I’m back from New York!

Now I’m back from my grand trip to New York and feeling slightly overwhelmed by how much there is to write about, I thought I’d start by posting a few of my favourite snaps. It’s all about easing in gently, right?

NYC trip recap 23

First things first, meet my travel buddy Emma. She’s been my bestie since we were 7 years old, and I can’t believe how much of our lives we’ve lived together. She’s awesome, and was just as excited about our trip as me. Perhaps more?

NYC trip recap 1(Sorry about the awful blurry photo. I was just too excited to operate my camera properly)

Oh and I told her about my blog. So, there’s that. Hi, Em!

NYC trip recap 2

NYC trip recap 3

NYC trip recap 4

NYC trip recap 5

NYC trip recap 6

NYC trip recap 7

NYC trip recap 8

NYC trip recap 10

NYC trip recap 13

NYC trip recap 14

NYC trip recap 16

NYC trip recap 18

NYC trip recap 19

NYC trip recap 20

NYC trip recap 21

NYC trip recap 22

NYC trip recap 24

And thus endeth my trip to New York.

Once I’ve got myself together a bit better I’ll be putting words alongside these pictures, but for now feast your eyes on the city that stole my heart (and my ability to write coherently about it).




  1. Jen
    21st June 2016 / 16:53

    What a fun trip you had! I absolutely love NYC and hope to go back some day. 🙂

    • 22nd June 2016 / 21:38

      I had SO much fun! I’m glad you love it too, and I hope you get to make a return trip. Imagine taking your little girl for the first time..!!

  2. Jasmine @makingrestorations
    21st June 2016 / 21:21

    beautiful snaps, can’t wait to hear more

    • 22nd June 2016 / 21:38

      Thanks so much Jasmine!

    • 22nd June 2016 / 21:39

      Thank you! I felt like they were totally random (especially that one about the rat, ha) but enjoyed the fact that nobody looked at me weirdly whilst talking to my phone in public. Hurrah for NYC! I had such a blast, I really want to go back already.

  3. 22nd June 2016 / 00:44

    I love New York City. My first time in the city was overwhelmingly exhilarating. There was so much to see and do in such a short amount of time. Since my first visit, I’ve been back 3 times. We love visiting during Christmas when they decorate for the holidays!

    • 7th July 2016 / 21:33

      Oooh a visit during Christmas sounds amazing. I’d also really like to go around Halloween to see all the decorations (and eat all the halloween candy, lets be honest).

      I’d definitely agree with overwhelmingly exhilarating! That’s exactly how I felt! I think there’s too much to do for even a whole lifetime spent in the city, so to plan what to do for four days felt like far too much. I really hope I can go back and see some more!

  4. 22nd June 2016 / 01:30

    GORGEOUS photos! Your shots are always so crisp 🙂 I’m excited to read more, and I’m so happy you told a friend about your blog too – yay!

    • 7th July 2016 / 21:33

      Thanks so much Marcella, you’re too kind! I finally got around to writing some more – the overwhelm was real with this one! And I’m really happy I told my friend, too. I don’t know why I was so nervous!

  5. 22nd June 2016 / 01:58

    It looks like you had a great time! Love that windy photo up the top of the building – hilarious! 🙂

    Away From The Blue Blog

    • 7th July 2016 / 21:34

      I had the most fabulous time! The windy pic is my favourite. It definitely captured the moment well – what you can’t see is our other hands holding on to our skirts (and our dignity…) for dear life!

  6. 22nd June 2016 / 02:13

    Love your pictures! I’ve been to New York state (boring), but I haven’t made it to NYC yet. #thingstodo

    • 7th July 2016 / 21:35

      Well, it was the first time for me visiting the US as a whole and I think it was a baptism of fire. Of the best kind! I think I’d have been pretty darn excited to just visit New York State, to be honest. It was like being in a film!

  7. 22nd June 2016 / 08:42

    So fun! I want to go back to NYC one day. I only went on a family vacation when I was in uni.

    • 22nd June 2016 / 21:40

      Ooh that must have been fun. How was it as a family trip? Did you all want to do similar things or did you end up dividing and conquering?

  8. 22nd June 2016 / 10:53

    I love these snaps! I loved following your trip on Instagram too. It brought back great memories but I always love seeing people enjoy the US as well!

    • 22nd June 2016 / 21:42

      Ah thanks Jaime! I’ve been fairly obnoxious on Instagram but kind of loving it..! It was actually my first time in the US at all, so I was walking around like a goldfish the entire time. I loved it! Finally getting various pop culture references was pretty cool 🙂

  9. Kerri Taylor
    22nd June 2016 / 13:41

    ugh NYC has a piece of my heart that’s for sure. i grew up about 3 hours away so i’d try to visit as often as possible. glad you had a good time! good snaps!

    xoxo cheshire kat

    • 22nd June 2016 / 21:42

      Lucky you! Did you make it very often? I grew up about half an hour outside of London but didn’t go as much as perhaps I should… Glad you enjoyed the snaps 🙂

    • 22nd June 2016 / 21:43

      I had the BEST time! I’m glad you love it too, have you been many times?

  10. 22nd June 2016 / 15:33

    I’m so glad that you enjoyed your time in NYC! There really is so much to see and do, and eventually you’ll be able to write about it!

    • 22nd June 2016 / 21:44

      I had so much fun, seeing it in real life after all this time was massively overwhelming – in the best possible way! I couldn’t tell whether I was coming or going most of the time but it was all awesome. Hopefully my writing will come soon!

  11. 22nd June 2016 / 15:57

    can’t wait to hear more about NYC! that’s one city i never grow tired of!

    • 22nd June 2016 / 21:45

      I’m not sure you could ever get tired of NYC, there is so much going on! I love the mix of hustlebustle and quiet, oh and plenty of gluten free donuts. They’re a must.

  12. 22nd June 2016 / 17:11

    Oh how I love NYC! We had a grand old time when we went and I’d love to go back. A bestie since age 7; how amazing is that!!

    • 22nd June 2016 / 21:46

      I’m glad you enjoyed it too! How long did you go for? Yeah a 23 year long friendship is not to be sneezed at. I’m looking forward to telling fellow residents in the old bat’s home how many decades we’ve been friends for 🙂

      • cece
        29th June 2016 / 00:39

        We were there for a full 5 days. It was great. Plenty of time to explore and enjoy.

  13. 22nd June 2016 / 19:38

    Awwww the boyfriend talks about his visit to New York ALL THE TIME and I’m so jealous! Definitely looks like an amazing city!

    • 22nd June 2016 / 21:47

      Haha, has it entered the realms of holiday legend yet?! It’s an absolutely amazing city, but an absolutely full on place – I’m still reeling from it all!

  14. 23rd June 2016 / 06:20

    Sooo beautiful of the city and pictures! Being busy of late, I love to read less word more picture blogpost, hahaa. Actually I fully understand how a trip can threw in overwhelmingly. I lost words for our visit in London! I need to go back there again.

    Definitely look forward to more of your sharing in writing.

    • 26th June 2016 / 17:06

      I know the feeling about being busy, I’m glad the picture story worked for you! I’m really glad you liked London, but I can see how that would make you lost for words as well. Maybe we’ll both work up to words at some point!

    • 26th June 2016 / 17:51

      That’s what I hear! Thanks, I was a bit apprehensive but she’s been great about it 🙂

    • 26th June 2016 / 17:52

      It was the best! Now I love New York too! Can’t wait to explore more of the US.

  15. 23rd June 2016 / 22:31

    New York has always been on my to visit list! It looks amazing and it looks like you had a great time!
    xo April | April Everyday

    • 26th June 2016 / 17:52

      I had a brilliant time, I highly recommend a trip if you’re able to. There’s just so much to see and do!

  16. 25th June 2016 / 07:51

    Awesome photos! Looks like you had an incredible time! Looking forward to hearing more about it soon
    We’re trying to plan our holiday for the end of the year – we have three weeks but we keep changing our minds about where we want to go! I was thinking Europe somewhere, but now I’m really wanting to visit the US! Too many places and decisions! hehe 😉 xx

    • 26th June 2016 / 17:54

      Oooh three weeks, that’s great. You have so many options! I really recommend a few days in New York if you can manage it. Looking forward to finding out where you decide to head – I’m definitely not qualified to give US tips but I can lend a hand with Europe if you need some help deciding 🙂

    • 26th June 2016 / 17:55

      I’m so glad! Have you been many times? I wish I could go back already…

  17. 26th June 2016 / 14:57

    Is it bad to say that I’ve always lived within 8 hours (drive time) of NYC and never been?! Glad you had a fantastic trip! If you’re ever in DC, you MUST let me know!

    • 26th June 2016 / 17:58

      Well 8 hours is quite a long time! I’ve lived within 8 hours of the whole of Scotland and never been. Or Ireland for that matter. It’s always the things on our doorstep that we skip out on! And TOTALLY yes if I’m ever vaguely near DC I will definitely let you know. The same to you for basically any of England!

  18. 28th June 2016 / 17:52

    looks like you had a fabulous time and i love all the photos. so fun! can’t wait to hear more!

    • 7th July 2016 / 21:36

      I had THE BEST time. I can’t wait to go back already. Sadly, S did not enjoy his trip to NYC (8 years ago?) but I maintain that’s just because he went without me. Still, he’s not keen on a return trip which makes me very sad. I’m working on it…

    • 7th July 2016 / 21:37

      It was heaps of fun! It was so cool to travel with my friend for a change. We really packed a lot in and I’m so glad I got to take the trip with her.

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