Up & Down & Back Again*

This week’s stream of consciousness post comes to you straight from sunny Bedford, where I’ve finally returned home after two and a half weeks away with work. It’s so nice to be home, around all my things again. Here’s what else has been going on… 
[Someone else’s blossom, somewhere in Bedford]

~ Spring is finally here! There’s obnoxious amounts of blossom, sunshine, a little hint of warmth and that spring smell in the air. I’m so happy, even if I still can’t quite manage without my coat whilst out and about. Never mind.
~ I’ve spent an incredible amount of time on motorways recently. I’m not a huge fan of motorways at the best of times, and I’ve witnessed some truly awful driving this week. I might just go ahead and state a radical opinion: I think everyone should sit repeat driving tests annually. There are people on the roads who really shouldn’t be.
[The Beast]

~ Our boiler, which is about as old as time itself, broke on Monday night and is currently giving me mocking looks from the corner of the kitchen. That’s three kettle washes I’ve had so far, and really that’s three too many. The repair man has just been out, sucked his teeth a bit and winced. I have a feeling it’s not looking good for the houseful of guests I have descending this weekend. 
~ After posting a map of the countries I’ve visited in Europe I’m now getting seriously itchy feet. I’m browsing my favourite travel booking site (Voyage Prive, in case you didn’t ask) and having great difficulty in not entering any credit card details. Did I mention I’m a stress shopper?!
~ I also decided to run a giveaway for an eyeshadow palette I reviewed recently. I wanted to say thanks for reading this little space of mine and that was the best way I could think of doing it whilst browsing the aisles of Boots. It’s open to everyone so if eyeshadow’s your thang, head on over.
~ On the flipside of spending lots of time on motorways, I’ve also been spending a heap of time with family which has been brilliant. Even though we’re not an in-your-pocket, tell-me-all-your-emotions kind of family (we are British, come on), we are always there for each other and we are always delighted to catch up, however infrequent that may be. I’ve got family scattered all over the shop and it’s touching to see the effort everyone makes for a special occasion.
~ I’m just going to sneak this in here where maybe nobody will notice, and then it might not be true. My Dad’s cancer has been formally classified as advanced/invasive bladder cancer, stage 3. Translation: it’s quite serious. 
~ I’ve been incredibly touched by the kindness and generosity of my new church family. We don’t really know them very well yet, but in the light of the thing above that’s not really there, they’ve rallied round like nothing else. I feel very lucky.
[Bedford Embankment]

So I have to ask: what’s your favourite website to browse when you get the urge to splurge?


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  1. 16th April 2015 / 16:13

    Uh totes going to check out your giveaway! Glad you’re back home!!

    • 17th April 2015 / 17:30

      I’m extremely glad to be home, too! There’s nothing quite like your own bed.

  2. Kristin
    17th April 2015 / 03:25

    Currently, I have a LOFT coupon burning a hole in my pocket. Also, I like Gap. And I just ordered some candles and soap from Bath and Body Works. Sigh.
    My husband is currently traveling around Europe and so I have a major travel bug right now. Someday…
    Those flowers are beautiful!

    • 17th April 2015 / 17:32

      Although weirdly, I find that when I have a coupon there’s absolutely nothing I want to buy. What’s with that?!

      Sorry you’re not travelling Europe with your husband 🙁 as you say, someday!

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