Etsy finds: Travel Wanderlust

Today I’ve been dreaming about getting away (what’s new…) and these items are definitely fuelling my wanderlust…

A cool poster will inspire me to seek destinations far from the pack. I imagine I’d twiddle my personalised globe necklace as I consider what the weather will be like at my destination, and decide to pack a classic-with-a-twist sun hat and a very adaptable library plate print scarf to cover all bases.I’ll pack carefully in my denim and cork tote, with a special bag for undies so I don’t have any mishaps at the airport. Along with my compass point tee and ring – so different that of course they’re not too matchy-matchy – I’ll make sure I’m in plenty of time to catch my plane by checking the time on my nautical watch.

I can kill time at the airport applying temporary tattoos with a slightly more grown up theme than your average, whilst double checking my tickets, currency, and passport in my travel organiser. My e-reader fits in too, so I can get started on my holiday reading before even leaving the country.

See, who said Etsy was only good for personalised mugs and all things knitted?!

Have you found anything that would ease your travels on Etsy?



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