Sunday Dreaming: Minimalist Jewellery via Etsy

Hi fellow nomads,
Etsy is a veritable gold mine* of fantastic, on trend jewellery at very reasonable prices. I also like the opportunity to support individuals, small businesses and charities. Therefore, if I can go Etsy rather than highstreet, I much prefer to.

I’ve been dreaming about revamping my wardrobe and embracing the minimalist look. However, seeing I don’t have the money for a complete wardrobe overhaul I thought I’d just fake it til I make it with some beautiful accessories instead.

Minimalist Jewellery Wishlist

1 // This hammered silver ear cuff is to die for. Also, it doesn’t require pierced ears.
2 // A simple rose gold bracelet with a bar. This would add a luxe look to a simple outfit, or could be layered with other pieces.
3 // Arm candy gives maximum impact, and I’m crushing on this herringbone patterned bangle. It’s better than parquet, that’s for sure.
4 // A dainty ear cuff, in case hammered isn’t your style. You can put this anywhere on your ear and it gives a subtle edge to your look. Again, no piercings required.
5 // For an updated take on the infamous “Carrie” necklace, this bar necklace can be embossed with your initials. 
6 // A simple rose gold eternity band. This is set with tiny sparkles to sit happily alone, or stack with some friends.
7 // Have these gone out of fashion yet? Here’s some simple hammered rose gold midi rings to ride out the tails of the bandwagon.
8 // Beautiful, botanic, Arwen-esque gold hair slides that grown ups can wear and still look classy. Perfect for weddings or garden parties.
Has anything on Etsy caught your eye recently?

*Pun very much intended

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