Croatia ¦¦ The Dalmatian Coast & a Total Washout

After a blissful first half of our quick jaunt to Croatia, our second half was a little more eventful. That’s holiday karma, right?

Day 3

We ended Day 2 by making the most grand plans to get up at 6.30am to take a ferry to the nearby island of Pasman. When the alarm went off at 6.30 the next morning we hastily reconsidered these plans in the light of the following:

1. It was pouring with rain
2. I’d not slept well on account of being in the process of Coming Down With Something
3. We realised that we were on holiday, and supposed to be relaxing, and plans involving a 6.30am alarm were both totally incompatible with said goal, and just plain crazy.

So we had a resort day instead. We ventured to the nearby town of Biograd to pick me up some drugs (my normal travelling supply having been depleted already, because I’d forgotten to pack for two people and not just myself) and chocolate, but rapidly retreated back to the resort after nearly being washed away in the torrents.


This photo is from our resort, now standing under a good foot of water. There are no pictures from the actual journey in question, because I spent it either glued to Google maps trying to navigate on roads which Google was sure existed, but turned out to be single mud tracks, yelling to be heard above the hammering rain, or shrieking, clutching onto things and doing fake-braking due to several near misses.

Back in safety, I spent the day reading, making inroads into the chocolate supplies, and at the spa, where I had a massage accompanied by 80’s power ballads, which the masseuse sang along to enthusiastically.

The sky brightened a little towards the end of the afternoon, so we went for a quick walk around the resort. The view from the pool isn’t bad, really.


The whole resort is set around a cove, and there’s a jetty right at the end of the resort (not the one you can see in the picture above….). We walked all the way out to it, and I’d say the view was worth the walk.


Just as we got to the very end of the jetty…. it started raining again.

Cue a dash back to our room. Not before capturing the colour of the sea, though. You can’t really see it in the picture above, because it was so overcast and the angle of the photo doesn’t show it particularly well, but the sea was so blue. And so clear. We could watch fish swimming around right at the bottom.


So. Blue.

Seeing as this trip was all supposed to be for our anniversary, we decided to go to the resort’s Italian restaurant. There are two restaurants on site; an Italian and a buffet restaurant, the latter of which is included with the hotel room cost. So of course the Italian was deserted.


We ordered, and some time later our food arrived. The waiter explained, very apologetically, that they only had enough gluten free pasta for one serving, so we had a half serving each (served on comically giant plates). I think the waiter thought we’d be angry, but we though it was hilarious.


We just went upstairs to the buffet for second dinner.

Day 4

Day 4 was home time, and we decided to take the drive back to the airport along the coast road. It’s the longer way to do it, but the views….


….ohh my the views.

We took a short detour up a peninsula (technically an island, but we drove over a bridge to get there so I’m not sure it counts) where we scampered around villages taking photos and generally bemusing the locals.


In one layby, we came across a tour bus which had parked up so the inhabitants could take photos of this view:


Now that’s a stunning view. However, the tour group, which turned out to be French, were much more interested in doling out shots of champagne than taking photos of the view. They stood clustered around the bottle, all toasting each other’s good health, with their backs to the bay. Hey, the French certainly know how to do bus tours.

At the end of our journey we decided we had just enough time to squeeze in a trip to Trogir. I wasn’t really sure about Trogir, as I imagined some kind of industrial port type situation.


Welp. Wrong again.


There was time to wander through the teeny stone streets, dodging tour groups as we went.


We had a gorgeous lunch by the river, I had an ice cream the size of my head, and we repaired to the plane a pair of happy campers.


Bye, Croatia. You were amazing.


Have you ever been to Croatia? What ice cream flavour would you have picked?


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