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It’s Monday, and I’m over it already. My train was over half an hour late this morning due to overrunning engineering works and someone who pulled the emergency break, I had to stand for the entire hour-long journey and I nearly fainted about 3 times. Which has actually happened to me once or twice before – I think it’s due to my low blood pressure, going from cold to stuffy train heat, and mornings in general, not pregnancy as my colleagues helpfully suggested. Anyway, I now have a complex about fainting on trains so I’m sure that added to the whole dynamic as well.

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Train woes aside, I decided that today was the day to post the response to being nominated by Sarah for the Versatile Blogger Award. Thanks, Sarah! Because you asked, here are 7 things about me.

  1. I LOVE Dolly Mixtures but they give me a horrible headache if I eat to many. Despite this fact, I’m still unable to sensibly regulate my intake.
  2. People who walk obnoxiously really annoy me. Read: people who walk slowly and right in the middle of the pavement, people who stop suddenly whilst walking, people who are glued to their phones whilst walking. Look where you are going! (You should also probably infer from this that I’m quite a purposeful walker)
  3. I’m probably the least competitive person you’ll ever meet. Possibly due to having three exceptionally talented older sisters. Possibly not.
  4. I am veryveryvery excited for the arrival of my new niece or nephew, but gutted that my husband gets to meet him or her before I do. My money’s on a girl, btw.
  5. I am now mildly obsessed with long distance train travel after our mega trip from Chicago to Seattle. (P.S. more on that coming tomorrow…) I’m looking for my next contender – any suggestions?
  6. I’m a quiet person, especially in groups. I just like hearing what everyone else has to say rather than listening to the sound of my own voice. Sometimes I worry that this makes me seem boring and/or aloof (given my RBF) but as I get older I’m accepting more that I am how I am and those that know me know this. And still hang out with me anyway.
  7. I am eating a Brussels sprout salad for my lunch and it’s surprisingly good. I only recently realised that it’s Brussels sprout and not Brussel sprouts. That kind of blew my tiny mind, I have to say.

If you want to share 7 things about yourself, please accept my nomination and get down with your bad self.

Happy Monday, everyone!




  1. 24th October 2016 / 18:07

    Unpurposeful walker bother the heck out of me too! I think that because I’m tall I naturally just walk faster than everybody else, and I can’t stand it when I get behind somebody that walks slow or a group of people that walks slow in the middle of the sidewalk. I hope that your Monday has gotten better! It sucks to start the week off like that!

    • 24th October 2016 / 18:29

      I have long legs too, it must be a long legs thing. I don’t mind when people are just slow as long as they’re aware of others around them and don’t meander around the entire pavement obliviously. Just so frustrating. My Monday got a bit better thank you! Roast chicken for dinner so it can’ t be all bad. I hope yours is going well 🙂

  2. Jen
    24th October 2016 / 19:06

    Yay for the arrival of a new niece or nephew! That is so exciting! 🙂

  3. 24th October 2016 / 19:54

    I have to go google a Dolly Mixture. No idea what that is. Standing on a train next to strangers sounds awful – it makes me rethink my whole “we need public transportation” opinion (though the option would be nice…)

    • 24th October 2016 / 22:19

      Google will probably do a better job than me but it’s a kind of sweet that’s essentially fondant icing/sugar dyed different colours and flavours. It’s fake as anything so it’s no wonder it gives me killer headaches!

  4. 24th October 2016 / 20:24

    Oh my gosh, I’ve been having fainting episodes as well 🙁 It’s not fun at all, now every time I get the least bit light headed I freak out. So I feel ya on that!
    Lovely reading your 7 facts and getting to know you a bit more 🙂 And I can’t wait to see what your next massive train journey is! Orient express? 😉

    • 24th October 2016 / 22:25

      Oh miserable! Sorry you’ve had a similar thing. And what is it with the freaking out?! I’m not normally someone who freaks out about illness etc but for some reason the fear of fainting is real! Thanks again for nominating me, yay for blog friends! And I’d love to do the orient express but I’ll need to take out a large loan first!

  5. 24th October 2016 / 21:19

    Ugh that is a pain about the train – commuting is a right pain sometimes. I really want to do a long train journey, I don’t think I’ve done a proper cross country one before.

    • 26th October 2016 / 20:45

      I know, when it works you’re like this is great, but when it breaks it’s a total nightmare. It was just the feeling of being trapped and late for a call and not being able to do anything about it that was the worst part! I’d really recommend the long train journey, it was a very unique experience.

  6. 24th October 2016 / 22:00

    I always thought it was Brussel sprouts! Either way you say it I’m not a fan, haha!

    Hope you manage to get the near fainting under control! When I was going through a tough time healthwise a few years back I was at work and suddenly got dizzy and light-headed and had to sit down before I fell down. I usually have pretty low blood pressure too, and due to deadlines I’d been working late and hadn’t had dinner the night before, or breakfast that morning. Of course everyone jumped to the pregnancy diagnosis and one “lovely” lady even took it upon herself to tell the entire floor I’d nearly fainted and she thought I was pregnant. So embarrassing! I ended up going home, felt better after a rest and some food. And of course, there was no baby 9 months later. Although there was a few people asking for a while, ugh.

    Hope the rest of your week is better!

    Away From The Blue Blog

    • 26th October 2016 / 20:49

      I’m not a huge fan either to be honest, unlike my sister who actually chooses to eat them. Weird.

      I think it’s just one of those things – as it happens I hadn’t eaten yet so that was a poor choice. I had planned to eat on the train but hadn’t factored on my good train being cancelled and having to get the one that was ram packed. I didn’t think the person I was jammed up against wanted to share my breakfast so I left it! It really bothers me that people jump to the pregnancy conclusion. I don’t know why in particular it rattles me but I think it’s just such a personal thing to bandy around, and you never know what issues people have so it’s not a good idea to jump to conclusions. I feel like I can’t even mention the word nausea without people giving me side eye. Very unfair.

  7. 25th October 2016 / 07:14

    As for a long distance train trip, check out The Ghan. It’s Darwin to Adelaide (top of Australia to bottom.) If you do it, I might need to join you because I really want to 🙂

    • 27th October 2016 / 11:26

      Oh I’ve always wanted to go on the Ghan! Also the one that goes East to West. It’s ferociously expensive but if we split the cost then I’m sure it’s doable…right?!

    • 27th October 2016 / 11:27

      Normally I do… on Monday I didn’t. Silly me. However I’ve still done the fainting thing even having eaten breakfast so it’s one big shrug from me!

  8. 25th October 2016 / 11:38

    Such a great post – just found your blog and I lurrrve it, you go girl! Seriously, slow walkers, stoppers and generally unaware people are the bane of my friggin’ life. My friends say that I get ‘street rage’ as opposed to road rage haha.

    • 27th October 2016 / 11:29

      Thank you! Hello, welcome! Generally unaware people, gah. The worst. Is it so hard to just pay attention?? I definitely get street rage. I mean I’m no street ragey against people with actual mobility problems or with prams etc but perfectly fit people who just dawdle around on their phones need to get a clue.

  9. 25th October 2016 / 13:51

    oh fun list! i suffer from RBF too and well, it’s a curse especially because i love to talk to strangers and engage with people and they are thinking i’m bitchy ha. oh well. and how exciting about niece or nephew! although yeah too bad you cant meet him/her with your husband!

    xoxo cheshire kat

    • 27th October 2016 / 11:30

      It’s such a curse! I don’t know how to get around it. I thought wearing contact lenses would help as hopefully I wouldn’t be squinting as much (too lazy/forgetful for glasses) but I’m not actually sure it’s helped at all. Sigh. I do try and smile a bit more but then weirdos come and talk to me so… I can’t win!

      SO VERY EXCITED for my niece/nephew!

  10. 25th October 2016 / 17:19

    i can’t get over the brussel sprouts vs brussels sprout. i guess if you are eating multiple it is still sprouts, right? but is also brussels. my head hurts.
    i am not competitive either. probably just comes from never being very good at anything so i was always like… eh. haha.

    • 27th October 2016 / 11:32

      Haha yep my brain did the same thing. And the s from the brussels just merges into the s from the sprouts so you can’t even tell it’s there. If a tree falls in the forest, etc. And brussels sprouts has too many s’s in it for someone with braces.
      Ah, yes, I think the not being great at anything might be it as well. Yay for mediocrity!

  11. 26th October 2016 / 03:30

    I want to do a long distance train trip someday… 🙂

  12. 3rd November 2016 / 19:27

    I like #6. I’m like that as well. 🙂

    You are alone in your brussel sprout salad love though. Ew. 🙁

    Congrats on your versatile blogger award!

    • 7th November 2016 / 14:43

      I’m glad it’s not just me! I’m sure we’d get along very well if we met in real life 🙂

      Normally I am NOT a brussels sprout fan but that salad was actually passable. Never mind that it was the only option left in the shop!

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