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I’ve been all-over-the-place-everywhere for the past few weeks and things have slowed down for, oh, about a day? I’m taking advantage of this slightly slower pace by trying to get done all the jobs that I’ve missed for the last >month. I have a to-do list longer than my arm but I’m powering through, I’m powering through. First up: the Laundry Mountain.
One item on my to-do list was to get a haircut. I went kinda radical. You know when you walk past mirrors and get a fright? Yep. I can’t decide whether I like it this short or not yet, but as my hairdresser kept remarking at how fast my hair grows I guess it won’t have to worry about it for long…
Here’s a before shot (of sorts) and an after shot, with my lovely hairdresser Merc’edez. If you’re in Bedford and looking for a great cut in a friendly environment, I highly recommend 5th Avenue.
I’ve been haring around up and down motorways between family, work and home and it’s been exhausting but brilliant all the same. Every now and again I’ll be jolted out of my crazy-busyness by something that makes you stop and think, alright life, let’s take a moment. Like one morning last week when this was my view on the way in to work. Yeah, I’ll take it.
I’m off to Bangkok and Siem Reap a week today and I couldn’t be any more excited. I’ve had all my jabs and just about recovered from the resulting dead arms, so now I’m turning my thoughts to more exciting things like what I need to pack, where I need to go, and I’ve got lists coming out of my ears. Has anyone been to either location before? Any travel hints, tips or recommendations?
On Monday and Tuesday this week I was at a company training event/conference. It was generally awesome (although incredibly tiring), and a particular highlight was the little tin of jelly beans we got in our conference packs. That probably implies that the conference was dull – it wasn’t at all, I’m just that obsessed with sugar.
Small print update: my Dad had his first chemotherapy session yesterday and seems to be suffering from minimal side effects thus far. It’s a small piece of good news amongst the ever worsening. Aside from making sure he’s comfortable and supported, all I can do at this stage is keep praying.
And finally, I pulled off the most epic parallel park the other night having arrived home at about midnight after a long day of work/family visits. It was a tiny space but I did it! I was so proud that I actually took photos of the amount of room I had to spare both in front and behind the car. Don’t tell me I don’t know a good time.
Right, back to that infernal list…

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  1. 30th April 2015 / 12:32

    First off – your hair looks amazing. As do those jelly beans. That is good news about your dad, sending good thoughts your way lovely xx ps epic parallel parking is always something to celebrate!

    • 3rd May 2015 / 16:30

      Thank you! Good to have some reassurance! Definitely still getting used to it. As for parallel parking, I’m all about celebrating life’s little successes. I may or may not have done a victory dance in the street. Hopefully none of my neighbours saw…!

      Thank you for the good thoughts, they really help!

  2. 30th April 2015 / 14:03

    I love your hair! That’s a great cut. All fresh for vacation. Bangkok! So exciting.

    Good news on your dad. Continued good thoughts coming your way.

    • 3rd May 2015 / 16:28

      Thanks, glad it looks ok – always such a shock when you go short! The Bangkok heat was definitely a consideration in this decision…

      And thanks for the good thoughts, very much appreciated.

  3. 30th April 2015 / 15:01

    I love a good Jelly Belly jelly bean! Your haircut is really cute! Hope your dad continues to do well with chemo!

    • 3rd May 2015 / 16:31

      They were good beans – except mystery flavour which was a bit interesting. Livens things up though! And thank you, my Dad seems to have continued the positive trajectory so I’ve got everything crossed.

  4. KVS
    30th April 2015 / 18:29

    Small print – my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family during this. Just keep positive.

    Jelly beans are awesome.

    And I like your haircut a LOT!

    • 3rd May 2015 / 16:32

      Thank you so much, we are trying very hard to keep positive but sometimes it all gets a bit much!

      That’s why new hair cuts are sometimes called for…! I’m pleased it’s met with such unanimous approval so far!

  5. 1st May 2015 / 00:36

    Great post! I love a good sugar fix during long meetings. Prayers for your father and your family.

    • 3rd May 2015 / 16:33

      Sugar fixes are the best. I’m such an addict and I don’t even care…!
      Thanks very much for the prayers, they’re greatly appreciated.

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