Spring Cleaning

Rather than moan on about the rather more rubbish things in life, I thought I’d stop being such a Negative Nancy and do a spring clean of the blog instead, which is much more fun.

I wanted to update things around here a little bit more; my original about me page has been the same since I started writing in this little piece of cyberspace, and some things have changed. I think I’d like to represent myself a little differently now than I did before. So I’ve revamped my About Me page, using photos I’ve dug out from various external hard drives scattered around the house. There may or may not be some fairly old and/or embarassing ones on there, but it certainly gave me a chuckle to go through the archives so I hope you’re amused as well. 

I’ve also added a brand new page altogether; my 30 before 30 list. Yes, I’ve taken the plunge and now I’m terrified. There’s some pretty big stuff on there, and I’ve only got 13 months to complete it (not that I’m counting…). I suppose I’d better get cracking?
Speaking of spring cleaning, I’ve really been getting the urge to purge all my possessions recently. I’ve been staying away for 3 weeks and travelled with a ‘capsule wardrobe’ (ie what I could chuck in my suitcase at 11pm on a Sunday evening). I’ve never done this for 3 weeks straight before, and with semi-frequent laundry cycles it’s really working very well. I’m now all keen to extend this to my normal wardrobe, too, seeing as I only wear that for 2 days a week anyway. I know capsule wardrobes are all trendy and everything, but honestly I just want less stuff to look after.

Also seeing as I’m away for 3 weeks, this means S has been left in sole charge of the house cleaning for that entire length of time. He can barely manage to feed himself properly while I’m away so I’m slightly concerned for our poor house (and his health, obviously I am concerned for his health as I am a Kind and Considerate Wife…). It doesn’t help that I will return on a Friday evening and the very next day 4 of my old schoolfriends will be arriving for a girly sleepover. A messy house is not conducive to good sleepover vibes! Life was never this hard in high school. Sigh.

Well I’ve nicely avoided mentioning all the horrible things happening at the moment, so I think I’ll leave it at that before I get tempted to ramble on about them as well.

Have you done any good spring cleaning lately, on your blog or IRL? I love a good clean, do share!


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