A Day In The Life: April 2015

As my job and my life are pretty all over the place (and that’s how I like it!), I wanted to document a typical day so I can look back and see how things were.
For context: I’m currently staying at my parents house with my Mum, Dad, sister D and sister J who is currently visiting us from Australia with her children, my nephew W and niece C. S is back at our home because, you know, he has to go to work and everything.
05:30 – Was that a crying noise I heard? Noo. Back to sleep.
06:30 – A hair dryer starts up next door. Ah, my sister D is getting ready for work. I suppose I should probably get up.
06:45 – Actually make it into the shower after pressing snooze once or twice more. I love this shower. It’s so much better than mine at home.
07:00 – Pick out an outfit from the extreme capsule wardrobe I brought down with me for the week. This should work. I pair it with my granny’s seed pearls which were passed down to me at the weekend. I think they go rather nicely.
07:10 – Head downstairs to join the rabble at breakfast. Wave goodbye to D as she heads off to catch her train.
07:20 – After making faces at W across the table while J attempts to give him some breakfast, I chat to C whilst my porridge is cooking in the microwave. Turns out she did not have a scary dream last night as she feared, but instead had a nice Frozen dream. We are all pleased about this turn of events.
07:25 – My porridge is ready and I realise I should probably get a bit of a move on. I ask C whether she’d like to help me get ready and receive an emphatic response to the affirmative.
07:30 – C helps me pick an eyeshadow to wear to work (“nothing too sparkly Rachel!”) and does some light dusting around the bathroom using my flannel while I finish putting on my face.
07:45 – C is helping me pack my bag. She’s very good at this and I leave with everything I need.
08:30 – After battling stupid traffic, I end up at my client’s office. I’m the first to arrive so I wait for my colleagues. The building is all secured entry and we only have one pass between us – I’m the custodian today so I have to be there when they arrive. 
09:30 – The other two of my colleagues have shown up. We’re reaching the end of this project but just have a few things to tie up. We talk about what needs to get done today and wait for our main client contact to arrive.
10:30 – We’re beginning to run out of things to do as we wait for our client. Still, we manage to tidy up some existing work ready for discussion and create some slides to talk through with him.
12:00 – Our client arrives fresh off his plane from Switzerland. We get straight on with the discussions we need to have. I present the slides to him, and then we have a discussion about the work that we’ve done, the final outputs and anything else he’d like to see.
13:00 – We’re quite hungry at this point (one of my colleagues is almost as food oriented as I am) and my stomach is protesting loudly. The three of us head out to a local Thai restaurant we’ve found which is brilliant, despite the dodgy looking surroundings. Our client declines to join us, so we go and talk about what we’ve still got left to do.
13:30 – There are three curries which I really like in our local Thai joint; red, green and penang. Today is penang (with no courgettes please).
14:00 – Back in the office and our client has disappeared somewhere. We talk about what we need to present back to his big boss, storyboard it, and divide up the work between us.
15:00 – All this work on slides is making me crave chocolate. I crack open a bag and hand them around to share.
15:30 – Our client reappears and we pass a few more things by him. We show him the work we’ve done so far on the slides and he seems happy with them.
17:30 – Time has flown at the powerpoint coalface and suddenly it’s time to wrap up. We’ve sent my project leader all the slides we’ve been working on for collation, and he has reviewed and tweaked them. We run through them one last time on the big screen and discuss any amendments.
18:00 – It’s definitely time to go home. We leave our client talking agitatedly into his phone in Swiss-German and thank him for his participation today. 
18:50 – I’m back at my parents and joining the frantic hours of dinner-bath-bed. I join just after bath and in time to read a bedtime story to C. Today, it’s the very unseasonal Mr Snow and a Topsy and Tim story. After reading the allocated two stories, checking all her toys are present and correct, and generally spinning things out, we do prayers and then say goodnight. We blow extravagant kisses to each other as I back out of the door.
19:15 – I head back down to the kitchen, passing W as he is being put to bed for the night. I give him a quick cuddle and tell him I’ll see him at breakfast. In the kitchen, dinner is being prepared and I lend my Mum a hand. Today we’re having pork casserole; it’s not easy coming up with varied and interesting menus that are gluten free, nut free, salt free, kidney-friendly, chemotherapy friendly, and tasty, but my Mum has managed it yet again.
19:30 – D arrives home from work and we all sit down to eat. We catch up about how our days have been and enjoy a family meal.
20:00 – J starts clearing through boxes of her old things which she left in the UK when she emigrated. She finds all her old stuffed toys and is delighted to be reunited with her old friends. Here we have (L-R) Fox Cub, Frog, Crocle, Bob the Rabbit and the enigmatically named Fred Murder.
21:30 – J, D and I sit down for a chat over some chocolate at the dining room table. We’ve got some heavy topics of conversation at the moment but it’s nice to share daily life with my sisters again.
22:30 – D has headed to bed a while ago and J and I feel we ought to follow suit. I go upstairs and call S for a chat before bed.
23:00 – Lights out. I hope I don’t have any scary dreams……

And so endeth a typical day in April. 

What did your April days look like? Do you have any strangely named toys from when you were younger?




  1. Penny Mills
    9th May 2015 / 16:47

    Wow this is such a unique and interesting post! Your niece (I think this is right) seems reeally sweet!! 🙂 Maybe I should do something similar to this, as I’m coming up to the end of my school days…

    Polka Dot Penny

    • 16th May 2015 / 15:53

      I’m so glad you liked it! My niece is definitely too cute. I’m really going to miss her! I think a post like this would be a great way to look back on a particular stage of your life. Also I’d be interested to read yours so I highly encourage it!

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