Types of people I’m in awe of

As I was listening to a colleague tell me about how they never used instructions to build flat pack furniture, my mind began to spin. People can do that? How?! I managed to contain my astonishment for the time being but later got to thinking about other kinds of people who elicit similar awe from me. 

People who can build flat pack furniture with no instructions ¦¦ They just look at some random assorted pieces of MDF, some screws and dowels, squint for a minute, and then knock together the perfect wardrobe. I do not understand how this is possible. Even with instructions it takes me forever (I actually had to build the above and yes, I did have to stop halfway through for a strop. Call those instructions?!). I have to keep cross-checking what I’m doing as I’m forever losing my place, I end up with a worrying amount of leftover components and my furniture is wonky. Is there some sort of qualification in Ikea that I’m missing?

People who run ¦¦ I was never much of a runner, even at school. I’m all arms and legs and gangling – it’s not a pretty sight. Plus I’m slow. Then I had my spine fused and it really was game over, as strongly advised by my surgeon. I’m mostly fine with this because, as I say, I was never any good to begin with. But I do get quite jealous when I see happy joggers out and about. I wish!

People who have a proper cooked breakfast every day ¦¦ I can hardly find the time for a piece of toast most mornings, so people who can a) sit down and b) have real hot food have my utter respect. And when my stomach starts rumbling at 9.30am, I wish I’d done things a little differently. Of course I could just get up earlier in the morning but let’s face it, that’s not going to happen.

Image taken from The Everygirl

People who can “style a coffee table” or similar so it looks like it came from a magazine ¦¦ So maybe I read too many home style interior design blogs, but it seems like everyone has a neatly styled coffee table hovering in the background of their posts. It looks something like the above; all neatly bunched posies and mercury glass, you know the deal. Well I just can’t do it. I try, and it just looks like I plonked down a bunch of crap. Mine ends up covered in empty mugs and papers in 5 minutes flat anyway, and don’t even talk to me about ‘curating’ things. I don’t live in a museum.

People who can do coding ¦¦ I wish they’d taught coding at school – it would have been so much more helpful than large amounts of the things they did actually teach us. Like how to sew a wall hanging, or about prime numbers. And it’s not just HTML which, if I knew how to do, would really help me out with this here blog, but also VBA. If I knew how to write VBA, I’d be approximately 5 jillion times quicker at parts of my job. It’s not the most trendy of coding but it’s pretty exciting to me.

Image taken from Sew Much Crafting. I’m in awe of this lady.

People who have, and follow, routines ¦¦ I am not a routine person. I sort of wish I were, and then I try and follow one and get bored out of my brains. I admire people who can craft a routine whereby everything gets done just at the right time, nothing is stressful, and they know just what they’re doing at all times. That’s not me. I think I like to live my life a little more on the edge…. Or something.

What kinds of people are you in awe of?


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    • 26th February 2015 / 13:53

      In that case I take my hat off to you! One day I hope to master the art of the schedule.

  1. 26th February 2015 / 14:48

    I am totally a routine person and I love it. I’m also a daily hot breakfast eater but I prepare it on the weekend or at the least the night before, so I’m not sure if that counts.

    Runners, I say you go runners. But I have no desire to run so I have no awe.

    I am in awe of people who can DIY home improvement projects. I really want to but don’t feel like I have the skills or know-how.

    • 5th March 2015 / 18:20

      Alright, I’m stealing all your hot breakfast ideas! Making ahead sounds like an awesome idea. I’m too impatient for home DIY, I want to start a project and have it finished 10 minutes later and look perfect. Clearly this isn’t a particularly realistic goal…

  2. Kristin
    27th February 2015 / 01:51

    I hate running. I’ll do it occasionally, but I get no joy out of it. Annoyance, but not joy.

    I’m in awe of people who can do social commitments/events everyday of the week. I don’t get why you’d want to, but still. I need to relax after work.

    • 5th March 2015 / 18:18

      Yeah no, daily social commitments aren’t for me either. I think it’s probably the whole introvert thang. Or maybe I just have a Netflix problem!

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