A Return

After spending a seemingly endless amount of time on planes, along with a brief jaunt in Seoul, I’m back on UK soil and trying to settle back into life here. What’s that again? Perhaps once I’ve got through my laundry mountain I’ll remember.

Jet lag seems to have spared me once again (thank you, thank you Jet Lag Gods) and it’s nice to be surrounded by all my own things, but I haven’t quite come to terms with the cold and darkness yet, and let’s not even speak about that fact that I can’t pop down the road to see my lovely sister, brother in law and adorable niece and nephew any time I feel like it. I’m also missing Sydney in general – I just love that city.

So in the mean time I’ll be sat here, looking mildly bewildered.

Catch up posts to follow… Please forgive the lateness and out-of-order-ness but I refer you to the above.



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