Incognito lingual braces: 3 month update

I thought I’d just stop by for a quick Incognito lingual braces update because… the gap has gone!

Here's an update on my Incognito lingual braces, three months in

It’s no more! Totally closed!

Alright, when I last left you I had just had my first tightening and I thought I could see the gap shrinking slightly.

Thereafter, things were pretty uneventful. I had grown fairly used to talking with the braces and the first tightening only required a small adjustment to that. I liked the new elastic bands on my upper teeth, which were sort of in an infinity sign formation, because I felt like the brackets rubbed on my tongue less when they were there.

The 6 weeks between my first and second tightening passed really quite quickly, with no major incidents. I did think I could see my gap shrinking and it was pretty exciting to note.

The second tightening

I arrived to my appointment and my orthodontist seemed quite surprised (and very pleased) by my progress. She told me that if things move faster than predicted, there might be the opportunity for me to get my braces removed a little earlier than forecast. I’ve got everything crossed!

She performed the same routine as the first tightening – remove bands, remove wire, give it a quick clean, give my teeth a quick clean, put everything back with new bands.

At the second tightening I got the extra infinity shaped bands on my lower teeth as well as my upper ones, and I think these bands exert more of a force as my teeth felt sore for a little bit longer after this tightening than the one before. Nothing a few Ibuprofen and Paracetamol couldn’t fix, though.

And my teeth started to move right away after this appointment. These photos were taken just over a week after the second tightening – and the gap has gone!

Here's an update on my Incognito lingual braces, three months in

In fact, my teeth moved so fast that I had to go back in two weeks after my tightening to have the excess wires trimmed.

You see, with Incognito lingual braces, when your teeth move closer together the brackets also move closer together along the U-shaped wire that connects the brackets, which means some of the wire ends up sticking out of the back of the last bracket. I’m not sure I’ve explained that very well… All you need to know is I had a good few millimetres of wire poking into my tongue every time I talked. Not good.

Still, I got a short notice appointment with a different orthodontist at my clinic who was excellent, and trimmed the wires in no time. I was in and out in under 20 minutes.

Here’s the standard photo of me utterly failing at trying to take a decent picture of myself. Such a dufus.

Here's an update on my Incognito lingual braces, three months in

In general, I’m really pleased at how things are going. I’m glad I didn’t chicken out after the first month, like I nearly did! The main thing now is that I think my two front teeth are in a slight v-shape. I imagine that’s because the bases of my teeth take longer to move, and that it’ll fix itself after a little while longer. I’m not worried at this stage.

Reactions from friends and family to my gap vanishing have been varied – some haven’t noticed, some have shrieked in delight, some have found the change too freaky to deal with. Me, I’m delighted. Gap begone!




  1. 3rd August 2016 / 17:09

    That is CRAZY how well that worked – & FAST!!!!

    • 3rd August 2016 / 20:52

      Isn’t it mad?! I couldn’t believe it at all! Now I’ve just got to get used to looking all different…!

  2. 3rd August 2016 / 17:20

    That’s awesome that your gap closed so quickly! There’s nothing better than finding out that you’re progressing better than expected and that you can potentially get your braces off earlier! My friend at work is doing invisalign right now, and she had the same issue that you did with not being able to talk normally the first few weeks that she had them on. Now you can’t even tell a difference!

    • 3rd August 2016 / 20:53

      I’m so surprised at how quick it was! I’ve got everything crossed for an early removal. I’m quite used to the braces now but I still can’t wait to get them off!
      Yeah the beginning and the talking was rough, I still stumble over words and lisp when I’m tired now, but it’s much MUCH better than it was. I’m so glad I was working from home for the first couple of weeks post brace, or things would have been unbearable!

  3. 3rd August 2016 / 18:11

    omg your smile looks fabulous!!! and you look of happy and confident! i’m so amazed at how fast it all happened too!

    • 3rd August 2016 / 20:54

      Thanks so much Carrie! I’m still shocked at how quick it’s been. Gap gone in under 3 months! I definitely did not expect that. It’s kind of crazy looking in the mirror – I think I look really different. Probably that’s just me though…

  4. Jen
    3rd August 2016 / 18:26

    Wow!!! That is absolutely amazing and impressive! So happy for you that it worked so quickly.

    • 3rd August 2016 / 20:56

      Didn’t it go quick?! I can’t believe it. I hope this gives you confidence for your future brace journey! It might go quicker than you think 🙂

  5. 3rd August 2016 / 19:44

    I wouldn’t have thought it would work so quickly! Looks good though and you seem really happy about it – that’s the most important part 😉

    • 3rd August 2016 / 20:57

      No I really didn’t think it would be so quick either! I’m so impressed. Makes all the lisping worthwhile 🙂 I’m really happy, but not as happy as I’ll be when the things finally come off!

  6. 3rd August 2016 / 19:59

    Wow that was fast!!! Glad your teeth are responding so well. You look super fresh faced and pretty in your pic too.

    • 3rd August 2016 / 20:58

      So quick, right?! Apparently I have lightning speed teeth! And you are too kind! I think the lighting was particularly flattering that day 😉

  7. 3rd August 2016 / 21:10

    Woo! I knew the gap would go fast, my teeth were SO crooked, and they were stick straight within like 3 months, then I had to have them for another 18 to adjust my bite and jaw, that stuff took the longest! I’m so glad they are going well, looking fab!

    • 3rd August 2016 / 22:45

      Thanks Jasmin! Yes my orthodontist did mutter something about torque and bite so I think I’m far from out of the woods just yet. The fun bit is definitely over! Still, it’s all progress and I’m happy things are moving in the right direction (literally)

  8. 4th August 2016 / 01:26

    That was fast! Definitely a reason for smiling 🙂

    • 11th August 2016 / 22:27

      So quick! I can’t believe it! I’ve got my next appointment in under a week and I can’t wait to see what the orthodontist says about it all!

  9. 4th August 2016 / 03:08

    First, I thought the gap was adorable. But, not my teeth. They are your teeth, and you should do what you want with them.
    Second, your smile is beautiful!
    Third, your “dufus” pic is too cute!

    • 11th August 2016 / 22:29

      Thank you! The gap was fine, and not an issue in and of itself. I love other people’s gaps. But on me, I was just over it and over being mistaken for a teenager. I do think gaps make people look more youthful, and I have a young face as it is. Actually, before she even really realised my gap had gone, one of my best friends who hadn’t seen me in a while told me I was looking much more grown up. Coincidence….?

  10. kerri @ cheshire kat
    4th August 2016 / 13:56

    yay for no more gap! so exciting! i think that you’ve kinda inspired me to look into braces and i love that they are not on the outside. ugh. that’s the worst. my teeth have shifted in old age and it sucks! i’m so self conscious. love you sharing your story and fun photos hehe

    xoxo cheshire kat

    • 11th August 2016 / 22:33

      Oh yay! I’m all for doing whatever you can to change the things that make you unhappy. If I can help with anything brace related let me know! I’m definitely not an expert on all braces but I can tell you what these particular ones are like. It is great that they’re on the inside – that does have its downsides, but overall I think the fact you can’t see them faaaaaaar outweighs the negatives. Let me know what you decide!

  11. 4th August 2016 / 17:00

    Oh wow I’d never heard of those! Very cool! I was about to ask about the pain and all that but I just read the other post about your first few weeks – how miserable! Glad that it’s going better and that you’re getting what you wanted out of this! I’m interested to keep hearing about this – I mean I have one or two teeth I always wanted redress and that sounds interesting!

    • 11th August 2016 / 22:35

      I’d never heard of them either! I went in to talk about Invisalign initially, only to find out I wasn’t a good candidate for them (you have to have appointments every two weeks – who’s got time for that?! – and I clench my jaw so badly I probably would have bitten through them…) and then the orthodontist recommended these instead. It’s definitely miles better than it was for the first few weeks, man that was awful. I do hope this helps you in case you are considering the great brace question!

  12. 4th August 2016 / 22:11

    LOOK AT YOU!!!!! you were gorgeous before, and you are gorgeous now, but feeling it is the most important, so go you and your gapless teeth girl!

    • 11th August 2016 / 22:36

      You’re too kind Kristen! I’m happy that now every time I see a picture of myself The Gap doesn’t hit me square between the eyes. It’s a revelation!

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