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I’m deliberately vague about my job for two main reasons.Firstly, I don’t want my employers finding this blog and getting the wrong idea about me. I write about some quite shallow stuff sometimes, and my job is quite serious. So I don’t want the contrast to be too incongruous. Also, I don’t want them to think I’m on the verge of quitting my job to travel (I’m not), or that there’s any conflict of interest with me accepting freebies (because I don’t accept them).

Secondly, as I work for a consultancy, I don’t want any of our clients finding this site because then my, or even worse the whole firm’s, reputation might come under question because of the above. That would be awful. So, I don’t write about what I do or where, other than in the vaguest of terms. I also don’t identify any family or friends without their permission, for the same reasons. They have jobs, too.

All that being said, I do allude to work travel sometimes so it’s only fair to explain a bit about how I work at least, even if I can’t tell you what I do.

As I mentioned, I work for a consultancy. We’re fairly small, and run by ex-Big 4 people who understand the importance of work-life balance, having been on the road for years themselves. What this means is that when I’m not working on a project, I work from home. That’s great for some things, but takes a lot of self-discipline. Which is a story for another day.

What I’m getting around to saying, in a really circuitous route, is that when I’m on a client project I have to work wherever the client is based. During my time at the company that’s been, at various times, somewhere just down the road, London, Yorkshire, Sweden… It’s an interesting mix. Often I don’t find out where I’m going to be working until the day before I need to be there.

Therefore I feel quite lucky to have been given a solid 10 days notice of the location of my next project. This morning I got on a plane to Paris, and as this is published I’ll be making my way onwards to the Champagne region where I’ll be working for the next 4-5 weeks, on and off. I’m pretty excited about it. Not just because the region is stunning, but also the work I’m going to be doing should be really interesting too.


Token Paris picture as I have none of the Champagne region. Hopefully that’ll change soon!

When I start a new project I usually offer the same standard disclaimer, but this time it’ll be a bit more sweeping. I don’t know what my time commitments will look like over the next few weeks, and I don’t know what my wifi access will look like either. These projects tend to be pretty full on, and as I’m staying away with a colleague I expect there will be a fair few late nights working. So I’ll post as often as I can, but please bear with me if my usually rather slapdash schedule goes completely out of the window.

So after all that, I think the only thing left to say is….. Santé!



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  1. 1st September 2016 / 23:37

    Sounds intriguing, interesting and awesome!!

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