Playing catch-up: Spring goals

So I posted about my Spring goals back in March and then… never mentioned them again. I thought I should probably address that today. Here’s how I did with my Spring goals, and I’ve made some late in the game Summer ones too. I do think having goals was a good motivation, so I’m going to try and keep it up over the Summer.

Sort out the back bedroom ¦¦ Alright so this is partially sorted. I’ve got the furniture moved around and I can successful use my cross trainer whilst watching Netflix on my laptop so that’s the main thing. It still looks like a total hodge podge of a room but that’s ok… because it is. The main downside to the new arrangement is that we can’t fold out our sofabed any more because the cross trainer is in the way. Still, our spare room still has a real bed in it and I use my cross trainer more than we have >2 people to stay over, so I’ve prioritised. And there’s really nowhere else the cross trainer could go. I feel like I’ve talked about the cross trainer a lot at this point so I’m going to move right along.

Use my Fitbit properly ¦¦ I’ve been using my Fitbit to the best of my ability, and I’ve worn it most days. Unfortunately I’ve fallen victim to the fabled Fitbit Rash, so I have to alternate wrists and take breaks to try and hold it off. I don’t normally react to jewellery at all so I’m quite disappointed in my wrists. Get it together, guys.

Other than rash related issues, I think it’s been going really well. I’m enjoying monitoring my activity levels – or lack thereof, and using it as a motivational tool. I’ll often opt to walk somewhere as opposed to driving or taking public transport just so I can get my steps up for the day. I like how much data it gives me and I like doing challenges with my Fitbit friends – let me know if you’re up for joining one!

Spruce up our houseplants ¦¦ Yes! I totally did this. I repotted our Devil’s Ivy and it’s so much happier. I also repotted Roger and have tried my best with the orchids but they are apparently just happy to hang out with nice healthy green leaves but no flowers. Ok, cool. Do your thing.

Summer goals 3Our Devil’s Ivy

Grow some herbs and vegetables for our garden ¦¦ We are trying so hard with this, and it’s kind of working! S has done most of the work, I have to admit. But I did do some planting and watering and I’ve given vague hand-waving advice in the interim. We’ve got coriander, which grew so fast it went leggy before we could harvest it.

Summer goals 1We have alllll the parsley

There’s also parsley, spearmint, squash plants, pepper plants, carrots, basil, and a really sickly redcurrant turns out it’s actually a blueberry. No wonder it wasn’t happy, we didn’t even know what it was! Sorry, blueberry!

Summer goals 2The poor misclassified blueberry

Sell clothes on eBay ¦¦ No… no I did not do this. No surprises. However, writing this has made me even more determined to do it so I’ve just listed five things. From small beginnings…

Do my expenses on time ¦¦ Er no, I didn’t really do this. However, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel because we’re getting a new time and expenses system this month! My issue with the previous one was that it was an old clunky system, which took ages to update because you couldn’t do anything helpful like duplicate lines of expenses. Then you had to find all your receipts from the month, organise them in order and post them in. It was just a whole big thing and I put it off so badly. However, with our new system you can just take photos of your expenses and upload them using your phone on the go, so I’m hoping I’ll be way more efficient with this new system. Watch this space.

Summer goals

Sell clothes on eBay ¦¦ This one is going straight back on the list. It just needs to get done! And with the fall in the pound I could really do with some extra holiday money, so this should motivate me. Now I’ve got those first five things posted, the remaining 50 should be no problem. Right?

Prepare for our cruise in good time ¦¦ We’ve never cruised before and I’m getting the distinct impression it’s really quite different from the kind of holidays we’ve been on before. We’re not departing until the end of August but already we can book restaurants, excursions and on-board extras. It’s all a bit bewildering and I’ve realised I’m going to need to prepare properly to avoid poor performance (and added expense, by the looks of things). Also Kristen has kindly offered to help me pack for it so thanks in advance, girl!

Walk whenever I can & go for at least one evening walk during the week ¦¦ I need to be more active and evening walks are one of my favourite things to do. I find them a great way to wind down after the day and if S comes too it’s a good chance to chat. We had a lovely walk all around the river last week and it helped me hit my step target, too. I need to do more of these, especially if I’ve been working from home.

Try at least one new meat-free recipe per week¦¦ I think we’ve been doing a lot better with eating less meat, but we’ve just got a few meat-free meals that we use on rotation. It can get a bit dull so I’m on the lookout for new recipes to work into our meal plans. I invented my own creation the other day, and it came out pretty well. This is a chickpea thing with buffalo mozzarella:

Summer goals 4

Go to the lavender farm near us ¦¦ I’m very keen to visit when the lavender is out in full and take all the purple pictures. Plus they have all kids of lavender related goods for sale, and I love lavender. Fun fact, at our wedding people threw lavender at us instead of confetti. It was cute but I kept finding bits of lavender about my person for days afterwards. I think I even found some in my ear.

Harvest our veg and herbs before they go over ¦¦ Now we have our veg patch, we need to look after it properly which includes harvesting things at the right time. We failed with our coriander so I’m hoping to improve with the rest.

 Do you make goals? What are you aiming to do this summer?


How did I do with my Spring goals? And what are my Summer goals?



  1. Jen
    10th July 2016 / 21:08

    I really wish I was good at growing plants and herbs, I just can’t ever seem to get it right.

    • 11th July 2016 / 22:18

      We’re not usually that great either, which is worrying considering I have a degree in biology (with a focus on botany, no less!) and my husband has a PhD in biology! We’re the most over qualified yet utterly useless gardeners you’ll ever meet!

  2. 11th July 2016 / 04:26

    We can’t keep our coriander looking well. It’s pretty pathetic. Your veggie meal looks yummy! My Pinterest board “Made it And Loved it” has quite a few veggie meals that we have tried and loved (hence the board title). I love a good mealtless meal ☺️.

    • 11th July 2016 / 22:19

      I think coriander is a generally pathetic plant. When I was doing my degree I worked alongside someone studying for a PhD on, basically, how to keep coriander looking nice. And I still can’t grow the stuff. Sigh.

      I’m such a novice at Pinterest but I’m off to follow your board now! I really like your recipe round up posts, too. I do like trying recipes that other people have liked, that way I know I won’t be wasting my time. I feel so accomplished when I make a good meat free meal!

    • 11th July 2016 / 22:20

      Doesn’t it just! I’ve never been before so I hope it’s good. I love lavender so regardless I’ll be coming away with a pleasant smelling treat 🙂

  3. 11th July 2016 / 13:53

    aw look at those herbs! i just need to do that too. and props to you if you can get those clothes sold – i am horrid at that. and i’m just a donator kind of girl. and i’m with you on the walks thing. i need to do more of it! 🙂

    xoxo cheshire kat

    • 11th July 2016 / 22:21

      The parsley is going great! Not so sure about the blueberry, sadly. If I get a handful to eat this summer I’ll be very surprised! I’ve tried to eBay before and ended up just slinging it to a charity shop, so I’m trying to be good so far. I’ve already had a few bids on an eyeshadow palette I listed so we’re off to a positive start!

  4. 11th July 2016 / 19:07

    Get on Pinterest! So many vegetarian ideas!!! I love you are trying though.
    I have a room full of stuff I need to get on Ebay & just keep putting off … sigh…

    • 11th July 2016 / 22:22

      Yessss Pinterest! It’s an underexploited resource for me. I have used it to search for gluten free stuff before but never veggie (and gluten free…). I think you can pay people to list your eBay stuff for you. I’m genuinely considering it.

  5. 11th July 2016 / 20:13

    I love that y’all started your own herb and veggie garden! I’ve really wanted to start growing something in our backyard, but I’m worried that I won’t be very successful since I really don’t have a green thumb. And I totally enlisted Kristen’s help for packing for my Europe trip too! She’s the queen of packing, and thanks to her I know that I can totally pack in a carry on for our 2 week trip! And it’s just so hard to try and stay active during the week, isn’t it? I have to force myself to get up and walk too, otherwise I would hardly ever move!

    • 11th July 2016 / 22:24

      Well, it remains to be seen whether we’ll actually be able to eat anything from it…! I’m keeping a close eye on those weedy blueberries. I don’t have a green thumb either, but I figure that’s what the internet is for! That’s how I figured out I have a blueberry and not a redcurrant. See, utterly clueless! Kristen is like a packing fairy godmother. I’m so bad at packing, I need serious help!

  6. 18th July 2016 / 15:25

    you are welcome in advance!! i have to set aside some time to get it all together but i will get it to you as soon as possible 🙂
    oh no to your fitbit rash! that sucks. i am worried about that so i don’t wear mine all the time, and i wipe it down with a disinfectant wipe when i’m done working out haha. for the most part, i take it off when i get home and put it on before bed. i know that means i miss out on some steps and such, but i like letting my wrist breathe.
    we are in the same kind of rut with meatless meals, we have a few on rotation but they get super old fast. one of my favourites is a black bean burger recipe from budget bytes. i use gf bread crumbs or oats and obviously gf hamburger buns. they are so tasty though! and basically any indian dish with chicken, i use chickpeas instead. the problem is, as i’m sure you know!, most vegetarian meals you find on the internet are pasta or whatever, so it’s annoying. but it can be done, obviously with subbing gf pasta and such. also, i made a shepherd’s pie with lentils once, that was pretty amazing. a guy at work has a bunch of zucchinis in his garden and gave me some, so i am going to try a lentil/zucchini lasagne and see how that goes.

    • 18th July 2016 / 20:48

      Just my luck with the rash. I don’t react to anything else so it’s totally weird. I have some steroid cream from the dr now so hopefully that’ll get on top of it. Your rotating advice is good, and I’ve been wearing mine a lot less which is sad but necessary!

      I’m going to scour the budget bytes archives, sounds like my speed. Also I love chickpeas so good shout on the substitution. Totally agree on the veggie meals usually not being gf, and yes you can substitute gf pasta etc but sometimes that doesn’t always work. Also sometimes I get really sick of gf pasta! I get it free on prescription which I’m very grateful for but sometimes I just want something else. I did a lentil bolognese recently, that was good, but I made far too much and we were eating it for weeks so I was totally sick of it by the end! Doh!

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