Spring goals

I’ve never made seasonal goals before but after the success (mostly) of my February wallet watch I’ve decided to make this a thing. And stick to value based goals, or ones that don’t involve spending bans at least.

With that in mind, here are the goals I’ve decided on for Spring.

Sort out the back bedroom ¦¦ Our back bedroom is a bit of a conflicted space. It has our sofa bed but also our exercise gear… I need to rejig the space a bit so it performs both functions passably, instead of neither well as it does at the moment. That involves a fair amount of decluttering which I’m excited about, but will take time.

Use my Fitbit properly ¦¦ I’m very excited to have picked up my brand new Fitbit today. I’ve wanted one for ages, but I’m secretly worried I’ll use it for a month and then forget about it. Sometimes I do that with gadgets. Anyway, I need to find a way of working this into my routine so I get the benefit of it and keep using it forever.

Sidenote: if anyone else has a Fitbit and wants to be friends, let me know! I’ll make you feel good about how much you’re doing in comparison to me…<

Spruce up our houseplants ¦¦ I’m very proud of the cuttings I took from my Grannie’s plant, which used to belong to her mother. It’s an antique heirloom devil’s ivy plant. Anyway, they’ve done very well but all need repotting now, as do most of my other houseplants which live in a hodgepodge of whatever container I had to hand when I got them. I had no idea how expensive plant pots are, so I’ve been collecting receptacles just for this purpose. Now I need to repot into said receptacles.

Grow some herbs and vegetables for our garden ¦¦ We have a decked garden which is fairly small but exposed. It gets very cold and, if the sun ever shines, very hot. We had some plants last year which did quite well until the summer, where they all got scorched and died. So this year I’m going to be more prepared, plant carefully, and water religiously. We have some bigger pots this year and S is making a large planter, which should help mitigate the drought risk. My aim is to be able to start off enough tasty looking herbs and perhaps a veg or two to supplement our summer eating. S also needs to finish constructing that planter…

Sell clothes on eBay ¦¦ This is a recycle from my wallet watch post. I have a lot of clothes that I’ve “grown out of” (can I still say that at my age?) that I need to sell, and not kid myself that I’m ever going to shrink back into them. In fact, this whole dresser is full of such clothes. I find listing things on eBay super tedious so I’m going to take it in bite sized pieces and try and make it as fun as I can.

Do my expenses on time ¦¦ This is another recycle from my wallet watch post. Basically, I need to do my expenses when I incur them, or as close to, so that I’m not constantly playing catch up. Also it means I don’t spend one Sunday afternoon a month buried in receipts, sobbing gently.Do you do seasonal goals? Do you find it helps?


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  1. Kerri Taylor
    17th March 2016 / 20:36

    all good things! i have my fitbit on today and i feel all proud. i only wear it when i feel like it goes with my outfit. terrible right? haha. yes to getting rid of clothes and making some money from it! i am glad if i can just make it to the donation bin with mine ha

    xoxo cheshire kat

    • 18th March 2016 / 11:16

      Hi fellow fitbit person! It’s quite a chunk of hardware, isn’t it? However as a person with very little style in general, I think that may be less of a concern for me… And I’ve usually caved and sent things to the donation bin in the past when I’ve got desperate!

  2. 17th March 2016 / 21:16

    Seasonal gaols sound fun, especially for Spring (or Autumn here!) as the year is in full swing 🙂 Good luck with yours! 🙂

    • 18th March 2016 / 11:14

      Thanks! I’m looking forward to the gardening one in particular, and breaking in the new fitbit. Or will the fitbit break me in??

  3. 17th March 2016 / 21:27

    My husband is really bad about not expensing his work expenses on time. Thankfully, it’s on a work credit card, and not our personal one! I have a FitBit too! My email address is ashleynunley09@gmail.com. I’m not a very far walker either, so maybe we can motivate each other. We’re horrible about junking up random rooms in our house too, so I feel you on needing to get organized!

    • 18th March 2016 / 11:13

      Whoop I’ve added you, hello new fitbit friend! Yes let’s motivate each other (or at least help each other feel less bad about how few steps we do!).

      So on the plus side using my own card for expenses means I get the points, which is great, but it does leave me out of pocket – sometimes to a slightly scary degree. So I really do need to get on it. I’ve not had too many expenses this month but I still haven’t filed any and its the 18th! Gah!

  4. 17th March 2016 / 21:31

    This totally reminds me to write my seasonal goals as I think my Winter ones have expired by now!! I looove my fitbit and still using it a year later so I’m sure you will use yours!

    Jasmin Charlotte

    • 18th March 2016 / 11:11

      Ahh I’m glad to find people who set goals so I can steal all their secrets. What sorts of goals work for you? Do you find them helpful in general? And I’m also pleased that you like your fitbit. I’m excited to see how it’s going to go for me 🙂

  5. 18th March 2016 / 01:21

    I love my fitbit – its encouraging to get those steps in.
    I have a few rooms I need to get straightened out… I need a show from HGTV to come do it for me 🙂

    • 18th March 2016 / 11:10

      I’m glad you enjoy it, I’m hoping it works out for me too. So far, so good!

      Oh yes, I’d love a tv show to come and sort out my house. Although I don’t want to be on tv myself. Is that possible?!

  6. 18th March 2016 / 03:02

    I have a fitbit HR… and I definitely feel bad when my steps are low! You should add me! (sara.e.miller(at)gmail.com) Accountability is the best!! Thanks for linking up with us!! 🙂

    • 18th March 2016 / 11:09

      Oh yay a new friend! I’ve added you. Hurray for accountability. Pass the chocolate… And thanks for hosting!

  7. Jen
    18th March 2016 / 04:16

    I love these spring goals! I would love to grow herbs as well but I am terrible with living plants haha.

    • 18th March 2016 / 11:17

      Actually I usually am too, which you wouldn’t think given I studied botany at university. Ha. I can tell you exactly how photosynthesis works but I have no idea why the leaves are all going yellow! Although I did implement some biological pest control on the aphids on our houseplants in our last flat with great success. I love ladybirds.

  8. 18th March 2016 / 13:31

    I’ve started to sell things on my town fb site. I can’t be bothered with packing up for eBay. How easy is it really? I know a lot of people do it.

    • 18th March 2016 / 13:44

      I sold a few things a couple of years ago, and I made about £100 for about 15ish things? The app makes things quite easy. So it’s reasonable but the posting is a bit of a faff. Plus guessing p&p cost is always a total shot in the dark. If I were still on facebook I’d investigate it!

  9. 18th March 2016 / 14:15

    Get rid of what is not serving you! It makes the whole house feel lighter. I need to get busy doing that in the basement.

    • 22nd March 2016 / 10:26

      I couldn’t agree more! I always feel so good once it’s done. I just need to set aside proper time to do it…

  10. 18th March 2016 / 15:49

    I agree with Steph, getting rid of stuff makes everything feel better! Can’t wait to hear about the garden, I’m considering that for our new house but I have no idea if I could actually manage it.

    • 22nd March 2016 / 10:27

      I’m with you! I’m interested in seeing how the garden is going to go as well… I am cautiously optimistic but we shall see. I think it might take quite a lot of time to establish as well as maintain :/

  11. 19th March 2016 / 02:14

    I need to list stuff on eBay, too! An herb and vegetable garden sounds lovely 🙂

    • 22nd March 2016 / 10:27

      You and me both! How long has your stuff been hanging around for?! Mine’s been embarrassingly long. A herb and veg garden does sound good, now I just have to do it!

  12. 19th March 2016 / 23:36

    Listing on ebay is a pain! I’ve just done another batch since I had a little more time on my hands, but I haven’t gotten through half the pile I’d planned to. I’m just going to donate the rest, it’s a lot of hassle for very little gain!

    Good luck with all the gardening/plant related goals too! My friend got me a cute little terrarium…I’ve already killed the cactus inside…..oops! I am just no good with plants!

    Away From The Blue Blog

    • 22nd March 2016 / 10:29

      It is, isn’t it? The trying to make things look nice, guesstimating postage cost, finding postage envelopes/bags, etc… At least postage here isn’t as crazy as it is in Australia. I nearly fell over at the cost when I went to the post office with my sister. Mad.

      Terrariums are adorable! Sad about the cactus though. Perhaps you can put a candle in it and call it a day?!

      • 26th March 2016 / 01:31

        Oh the candle is a good idea! I may have to try that. Poor cactus went from ‘not looking great today’ to ‘definitely dead’ in a very short amount of time! I definitely do NOT have a green thumb haha.

  13. 20th March 2016 / 15:07

    Over from the link up. I am addicted to my Fitbit. If I’m close to my goal by the end of the day you’ll find me walking around the bedroom and crazy stuff like that haha.

    • 22nd March 2016 / 10:30

      Ha! I’m not there yet but I’m only a few days in – give it time and I’ll be running up and down the stairs to meet my target. I’ve already noticed it’s motivating me so I’m cautiously optimistic! I’m glad you love yours too 🙂

  14. 20th March 2016 / 20:02

    I found you through the link-up. 🙂 I usually stick with monthly goals, so this is my first time doing a seasonal goals post as well. As I was making my list, though, I realized I kind of like having the extra time to accomplish things. Sometimes it’s hard to squeeze everything into a single month!

    I’m right there with you on the need to purge clothing (and that’s one of the things on my spring goals as well). For me, it’s less about clothes not fitting and more about whether I actually wear them. Sometimes I hold on to things for no real reason, and it’s kind of dumb. I mean, if I haven’t worn it in a couple of years, what makes me think I’m suddenly going to start wearing it again? It makes no sense.

    • 22nd March 2016 / 10:32

      Hurray link up! Do you find monthly goals work for you or do you prefer seasonal ones? Like you, think I need a slightly extended time frame to make sure things happen.

      I also agree – some things I hold onto because they technically fit, but I’d never wear them. I don’t know why I do that. I am however finding great joy in chucking them out along with all the things I don’t fit into any more! It’s really very freeing 🙂

      • 23rd March 2016 / 06:09

        This is my first time doing seasonal goals, so I’m not sure exactly how it will work out for me yet. I do like that I felt I could add things that might take me a little longer, though, instead of thinking, “Will I realistically be able to do this in 30 days?”

        I do think monthly goals work for me (for the most part), though. I always make New Year’s resolutions (a.k.a. a list of random goals I’d like to accomplish over the course of the year), and I try to break those up a bit by making monthly goals for myself. For example, I want to read at least 60 books this year. Each month I’ll create a reading goal for myself to break that total of 60 into more manageable chunks.

        I hope I start getting that freeing feeling very soon. I need to just set aside some time and start purging!

  15. 20th March 2016 / 23:28

    oh the ebay thing bit by bit is the only way i can do it. it’s super tedious. but it gets the job done bit by bit. i also have a back bedroom that is a mess and i need to declutter because it serves zero function right now. good luck with your fitbit! i don’t have one, but if i did, i’d be your friend. which doesn’t help, but still. haha.

    • 22nd March 2016 / 10:34

      Yeah I’m at the stage where I just need to get the job done. I think everyone has a box room or cupboard or space where stuff is just jammed in and you can’t really use anything properly. I’m not sure why or how this is true of any house, any size… Anyway. Thanks for hypothetically being my fitbit friend!

  16. 13th April 2016 / 01:23

    Just a quick question since it’s been about a month since you wrote this post: Are you still using your fitbit? I had a Jawbone HR, but it won’t charge and now I need to call the company about a replacement. I wore mine all the time when it worked though! 🙂

    • 13th April 2016 / 08:05

      I am still using my Fitbit and I love it! If the jawbone works for you then there’s no reason to switch really, hopefully they’ll do a replacement for you, but if you do end up getting a Fitbit let me know and we can be friends!.

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