Currently… [April]

Posting… to death about Istanbul. I just had the best time ever and I can’t seem to stop talking about it.

In case you liked my street art of Istanbul post, here’s an added extra bonus piece of street art that I didn’t include. I love how it contrasts with the tower, which is over 650 years old. 

Eating… all kinds of new and interesting recipes. So far I’ve tried this chicken and broccoli quinoa bake thing which did not look as pretty as her picture, but tasted good. I will be adding it into my regular rotation, except I may sub in a different veg because I like broccoli but I like it crunchy, which is difficult to do in a bake.

I also tried this sweet potato and eggs recipe because I’m obsessed with grating things using my Magimix. It’s so quick and easy! Anyway, this is a really tasty, light meal that you can do all kinds of things with. But most of the reason I like it is because it’s so simple.

And finally I made these tamale pies which were easy as pie to make (hah I’m so witty) but I haven’t actually eaten them yet so I can’t vouch for the taste.

Drinking… from my new fruit infuser bottle as recommended by Kerri. So far I love it, and it really does increase the amount of water I’m drinking both because it’s tasty, and also because it’s always at hand. Thanks Kerri! If anyone is interested, I got this one because it ships to the UK. So far it’s holding up pretty well.

Planning… my birthday month. It’s next month! Next month I’m 30! Yikes. I’ve decided it will be a treat yo’self month for me, and now I’ve just got to figure out what that means. Any suggestions?

Instagramming… my socks off. I’m posting stuff from Istanbul and from my daily life, but I’m most enjoying doing a little travel retrospective and looking back at some of the cool places I’ve been to, and the stories that are attached to each image I post. I’m posting once a day at the moment so come and find me if that sounds like it might be vaguely interesting.

Today I shared a picture from this place. Any guesses? You’ll find the answer if you head on over here… 

Visiting… folks far and wide. Last weekend we were in Birmingham, this weekend we’ll be in Leeds. I’m excited… but I can’t wait for the weekend after, which will be our first weekend at home since the end of February. That’s too long! And I have a laundry mountain that needs scaling!

Remembering… my Spring goals. Should probably get on with those. I’m doing good with the Fitbit so far and have even managed to tidy the back bedroom a bit, but the gardening and eBaying has not happened in the slightest. Being away most weekends isn’t helping but it’s no excuse!

Wishing… that the weather would make its mind up. It’s been both incredibly sunny and also quite cold recently, which leaves me looking like a crazy person in a coat and sunglasses.

Me at the trendily rebranded Birmingham Wildlife Conservation Park, aka the Nature Centre. I’m pleased to say it maintains its delightfully family friendly and slightly shabby air, despite the rebrand. The animals still appear as happy and well looked after as ever, so that’s the main thing really.

And that’ll about do it from me. What’s all your news?


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