Reasons why Sushi Train is genius for families

On my recent trip to Australia, one of the things I enjoyed an awful lot more than I thought I would was a trip to Sushi Train for dinner. Here’s why I’d recommend this culinary establishment to you, especially if you happen to be with a 4-year-old and a 8-month-old…

> The train of food is fun for young and old

> You can eat as much or as little as you want, which caters for a variety of appetites and stomach sizes
> They have high chairs, plastic cutlery and bowls and a decent change table for babies/toddlers

> They’ve also got wipes, chopsticks, sauces and napkins all on hand for whatever you should happen to require

> Free tap water which is replenished regularly is good for … well everyone actually

> If raw fish isn’t your thang you can have a hot dish cooked to order – or something like this chilli beef roll. Mmmmm.

> It is pretty budget friendly, with adults eating for $25 each give or take
> You can sit in family booths which is as sociable as it is flexible
> The servers are super friendly and seem amused by children (rather than horrified by them). In fact, one lovely waitress went and got my niece some childrens’ chopsticks so she could have a go with them – she was impressively proficient and absolutely delighted with her gift
> If you go for a 5pm seat, it’s nice and quiet and you don’t get looked at strangely for eating so early

> You can also get in and out fairly quickly – ideal for when bedtime approaches rapidly and tempers begin to fray

> It’s tasty.

This is the carnage we left behind. Sorry, waitress! In there are the five (FIVE) plates of salmon nigiri my niece managed to put away – I really don’t know where she gets her appetite from. Ahem.

If this post has given you sushi cravings and you happen to live in New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia or New Zealand, you can check for a Sushi Train near you on their website here




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