Spring: are we nearly there yet?

I know I’m English and therefore I like to talk about the weather a lot, but indulge me on this one.

Recently we’ve had some glimmers that Spring may finally be on its way to London, and I couldn’t be happier. Seeing the sun and some beautiful blue skies really does have an incredible effect on my happiness – and I don’t think I’m the only one.

So I thought I’d share some touches of Spring from around London town.

For a start there’s the sudden burst of blossom that seems to have happened overnight. I love blossom. You can even steal a peek at the waterfalls of blossom through the hedges of the gardens in private squares. So much blossom!

And then there’s the other Springtime classic, the daffodil. Again, stealing a peek into a private square for this one – I love how they’ve been planted in fairy rings around the trees.

But it’s ok because they planted some daffodils near the railings so us plebs could get a bit of the magic.

The landmarks look a lot more hopeful and cheerful with a bit of light on them. That’s the Crimean War memorial and the Duke of York column. It looks a bit like they’re facing each other across Pall Mall and I like to think they have chats – probably about the weather, being British and all. In reality I think the Duke is facing out over St James’ Park but let’s not let the truth get in the way of a good story.

Whilst wandering around, I think I’ve found my new house – these windows have a view straight out onto Regent’s Park. Yes please.

I think my favourite part of Spring is the blue skies. Look at that. You’d never guess it was about 4°C.

Some of the touches of Spring are most visible in the planters and gardens, punches of colour that make me smile as I pass by.

And then there are the bright green catkins that hang from the trees, drifting in the wind.

And then of course there are the parts of London that Spring never touches.

Ahh, the tube. It just is. Has Spring hit where you live yet?


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