Jersey: What I learned

Hi fellow nomads,
You may have caught wind of my recent trip to Jersey if you follow me on my Instagram. Just in case you don’t, I will recap briefly for you. Last weekend I went for a long weekend on this lovely little island with my husband, my bestie and her husband. We had a jolly old time, food poisoning not withstanding (long story), and saw as much of this gorgeous island as we could.
We nearly got swept away by waves which dashed against the rocky shore.

We wandered around amongst ruined castles on clifftops.

We spied France across the sparkling water.
And we learned some important lessons about Jersey. They are as follows.
Look twice // It turns out that the entrances to roads, private driveways, car parks and slipways straight into the sea look surprisingly similar from the road. Check twice before you head down it.
Durrell // A visit to Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust is always a pleasure, regardless of the weather. We visited in the pouring rain and I loved every second, and I loved it even more when the sun came out. I can’t recommend this place enough.
Weather // We Brits love to talk about the weather, but even in my whole life of talking about and experiencing weather, I’ve never enjoyed fog in quite the same way as I have on Jersey. Actually, all the weather was pretty spectacular come to think of it.

When is £10 not £10 // The tennerfest is a festival during October in which lots of fabulous restaurants on Jersey put on special fixed price menus. It’s a fantastic idea, but since its inception a decade ago, inflation has taken its toll. Menus are rarely £10 any more, and even if they are, it’s sometimes best to just order one course you really, really want from the menu rather than three you don’t quite.
Roads // If you like driving large cars, don’t come to Jersey. If you like driving down large, straight roads with plenty of space and preferably multiple lanes on each side, don’t come to Jersey. Or be prepared to take public transport or taxis everywhere, because oh my the lanes get narrow. They’re absolutely beautiful and charming, of course, but a menace for hire car wing mirrors.
The hills are alive // Actually there are just a lot of them and they seem to move into your path, depending on where you want to go. If you want to walk on Jersey, which I’d recommend, bring good shoes, good knees and lots of enthusiasm.
G&T Time // If you’re flying from London, your flight time will barely be long enough for you to throw down the necessary inflight cocktail before the harassed looking flight attendants whisk it away from you, ready for landing. You have been warned.
Have you been to Jersey? What did you learn?


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