Have you ever been to one of those workshops, usually in a workplace that’s undergoing some sort of change or transformation programme, where all the attendees are asked to consider what work duties, processes or tasks they’re going to stop, start and continue to make the transformation a success?

I have. I’ve been on both sides of the flip chart and it’s not much fun either way. However, the last time I went through this exercise it made me think that I could totally adapt this to travel habits. Because a bit of navel gazing is always good fun, right? So, having brainstormed with some brown paper and post-its (consulting in joke, sorry) I’ve come up with the following…

Travel habits I need to stop

Feeling stressed about how to blog about the places I visit. Anyone else get this or is it just me?

Case in point, that time when we went to Australia at the end of 2014. I didn’t write about it because I was mostly hanging out with family, but we did do other things from time to time. Like go paddling. I just had no idea how to begin to blog about it.

Overplanning. It makes my husband mad and it turns me into some sort of whirling dervish maniac yelling JUST ONE MORE *insert ‘must-do’ activity* IT’S NOT FAR AWAY I PROMISE and then we come home exhausted. Also, it doesn’t give us room to take advantage of those lovely spontaneous things that happen when you travel.

Underplanning. We went to Barcelona this past July, and I still haven’t posted about it because honestly it was quite a stressful trip. Beautiful, but stressful. Neither of us had had time to plan the trip properly, so we ended up faffing around with pointless things like car parking arrangements which should have been done (or at least thought through) in advance. Oh and that was the trip I booked us into two hotels for the same night… Not my finest moment. Basically, there’s no point going somewhere if you can’t enjoy it properly because you’ve failed to arrange the basics.

Panic shopping a week before we leave because I’ve convinced myself that I have absolutely nothing to wear. This way madness lies. Of course I have something to wear, and if I end up trawling around my destination in some horribly unfashionable get up, who actually cares? It’s not like I’m normally particularly trendy so what’s the issue?

Travel habits I need to start

Taking more videos or sound clips of our destinations. I found some very short, very rubbish video clips that I’d taken in the back of a tuk-tuk in Siem Reap and it all came back to me. Then I found clips of me playing with my niece. Watching those clips made me so happy. I can’t understand why I don’t take more – especially of my family and friends.

Even sound recordings can be great souvenirs. S recorded the sea organ in Zadar and on a whim uploaded it to Soundcloud. Not only can I listen to it’s oddly comforting tones any time I want, but others can, too. To date, it’s been listened to over 2 million times. Whaaa?

Taking more photos of S and I on our travels. You can download almost infinite scenic holiday-type shots via a quick google, but photos of you there are so much more meaningful. Also I need to work on looking less awkward in photos. See #1 up there…

Using social media to find great gluten free spots. Usually I just use t’google, but I need to remember that Twitter exists and has a fantastic gluten free community on it. People give great recommendations if you tweet a request, and I need to remember to do that more often. Also I should search Instagram for the relevant hashtags, and Pinterest probably has something for me as well. I have no idea, I never use it – and I need to start doing that.

Using travel apps properly. There are so many and I tend to use each one a bit – so far I’ve never found one really excellent trip planning app. Previously I’ve used Sygic Travel which is great for the planning what to do and see bit but not so great for the storing reservations bit. I’ve just downloaded TripIt which does the reservations bit well and Google Trips which does both (although how well I don’t know) so we’ll see how I go.

Travel habits I need to continue

Planning using spreadsheets. I love spreadsheets, they make me happy and I can’t properly plan and budget a trip without one.

Finding all the best gluten free places to eat. Travel through food is very important to me, as is staying safe and well whilst abroad so this definitely needs to continue. I still dream about these gluten free beauties in Paris

Putting my camera down and enjoying the moment.

Do you have any habits you’d like to stop, start or continue? Let’s do some group feedback Let me know in a comment or a post of your own…