – brisbane to port Douglas in July (4000 kms return)

    Also Uluru is absolutely fantastic!!! Did you read my recent post? We can’t wait to return it was one of the most amazing places I have ever been.

  2. 27th April 2018 / 09:00

    Oh my gosh these all sound amazing! I heard the Australian government put some restrictions on Uluru? I’d be up for any of these trips, especially near the coast 🙂

  3. 27th April 2018 / 19:18

    So many beautiful trips!! 😍😍 I’m not really a road trip person – but I think it’s because I’ve never been on interesting ones (only to visit my grandparents) – but when we were in NZ we did heaps of driving and I loved it!

  4. 27th April 2018 / 22:33

    a camper van on the great ocean road. swoon. to be honest they all seem quite amazing. i kept scrolling thinking the next option was even better than the last! i feel like it was me last year – not doing any of the fun travel and holding off. i paid for braces and adult things like that and now i’m making up for it this year. i think i may be on this every other year plan haha. maybe if i spread it out more…oh well, i’ll figure that rational way of travel eventually 🙂

    xoxo cheshire kat

  5. 28th April 2018 / 03:17

    As much as I hated road trips as a kid, I kind of really enjoy them now as an adult! All of these sound like great trips, especially the coastal trips! Hopefully you’ll be off your spending hiatus soon and can book one of these trips!

  6. 28th April 2018 / 04:46

    What a lovely place! I especially like your photo of Dolphin Bay. We see dolphins leaping above the waves here, but I’ve never seen them from your underwater viewpoint. Amazing!

  7. 28th April 2018 / 08:52

    I have never done a big road trip, to the great amusement of my friends. THere was that time I tried to save my leave and we cut a trip short to skip the road trip week, then I returned to work and they said I hadn’t taken 2 weeks consecutive leave so I needed to book it ASAP, I was a bit annoyed I’d missed my chance! once the boys are bigger maybe 🙂

    I’ve done just a little day tour on the great ocean road but it is SO worth the trip, even flying past most of it it looked amazing and I’d definitely love to do a more leisurely tour of it one day! 🙂

    Hope you are having a lovely week so far and you have a fun weekend ahead of you 🙂

    Away From The Blue Blog

  8. kelly
    28th April 2018 / 20:13

    Love a good old road trip! There is nothing that gets the imagination and inspiration going than when you are having a frugal month…I hope you get to visit each one of these lovely spots at some point in the future Rachel xx

  9. 28th April 2018 / 22:46

    I’m glad I could inspire you ☺️. We loved the Great Ocean Road (I did a travel guide a few years ago after we went), you definitely need to do it! I would love to explore Western Australia someday and see a different part of the country.

  10. 29th April 2018 / 05:36

    These sound like they would be amazing road trips!

  11. 3rd May 2018 / 13:11

    Yes to these!! I’ll be in Byron Bay in Sept for a wedding, I can’t wait!! Girl, we still need to do Margaret River… I’m a bit on a holiday hiatus at the moment as well, so let’s talk when we both can plan hols again!! 😉

  12. 13th May 2018 / 06:37

    GAHHH. All of these places look amazing! I’m basically obsessed. (That starry sky photo? Amazing!) That dolphin picture? Totally thought they were sharks. I find that planning my next great adventure is what carries me through the days until I can embark on my own adventure, so I fully support this post. 😉

  13. 16th July 2018 / 22:36

    These places all look so beautiful! Seriously making me question why I haven’t visited Australia yet. It’s definitely on my bucket list 🙂

  14. 19th July 2018 / 10:46

    After reading your post it really helps me to convince myself to explore and visit the beautiful places in Australia and I will absolutely add on my travel list. Kudos!

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