Gluten Free Santorini, Greece

As a coeliac, I’m always googling destinations to see what gluten free foods, restaurants or dishes might be available for me to eat once I’m there. I can then plan my visit accordingly, and avoid getting hangry and/or eating endless fruit salads. I didn’t find much around on the internet before I left on my recent trip to Santorini, so I hope this helps a fellow coeliac with their gluten free Santorini research.

My gluten free food recommendations for Santorini

Dolphin Taverna, Akrotiri

Where can you find gluten free food in Santorini? Here's my guide for fellow celiacs - I got you covered. Even dessert!

This was an authentic taverna in a stunning location right on the waterfront near Akrotiri. If you take a trip to look at the ancient ruins of Akrotiri, which I highly recommend, then I suggest you come here to eat afterwards. You can’t really tell what kind of a place it is from the road, but you descend a flight of stairs to find an adorable terrace set on sea level with a view to kill.

Where can you find gluten free food in Santorini? Here's my guide for fellow celiacs - I got you covered. Even dessert!

If the tide is in, the waves are practically lapping at your feet. It’s awesome! Anyway, the staff here were super friendly, and understood my needs easily. They had a good value range of salads and grilled meats and fish, and I had the souvlaki (first picture) with a greek salad which was absolutely delicious. The whole thing made me very happy.

Where can you find gluten free food in Santorini? Here's my guide for fellow celiacs - I got you covered. Even dessert!

Salad with a view, anyone?

Pyrgos Restaurant, Pyrgos

Where can you find gluten free food in Santorini? Here's my guide for fellow celiacs - I got you covered. Even dessert!

This was a drive by restaurant choice which never happens to me. This time it paid off! We found a beautifully situated restaurant, perched on the side of a hill surrounded by gardens, with really friendly staff who could cater for me, a relaxed dining atmosphere, and a partial sunset view to boot. They had some delicious white wine (sorry, can’t remember the name…) and I had some beautifully cooked lamb with veggies.

Where can you find gluten free food in Santorini? Here's my guide for fellow celiacs - I got you covered. Even dessert!

It was delicious, everything went smoothly, and it was just one of those thoroughly pleasant dining experiences. Not too bad value, either. I’d really recommend checking this place out. They were also pretty kid-friendly and there’s plentiful parking.

Chocolat Creperie, Perissa

Alright so we’ve already graduated onto non-restaurants, but hear me out. We had come to Perissa when we had a bit of time before catching our flight, and I was craving some pudding (what’s new). We figured my best bet was to find somewhere that would just sell me some ice cream, so we thought this place looked like a good shot. Imagine my surprise when I enquired about the flour containing status of some of the more enigmatically named menu items, and was asked whether I’d like something gluten free? I nearly fell off my chair. I was then served a delicious gluten free chocolate fondant with vanilla ice cream.

Where can you find gluten free food in Santorini? Here's my guide for fellow celiacs - I got you covered. Even dessert!

Just beautiful, and so unexpected. If you need a good dessert that’s not just ice cream, run, don’t walk.

Lolita’s ice cream, Oia

Where can you find gluten free food in Santorini? Here's my guide for fellow celiacs - I got you covered. Even dessert!

The obligatory Rachel ‘Two Ice Creams’ pose. Just look how happy I am about ice cream! This is the chocolate (mine) and the pomegranate (S’s). Both delicious.

Speaking of ice cream, if you are even slightly fond of ice cream then I recommend you head here. They’ve got some excellent flavours – pomegranate? Rosewater and peppercorn? Chocolate sorbet? And they’re all delicious. There’s a nice outdoor area you can eat in, or you can carry your purchase around the streets as you explore. It’s handily located by the bus station, which isn’t the prettiest but when the ice cream tastes that good who cares?!

My gluten free food recommendations with caveats

Ambrosia, Oia

This is where we ate for my birthday dinner and the real selling point here is the view. It’s outstanding.

Where can you find gluten free food in Santorini? Here's my guide for fellow celiacs - I got you covered. Even dessert!

Sidenote: this is me proudly rocking my Mum’s genuine vintage necklace from the Swinging Sixties. Thank you Mummy!

The restaurant is small and friendly with great service; they read my gluten free restaurant card carefully and I felt quite confident they knew what they were taking about. They told me a few dishes were safe, I chose the risotto because a) I love risotto and b) it was one of the better value options, because this restaurant is on the more expensive side. Unfortunately, the risotto arrived with what looked suspiciously like breadsticks in them. They could have been rice based, and I could have pointed this out to the waiter, but then he’d have had to take my meal away and cook it again and S would have had to wait whilst his went cold (he feels bad eating without me, which is sweet) and I was hungry. At this point, I had such Gluten Free Questioning Fatigue* that I just pulled them out and ate around the risotto that had been in contact with them as much as possible. I know that’s not what I should have done, but fellow coeliacs, do you just sometimes metaphorically throw your hands up and just do your best?

Where can you find gluten free food in Santorini? Here's my guide for fellow celiacs - I got you covered. Even dessert!

The pudding was divine (see my birthday post for details), but given the breadstick incident I can only give this a cautious recommend. If you do want to go, booking is essential.

Naoussa, Fira

This place was recommended to me by our AirBnB host, and has a beautiful outlook over the caldera and Fira itself. One of the waiters was quite friendly, but kept disappearing, and his replacement was not so much. As usual, I presented my gluten free restaurant card and he went to talk to the chef. When he came back, he said all they could do for me was the seafood platter. Which, of course, was the most expensive dish on the menu at €80 per head. This recommendation didn’t make sense to me, because the seafood platter was seafood, and bread – his recommendation was I have a bit of salad instead. It also included wine, which I rarely drink – he didn’t know that, of course. So that wasn’t going to work out for me (also €80 each for what was supposed to be a casual supper??). Then I asked if perhaps the grilled pork might be safe, with some fried potatoes? Oh, yes, that would be ok was the answer.

Clearly he’d been trying to upsell to us, which I thought was naughty. That’s never happened to me before as a direct consequence of being gluten free, so I was quite surprised. Has that happened to anyone else?

Where can you find gluten free food in Santorini? Here's my guide for fellow celiacs - I got you covered. Even dessert!

This photo makes me laugh for so many reasons. We’d only just arrived and my gosh I look like I need a holiday. Secondly, that’s the waiter in the background and even in this picture he’s studiously looking the wrong way! Thirdly, I think I captured the only moment when the girls behind us weren’t Instagramming their meals.

The food was decent, although the service took a distinct turn for the uninterested (we waited to pay for aaaaages and practically had to walk out before they’d take our money) and the upsell left me a bit put off. So I wouldn’t particularly recommend this place to a friend.

It did have a nice view though, and whilst we were sitting eating, heaps of people came in wanting to sit in the two tables they have directly overlooking the view. Of course, they were booked. Key takeaway here – if you want a table with a view anywhere in Fira or Oia, book ahead.

Convivium, Fira

We didn’t eat here, but they advertise that they have gluten free options which are basically gluten free fusilli with any of their pasta sauces, and some fish dishes (which are very expensive). It was fancy and we just wanted a quick meal so we skipped it, but if I were craving gluten free pasta I’d have definitely gone here. They were very friendly, so I’ve got no reason to think it’s not a thoroughly pleasant dining experience.

My gluten free food fails

Noma, Perissa

Where can you find gluten free food in Santorini? Here's my guide for fellow celiacs - I got you covered. Even dessert!

I had read on another blog that this place was great for gluten free, and might even have a gluten free pizza on the menu. Nope. When I arrived and asked, they weren’t even really sure what gluten free was and said they could probably just do me some fish. That’s fine, and to be honest was the standard restaurant response, but not the gluten free epiphany I’d been hoping for. Nice view of the black sand beach, though. We just went paddling instead!

My final thoughts on finding gluten free food in Santorini

Basically, it’s not that easy to eat gluten free in Santorini. Even with the research I’d done beforehand, I struggled. If you like eating a lot of fish and you don’t mind paying for it, you’ll probably be fine. However, if like me you’re on somewhat of a budget and don’t want fish for every meal, this is what I’d recommend:

> Bring your own food with you – I brought part baked bread rolls, Ilumi ready meals, and chocolate. Just so I had the essentials covered 🙂
> There aren’t really any supermarkets on the island (funnily enough, as it’s so tiny) so be prepared to hunt around mini-markets for all your food needs. If you bring a car you might succeed in getting to the Carrefour in Thira or the Lidl just outside town, but do check opening times as they’re not as lengthy as you might have thought
> Stay in a place with a decent kitchen (unlike our AirBnB) and be prepared to cook the majority of meals for yourself
> Bring multiple copies of your gluten free restaurant cards, and use them
> Be prepared to fight the Gluten Free Questioning Fatigue! Don’t succumb to it like I did.

Have you been to Santorini, or anywhere else in Greece for that matter? Did you find any gluten free restaurants or have any tips you can pass along?


*I find that when I’ve been on coeliac high alert for a few days, asking about every food item, trying to communicate my needs in a foreign language, constantly feeling like an annoyance at best or a diva at worst (thanks, ‘lifestyle’ gluten free people) and having to do about an hour of research before we can pick a place to eat, I just get totally over it. I’m christening it Gluten Free Questioning Fatigue – catchy, I know. Anyone else get it, or is it just me?

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Where can you find gluten free food in Santorini? Here's my guide for fellow celiacs - I got you covered. Even dessert!



  1. 8th June 2016 / 23:18

    It seriously sucks that you have to do so much research before trips to find good places that you can eat at. It sounds like your research paid off though because some of the restaurants sound fabulous! Plus I don’t think that you can beat the views!

    • 11th June 2016 / 12:25

      I know, it’s a real pain but at least it means I stumble across some real gems! The views were what made the whole thing, really. It’s just such a crazily beautiful island.

  2. Jen
    8th June 2016 / 23:19

    I am so glad you were able to find places that you could enjoy. You always find the best places!

    • 11th June 2016 / 12:25

      Me too! I get very unpleasant to be around if I can’t find food I can eat 😉

  3. 9th June 2016 / 01:19

    The gluten free food you were able to find looks really good! I look forward to the day that gluten free options are standard at every restaurant 🙂

    • 11th June 2016 / 12:26

      It was actually great! And funny that the cheaper places ended up being better. I too look forward to that day- I’m currently in New York and the array of gluten free options is amazing to me!

    • 11th June 2016 / 12:26

      I know, right?! It’s an insane island for views. You just can’t believe they’re real.

  4. 11th June 2016 / 11:21

    So happy you could find some nice restaurants! I went to Santorini a couple years ago and was poisoned, TWICE! Not good! Has made me very nervous about going back to Greece but if I ever do this post will come in handy 😀

    • 11th June 2016 / 12:28

      Oh man! That’s awful, I’m so sorry! I think I was poisoned too, but for me I can’t necessarily tell when I have been – I just get holes in my gut. I’d say I still found it a struggle and I can’t guarantee that I really was safe in all those places, so I’m not sure I’d encourage you to return purely on this basis. Unless you go self catering 🙂 isn’t it a shame when food puts us off visiting places? I wish it didn’t but it kinda does.

  5. Cassandra B. @PoweredbyBLING
    14th June 2016 / 14:06

    The food and these views look so amazing!!! I just finished booking a trip for a Client to Santorini and I’m going to share this post with them!

    • 21st June 2016 / 17:09

      I’m so glad you enjoyed it, and thanks for sharing with your client! I hope they find it useful.

  6. Rania
    22nd June 2017 / 19:11

    There is a restaurant that offers gluten free dishes, it is called ONAR and is located in Firostefani. The owner is a member of the greek celiac society, probably her or a family member is a celiac.

  7. Luca
    24th August 2018 / 21:21

    Hi Rachel,
    thank you for sharing,
    In a few days, I go to Santorini and food is a concern even if I’m not celiac but I suffer from high gluten sensitivity.
    the hotel told me that they can’t provide gluten free meals so I will follow for sure your precious advice.

  8. Jacqui Elsom
    4th September 2018 / 17:59

    Dear Rachel, I’m off to Santorini in a couple of weeks and as usual researching where I will be able to find safe places to eat without being ‘glutened’. I really enjoyed your page on this, it has been really helpful 🙂 and made me laugh! I know exactly what you mean about the questioning fatigue, it is exhausting. Anyway thanks for all the tips, I will definitely checking all the places out that you recommended. All the best Jacqui xxx

  9. Ryan Murray
    6th September 2018 / 00:18

    Traveling to Santorini this weekend and am already stressing the food topic lol. I’m gluten intolerant and traveling with my girlfriend’s family so I don’t want to be the burden of the group. Was curios to see how the fried potatoes treated you, any problems with cross contamination etc.? Thanks for all your help and information!

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