A day in the life: Sydney Edition

Are you nosy? I’m nosy. I like looking into people’s houses, and into their schedules. That’s why I like tv renovation shows, and reading people’s diaries (joking… sort of). This post will hopefully bring you a bit of both – a breakdown of what I did on a random day in April. The last time I did one of these was almost exactly 3 years ago, and reading it back is quite funny because I still wear that outfit all the time (except for the blazer, which was a cheapy one from Primark and it fell apart), I still wear the same products on my face, and I wish I still had my niece to help me get ready every day. She does live a lot closer to me now though 🙂 On the other hand, it’s a bit sad because my Dad is no longer with us. I’m glad I have that day with him to remember though.

Without wishing to be too morbid, I want to freeze a day on the internet just in case I need to come back and remember it.

I also keep mistyping this as a day in the lift, which is an altogether different post. Here’s hoping I never have to write that one.


Wake up. It’s too early. Wait for the sound of the water to stop running which is my cue to go for the shower. My parents in law are staying with us at the moment, but it’s their last day. They leave at 7:30 this morning and they’re having their showers. Even though we have 2 showers, you can’t use them both at the same time because the temperature goes funny for someone. So I’m waiting my turn. Then I pull out my Monday outfit from the cupboard, dry my hair, and put on some face powder, mascara, eyebrow gel and blusher. That’s me done, folks.


I wave goodbye to our visitors as they leave with S for the airport. Hopefully the traffic won’t be too bad. I pull the breakfast and lunch I made for myself yesterday out of the fridge and put it in my oh so trendy rucksack. Time to walk to the station.


I arrive at the station as a train pulls in. I walk as quickly as I can manage at that time and jump on just as the guard blows the whistle. It’s nice and quiet this morning as it’s school holidays, so I’m not squished in amongst anklebiters playing complicated looking games on their smartphones. Oh and did I mention the trains are double decker here?


I’m at my desk. This is officially the shortest commute I’ve ever had and I do very much enjoy it. Time for breakfast – it’s too early to eat before I leave, so I bring it to work instead. Today it’s overnight oats, my current favourite. They’re chocolate, because I’m still actually a toddler.


As I am eating my client boss arrives in to our project team room. We share pleasantries about the weekend and he continues his campaign to get me to move to Newcastle. To be fair, it’s going quite well as it does seem like a very nice place to live… [and this is where the stream of photos becomes intermittent, because I don’t take photos of work people!].


Client boss leaves for a meeting and it’s time for me to try and create some coherent looking slides from a whiteboard session we did last week. This proves to be annoyingly fiddly and I have to listen to some music to keep me going (covertly, with headphones, of course. The project team room is empty at this point which makes it vaguely passable).


It’s Tights Time. Any warmth I’ve carried in with me from the outside world has well and truly dissipated, and the arctic AC of the office has taken its toll. Time to put my tights on.


Slides, emails, admin, expenses, returning calls.. you know.


Client boss returns and announces he’s ready to start our 11am meeting early. Great! Go and fetch client co-worker who is also due to attend the meeting. By the time we get back to our room, client boss has vanished.


Meeting starts.


We break for a working lunch which means throwing down my salad whilst still amending slides. Luckily it only gets slightly messy.


We finish up the meeting. I take the opportunity to grab some fresh air and a glass of water with the lovely Sam, who lives around the corner. On the way I call my sister about her party planning, which is in full force. It’s venue decision time! I arrive at Sam’s and we have a super quick fire catch up and then I run back to the office.


I stop in at the pie shop underneath the office for some refreshment. I know client boss will be keen for some caffeine at this point and quite frankly so am I, so I pick us up the poison of our choice. Flat white for him, Pepsi Max for me (I’m branching out from diet coke and I feel a bit weird about it tbh).


Next meeting starts.


Next meeting ends with client boss running out of the door to catch his train. Byeee. I finish updating the documents we talked about and send some follow up emails.


Calls, emails, and… snack time! These are super sugary and not at all good for you but I really do like them. They come in very handy in a pinch as they’re filling and travel well.


Time to leave. I’m out the door on the dot today because I’ve got plans! This is taken during my walk home. I am impatient at pedestrian crossings, but I do like that my walk home takes me past lots of interesting things to look at. Sometimes that’s dangerous, as I do pass a fully loaded Kmart twice every day.


Arrive home and change into a comfy dinner outfit (and heels to make it look like I made an effort). My reaction when S tells me where his next company retreat might be… clue, it’s a big red rock.

Then I sit with S while he eats his tea and I spot a giant cockroach on the wall. I leave him dealing with that as I catch the bus.


I take the bus to Crows Nest – the bus driver is nice and friendly, which is always a bonus.



I’ve booked a new-to-me Indian restaurant to meet up with some of my new-to-me friends. I’m the first to arrive and I study the menu with glee. It looks good. I can’t remember the last time I had a great Indian curry – they’re hard to find here. Soon enough everyone else arrives and we set to it. The food is good and it scratches my good Indian food itch. We eat and talk and talk some more and before long it’s time to go home.


Time to get the bus home. Luckily I took my leftover curry home so lunch for tomorrow is sorted: I can tick that off my list for tonight. The bus is very rattly so excuse the blurry photo…


Bus driver changeover! The old one says bye everyone as he leaves, and the new one says hello everyone as he gets on. How friendly!


I’m back, I’ve washed my face and put my leftovers in the fridge. I just heard S get back from the cinema so it’s bedtime for us! He is blessed with the ability to get ready for bed in about 30 seconds flat, whereas I am a faffer.


S remembers the washing he optimistically put on earlier and goes to hang it out to dry.


Actual bedtime.

I should point out, this was a busy day for me. I don’t always have after work plans, or during work plans, and even more rarely do I have them on the same day. I also upgraded to an iPhone 8+ and wanted to give its photos a go – what do you think of the quality? And what does a day in your life look like?


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