Istanbul by numbers

I got back from Istanbul last night and while my head is still whirling with all the things we saw, did and ate, I thought I’d bring you a little summary of our time in the beautiful city. By numbers.

69,929 ¦¦ Steps taken over the 4 days (anyone wanted to be my Fitbit friend? You can add me by email, I don’t normally walk that much I promise).

55 ¦¦ Kilometres covered. A bit of this was by boat, but the vast majority was on foot. Which explains the condition of my feet today.

11 ¦¦ Domes counted on the Blue Mosque before I lost count.

9 ¦¦ Times I used my gluten free restaurant cards. And probably 9 times I was glutened, as well…

2 ¦¦ Medusas spotted. Here’s Sideways Medusa.

789016 (approximately) ¦¦ Stray cats spotted

3 ¦¦ Stray cats befriended. Like this guy.

2 ¦¦ Near identical stripy dresses purchased. You can never have too many stripy dresses…right??

9 ¦¦ Packets of Puding purchased. Because at 9pm the night before we came home, in the small Carrefour we’d been looking for for our entire trip, the whole end aisle devoted to Puding was just the funniest thing I’d ever seen. I think we’re going to have Puding party where we make them all up and all our cherished guests have to take a lucky dip. There are flavours in there that I’m sure don’t translate.

2 ¦¦ Boxes of bespoke Turkish delight stuffed into my luggage. Just look at those pomegranate seeds…

1 ¦¦ Number of times we fell victim to a street scam (or was it?). It’s not a very interesting story and wasn’t a disaster by any means, and overall I felt very safe everywhere we went.

0 ¦¦ Number of Easter eggs eaten. In fact, I still haven’t eaten any. Alright, just off to rectify that…

How many Easter eggs have you eaten this weekend?




  1. 29th March 2016 / 20:33

    What a great trip. Istanbul just looks like the most charming place, and one I mussssst go to when I am in Europe 🙂

    • 31st March 2016 / 16:34

      It really is charming, that’s just the word I’d use to describe it. I had the best time, if you can squeeze it in when you’re next over I highly recommend it.

  2. 29th March 2016 / 20:39

    i had zero easter eggs this past weekend. i had like 75 leading up to easter, but none during easter. rude. that’s a lot of cats though! and haha and gotten glutened. that is the life.

    • 31st March 2016 / 16:35

      Zero?? That’s a travesty, but at least you pre-gamed well 🙂 I still haven’t had any eggs, and wondering whether I’ve missed the boat now. Sad times. At one point I just threw up my hands and let the glutening happen. There was just nothing I could do about it.

    • 31st March 2016 / 16:36

      It was such a cool city, with a really relaxed yet buzzing vibe. I can’t explain it at all but I had the best time. I hope you manage to make it one day!

    • 31st March 2016 / 16:39

      The cats were super cute, although some of them were a bit scruffy which made me sad. The puding party has yet to be arranged, I’m hoping asap because I’m so intrigued by all the flavours!

  3. Kerri Taylor
    30th March 2016 / 13:52

    so pretty there! loving it by the numbers style. look at the stray kitties – love 🙂 and those pomegranates yum!

    xoxo cheshire kat

    • 31st March 2016 / 16:40

      There were pomegranates being sold on the street too, I wish we had that in England. And I can attest that those pomegranates are indeed yum 🙂

  4. 30th March 2016 / 20:24

    Ohh sounds amazing! I reeeeeeally want to go to Turkey soon, it looks super gorgeous. Definitely get you some easter eggs stat!

    Jasmin Charlotte

    • 31st March 2016 / 16:41

      The easter eggs have still not happened!!! I don’t know how this is possible. I’m very upset about it. I do hope you get to Turkey soon, I massively recommend Istanbul if you’re able to get there. It’s such a cool place.

  5. Jen
    31st March 2016 / 15:33

    You have now made this a place I would love to visit!

    • 31st March 2016 / 16:41

      I’m so glad! I didn’t know what to expect before I went but now I’m a huge fan. It’s such a cool place.

  6. Julia
    2nd April 2016 / 12:54

    Tee hee re Puding aisle! Found that hilarious too. Also like how vanilla in Turkish is ‘vanilyah’…

    • 3rd April 2016 / 22:48

      Not surprising we have the same sense of humour eh?! The only question is, is it pronounced poo-ding or p’ding?? Thoughts on a postcard. Vanliyah sounds like how Ali G would pronounce vanilla… It was fun playing the translation game, a lot of words looked totally crazy and then you say them phonetically and they sort of make sense.

  7. 3rd April 2016 / 14:49

    I always feel like I walk way more on vacation than I do during a normal work week. I walked a ton while we were in Vegas! It sounds like you had such a great time and I loved seeing all of your snaps! I can’t wait to hear more about your trips!

    • 3rd April 2016 / 22:49

      Definitely, we practically walked our feet off because everything feels like an adventure! And you just want to know what’s around that corner, etc. Walking feels like a treat when it’s not a chore, I think. Now I’m back at home I’m so lazy, need to fix that asap…

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