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~ I managed to see the solar eclipse last week and it was super cool. There was just the perfect amount of cloud cover which meant I could watch it without those special glasses (sshh don’t tell anyone) and I had an amazing view from the window where I was working. It was definitely an other-worldly experience.

~ After regaling you with all the things happening around me at the moment, I then found out my Dad has bladder cancer and my sister has pneumonia. Seriously can this stop now, please?

~ I’m now on a new project, which is going to be hec-tic. Due to the client’s timelines, we need to do 4 weeks work in 2 and a half (albeit spread over three actual weeks). Which wouldn’t be so bad, except we need the participation of various people from the client themselves, which in and around Easter is going to be a push. The work should be interesting though, so there’s that.

~ This new project is based near-ish my parents, so I’m taking the chance to go and stay with them. This is always a lovely thing, but made particularly more so because I can be around my Dad while he has treatment and also around my sister while she recovers from her pneumonia. Did I mention she came down with it whilst on her way over from Australia? And that she’s supposed to be doing the second half of the journey travelling solo with my niece and nephew? Yeah. She’s currently convalescing in Singapore, so I’ve got everything crossed that she makes it over at all.

~ We’re still trying to buy a house… there are still no houses to buy. I’m not actually too mad about it, more just baffled. Surely someone, somewhere needs to move?!

~ The trees on our road are beginning to blossom, and it’s like walking down a road lined with giant sticks of pink candy floss. It’s frigging awesome.

~ I Did A Shop from SheInside. It went better than I thought it would, but I’m not sure I’ll be purchasing from there again. I knew it was a risk, so it’s fine, and I wouldn’t necessarily dissuade others from shopping there, but I’m not sure I’m convinced.

~ My last free weekend was the 7th March and I don’t have another one until the 30th May. This is making me freak out just a little bit.

~ So with all the family health stuff and project travelling I may be a bit absent for a while. That, or I’ll decide blogging is absolutely the stress reliever I need and I’ll be all over it. Let’s wait and see…

How have your weeks been so far? At least a bit better than mine, I’d hope?


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