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~ So it turns out that the food scene where I’m staying away for work is actually not bad. Even for gluten free! Despite the fact we’re staying in a tiny village in rural Yorkshire, there’s been a fair amount of choice and some great quality meals. I’ve had some delicious Thai food, from an unlikely house-looking restaurant right next to our hotel, where bunnies skip about on the lawns and the church bells accompany your conversations. However, I can’t recommend the puddings. These little jelly things looked super cute but were awful. Far too sweet, strange texture.

~ Then there’s the American diner at a shopping outlet down the road where I dined alone – well, I had a spreadsheet for company at least. The outlet centre closes fairly early so it was deathly quiet when I ate, shortly before closing time. 

~ I had a pulled pork and cheese burger with sweet potato fries, which was all gluten free. Amazing! It was super tasty but probably about seventy jillion calories. I mean, I’m not normally one for counting calories but having eaten out for every meal Monday to Friday for 5 weeks now, I’m really feeling the flab. #firstworldbusinesstravelproblems

~ I’ve finally listened to Serial. I KNOW. I know I’m about 8 months behind the times, what’s new. In my defence I did already try to listen to it around the time when everyone else was, but I made the mistake of trying to do this on a long haul flight and it just wasn’t happening. This time, I’m listened to them on my commute and it’s much better. I got totally gripped and it made me actually look forward to driving. It certainly took the pain out of the wait for my next Audible credit… I’ve now recommended it to all my colleagues, too, so I know I’m not the absolute last person on the planet to discover the whole phenomenon.

~ My bestie came to stay with me late Sunday night and left at the same time as me on Monday morning. It was an unconventional stay, and arranged quite last minute, but I absolutely loved it. Sharing pancakes with maple syrup at 7am on Monday morning was the perfect way to start the week.

~ I’ve devised an Ingenious Packing Solution to help me navigate my weeks staying away with ease, which I’ll share soon. It was mostly in response to me trying to iron my workclothes in my hotel room on this godawful contraption. I mean… What even is this?! It was like an episode of fear factor. And yes, I did end up burning my legs when the whole thing collapsed on top of me.

(NB chintz…..)

~ So that whole house thing that I talked about a while ago and then abruptly stopped talking about? The reason for all the sheepiness is that we may not be buying it after all. First there were long legal delays with the sellers, then the survey raised some unexpected and mildly terrifying structural issues, and now we’re just totally over the whole thing. My main issue is that if we buy the house, we can’t move to Australia for, realistically speaking, at least two years. Not that we even know if we’re going to go yet, but I’d rather not completely rule us out of the game. Also, if we don’t buy the house, we can go on more exciting travels instead so…

~ Speaking of travels, it’s looking like I’m off to see my sister in Australia again this November. I’m SO excited! I was hoping to surprise her but she was determined to book a family holiday at the exact time I was due to be out so I had to come clean. It was still a surprise, just a surprise at a different time! Now I’m in the mire of flight booking and stopover wrangling. Does anyone have any favourite flight booking tips? Airline recommendations? Ticket-splitter clever thingos? I’m an open book.

Thus ends my stream of consciousness and dodgy phone photos for the week. Do you have any travel plans coming up, exciting or non? Or do you have any #firstworldbusinesstravelproblems to share and make me feel less ridiculous?


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