I have no relevant pictures for this general rambly update so please enjoy these flower shots from the orangery at Belton House, taken on my jaunt with Kelly around the National Trust properties of Lincolnshire yesterday. This is Belton House. More to come later…

Belton House 1

Planning… my trip to Barcelona at the end of the month. I’m so excited! We have our flights and our AirBnB booked, so now I’m just looking at activities and places to eat. Mostly places to eat, if I’m honest.

Watching… Celebrity Masterchef, despite the fact I don’t recognise any of the celebrities, who are quite annoying, and it’s actually really stressful watching them struggle through making an omelette. I should probably stop watching it.

Belton House 3

Spending… NOTHING. S and I have been spending too much on travel and not enough on savings so I’m on a spending ban for July and August. No shopping other than food, eating out once a week maximum, and definitely no more trips away. Apart from Barcelona. Oh and I’m on the budget menu planning train, too. Any recipe suggestions, sling them my way!

Trying… new recipes when I can. So far: millet-stuffed peppers, home-made spinach and basil pesto, and cashew chicken. I’m proud that two of those are veggie! And plus point, vegetarian recipes are generally heaps cheaper than meaty ones so there you go.

Belton House 5

Waiting… for my Australian sister to make it over here. She’s due out this weekend and I’m so excited to see her! I’m also really excited to catch up with my other sister who’s been out visiting her. I’m basically can’t wait to see them both, plus my nephew and niece too.

Sprinkling… brown sugar on everything.

Belton House 4

Working… long hours. I really can’t wait for this project to end. Next!

Loving… my makeup purchases from New York. My absolute top favourites at the moment are the Physicians Formula All-In-One Custom Nude Palette for Face & Eyes (longest product name ever?) which is an amazing shimmery box of goodness that you can use as a beautiful highlighter and/or eyeshadow, and the Kat von D Tattoo Liner in Trooper which is a felt tip eyeliner that’s easy to apply even for me and does not budge all day. Oh, and the Living Proof dry shampoo which is another Kerri-fuelled purchase. Thanks girl but you’re going to bankrupt me!

Belton House 2

Drinking… at least one Diet Coke a day. Not good, people.

Hoping… that I get to see a bit more of my husband this week.

So, which flower was your favourite?




  1. 18th July 2016 / 17:08

    So I’m super jealous that you could just go for a weekend and see that beautiful house! I wish that we had houses like that in Houston that were open for touring! It sounds like you’re very busy coming up, but I always enjoy being busy, especially if family is involved! I couldn’t imagine being that far away from family members, let alone my sister or niece and nephew, so I hope that you have the best time with them this weekend! And I think that a spending ban would be something good to start up. We’ve been spending way too much money lately too!

    • 18th July 2016 / 21:36

      You know I forget how lucky I am that we have such beautiful houses in the UK. That house was just 1h30 drive away from us! And I was saying to Kelly as well that I think nowhere does gardens quite like the UK does gardens. We don’t do a lot really well but gardens I think we can claim. They were just beautiful at Belton House. Family busy is good busy, now if work would just get in line I’d be fine! My family are over for just under a month all in, so I’m going to try and visit them as much as possible. It’s hard when you’re restricted to weekends but it’s way easier than when they’re back in Australia so I’m not complaining! And wish me luck with the spending ban.. Good luck if you do one too!

  2. 18th July 2016 / 17:12

    I definitely need a spending ban too, so impressed with your only eating out one night a week, that pretty much will never happen for me!!

    • 18th July 2016 / 21:38

      Solidarity spending ban! Good luck! You travel a lot for work, right? In which case eating out is the only option that makes sense. When I travel with work any kind of healthy eating goes right out of the window, it’s hard enough to find gluten free food when travelling on business let alone healthy gluten free food! So I just give in and eat all the steaks 🙂

  3. 18th July 2016 / 17:15

    I love the yellow one – I’m always drawn to yellow.

    I used to be so hooked on Diet Coke, it was ridiculous.
    You have me wanting to go buy a bag of brown sugar now.
    Have fun with your sister this weekend!

    • 18th July 2016 / 21:40

      Oops hit reply too soon. I also meant to say I think it looks quite a lot like Belle’s skirt! Which I’m guessing is why you like it 🙂

      I need to kick the diet coke habit. I’ve tried once before but I always turn back to it in times of stress! If you do get brown sugar then I recommend a light dusting on some cut up strawberries. Heeeeeeeeeeeeeaven.

  4. 18th July 2016 / 17:33

    dude, i drink like 75 diet cokes a day, so you’re good haha. i am with you on the spending ban, well i explained it to you already, but yeah lots of hits mean no shopping for me. we are also trying to be good with meal planning but it’s hard. how exciting that you’ll be hanging out with your sisters soon 🙂

    • 18th July 2016 / 21:49

      Haha thanks, that does make me feel better! I’ve got my last one in the fridge and I’m getting a bit panicky about what I’m going to do once I’ve drunk it. Not good!

      Let’s not shop and drink copious amounts of diet coke together. I believe in us!

  5. Jen
    18th July 2016 / 18:44

    I think spending bans can definitely be a good thing! I need to do the same thing.

    • 18th July 2016 / 21:51

      I agree, and it’s definitely needed! Good luck if you choose to do one too, for me it’s easier to just not spend at all than to spend a little bit. I’m not sure how that makes sense but it does in my head!

    • 18th July 2016 / 22:12

      A-mazing! No you hadn’t, thanks for that. I’ll study it closely! It all looks awesome, the problem is I have no idea how I’m going to decide where to go…! But I think that’s a good problem to have 🙂

  6. 19th July 2016 / 06:43

    Which flower is my fave? The veiny one. Now, I admit, that is not a pretty description, but the flower sure is!
    I love Kat Von D’s tattoo liner. Love love love it.
    Brown sugar on everything? Yes, please.

    • 25th July 2016 / 12:03

      Haha! The description works for me. I like it too, reminds me of a dress I think.

      Kat von D’s liner is such a hit for me that now I want to buy everything else she’s ever released. Which is a problem considering how expensive her stuff is! Maybe I should save up by spending less on brown sugar…

  7. 19th July 2016 / 08:43

    Can’t wait for your report from Barcelona.

    I’m a brown sugar addict too.

    Will be so lovely to have your sister come over.

    SSG xxx

    • 25th July 2016 / 12:05

      I can’t wait to get to Barcelona! We have some madcap plans for the 4 days so we’ll see how that goes… I’m mostly excited about all the sun, sea and tasty food. Hurrah!

      My sister is over and it’s brilliant 🙂 we played with my niece and nephew in the garden yesterday and it’s just the best to have them over.

  8. 19th July 2016 / 13:41

    girl i’m sorry i’m a drain to the wallet 😉 but seriously. also i saved two dollars (US) by using Klorane dry shampoo, which, is just as good. French too, so i feel fancy. See if that one is cheaper for you! and barcelona! only like one of my fav cities. because art + beach + amazing food + history. swoon. i was only there a few days like 6 years ago (time flies) but i fell in love.

    xoxo cheshire kat

    • 25th July 2016 / 12:06

      Oh I have some of that! Mine is in a really weird container that looks like an aerosol but it’s not, you just shake it out of the side of the cap. It’s so bizarre and it’s kind of put me off because I just end up getting it everywhere! It must be available in a spray though so I’ll hunt that out. And keep the recommendations coming – so far I’m loving all my Kerri fuelled purchases!

      I’m so excited about Barcelona. For all the reasons you say! Eeek! Just got to pack now…

    • 25th July 2016 / 12:07

      It was really delicious. Quite different from jar pesto but in the best possible way. And it’s so satisfying to know its fresh!

      I’m so excited about Barcelona, I’ll be recapping plenty don’t you worry! 😉

  9. 19th July 2016 / 22:13

    Yay for your sis visiting!! Mine just arrived on Sunday & it was the best to see her 🙂

  10. 20th July 2016 / 02:02

    Belton House looks beautiful! Brown sugar on everything sounds really good 🙂

    • 25th July 2016 / 11:59

      Brown sugar is the absolute best. My favourite at the moment is putting it on strawberries, and it kind of dissolves into the strawberry juice and makes a delicious sauce. Yum!

  11. 21st July 2016 / 07:02

    good luck with your spending ban! I’m already dreaming of what I’ll buy when no buy July is over, haha!

    I think spending a lot of money on travel is good, you enjoy it and it’s always a fun experience, so hopefully you get to travel more again soon. I’m itching to travel more once the boys are grown up 🙂

    Away From The Blue Blog

    • 21st July 2016 / 18:58

      Thanks! Good luck for the rest of the month, looking forward to seeing what you purchase! I know, travel is really the only thing we spend a significant amount of money on (other than food, I do like to eat) so I’m sure we’ll get back to it before long. I reckon you’ve got some lovely travel memories ahead of you with the boys!

  12. 24th July 2016 / 23:55

    Aw Barcelona will be amazing! And we spent so much when we did a trip for my birthday last month I’ve been trying to save now, but to little avail :/

    • 25th July 2016 / 12:08

      Ah boo, post travel saving is a bit miserable isn’t it? We’re taking a semi-budget approach to Barcelona but I think it’ll still be heaps of fun. I’m so excited!

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