I don’t mean to make this overly dramatic, but it might be a bit obvious that I haven’t been posting so I’m showing up quickly to explain why.

Well, sort of.

To begin with…

Since we last spoke, things got really interesting really quickly. The first thing that happened was to do with work, which I don’t talk about on here Just In Case, so instead I’m going to update whoever is interested in that via The Ugly. You can sign up at the end of this if you haven’t already.

The TL;DR of the situation is that I now need to spend all my free time cramming in… let’s say… extra study type preparation and being nervous. My chocolate and Diet Coke consumption has skyrocketed which is not a sustainable solution but what can you do?

Some calming scenes from the past few months. Isn’t Palm Beach the ultimate? Note: this is the height of winter. Winter!

And then…

We got served notice of eviction. Our landlord wants to move back in so that means we’re out. They’ve given us 90 days to move out which personally I think is quite generous, however the timing sucks. I don’t have any spare time to look for a new place outside of work hours and, as you can probably guess, the chances of me being able to view flats during working hours are approximately zero point zero.

Add to that the fact that my husband is job hunting at the moment, so he’s working on that in his spare time. Anyone who’s looked for a job recently knows it can be a full time job in itself, and consequently we’ve barely seen each other. It was his birthday at the weekend and we spent the day in a café practicing maths ☹ Then we lined up diaries and worked out he’s going to be away for most of August. So that’s sad in and of itself, but also means I might need to do the whole move myself – a bit tricky for someone who can’t do any lifting thanks to my special snowflake spine.

But above and beyond all this, I am so, so grateful to live where we do and have the lives we have. We are lucky ducks.

Sometimes I deal with stress in other areas of life by writing more here; sometimes by checking out completely. This time it’s been the latter. It’s all good, the things we’re dealing with right now are not that serious in the grand scheme of things. They’ll work themselves out with time. I’m just doing what I need to to focus on those now, and then I’ll be back, and life might look quite different for me then.

The Ugly

In the mean time, if you want to read The Ugly and you’re not already signed up, here’s your chance.

Either which way, catch you on the flip side!


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