I admit it, I don’t really go in for Halloween. Maybe it’s because I wasn’t raised with it. Maybe it’s because I’m not partial to strangers banging on my door all evening demanding sweets (sorry, I ate them all already. Also who are you?).

It’s safe to say Halloween and I have safely coexisted for 31 years now by me not taking much notice of it, and it doing likewise. But one thing I have really found strange in moving to Australia is the seasons being backwards. You wouldn’t think it would be so hard to grasp, would you? It’s just the other way around.

When it comes to Christmas, I’ve geared myself up for a hot Christmas where all the decorations are weirdly inappropriate (snow? pine trees? fair isle jumpers? we have none of those things here). But it’s the smaller holidays that I’ve previously ignored that have really surprised me.

Such as Halloween.

All that to say, I joined in Kristin and Becky’s Great Pumpkin Swap this year and was surprised at how strange I found it to be shopping for ‘fall’ type things in what is blatantly spring. So I went completely off piste and just bought fun stuff. I was delighted to be paired with Jen again, and you can see what non-seasonally specific things I got her here.

Jen and I have been paired together for three years on the trot now, and I couldn’t be happier about it. (You can see year 1 here, and year 2 here). I think we’re at the stage now where we’re just going to keep sending each other nice things every October regardless of the Pumpkin Swap. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, internet friends are amazing.

So yesterday I arrived back home from holiday to this parcel of joy, neatly helping me offset the post trip blues. Jen sent me some festive pumpkin tea towels (one with a streusel recipe on that I can’t wait to try) which I immediately hung up on the cooker, because coming back from holiday we obviously had nothing clean going:

Then there was a pumpkin cutter and the most amazing pumpkin sprinkles (how do they make them actual tiny pumpkin shapes??) to facilitate my baking endeavours:

A beautiful Essie nail polish in smokin’ hot which is going on my sad fingernails right.now. and is sat next to my desk ready for me to finish typing this:

And the piece de resistance; Jen has fuelled my addiction for another year with two bumper bags of candy corn – with their own special pumpkin shaped serving dish! Yes of course the dish is especially for candy corn. What better purpose could it have in life?!

My coffee table is now looking extra festive and inviting, although whether there will be any candy corn left when guests next come round is anyone’s guess.

And now I’ve typed the word pumpkin so many times it no longer makes sense.

Thank you to Kristin and Becky for hosting, and thank you Jen for all the pumpkin-y goodness! See you in the post next year 🙂