February Wallet Watch: Results

Last month I decided to keep a closer eye on my spending than normal, as we’d had a couple of changes in household finance. Our outgoings have risen due to us getting our act together and giving a decent amount to charity, which I’m very happy about, and me starting to take this whole pension thing seriously, which makes me feel old. And slightly concerned about how on earth anyone can ever afford to retire.

Anyway, that’s enough of that, I’m not even 30 yet! (Just). These are the areas I kept an eye on in February.


No new clothes or shoes or stationery in February

Okay…. So I bought no new shoes or stationery for myself (I did buy some as presents and I regret nothing). Having spent just £7 on one top in January, I didn’t think I’d have a problem staying away from the shops altogether. However. Then I got an email from Tallgirls, which funnily enough is a specialist tall clothing retailer, about their pop up sale. Everything under £20! I mean I couldn’t not go? So I went with my sister and we had a lovely day and bought nearly all the same clothes because we’re basically the same.


I ended up spending £75 which bought me over £150 worth of clothes, which you can see me modelling awkwardly above. I’m awful at having my photo taken so I’m sorry I’m such a weirdo. Anyway, as you can see I bought three dresses, a potato sack like jumper and some jeggings. They were all £20 or under (the second dress from the left was £5!) so in that regard it was pleasing but on the other hand I spend £75 that I maybe shouldn’t have. I’m not sure why I needed three summer dresses when it’s 4 degrees outside. Moving on…

Sell some clothes on eBay

How have I still not done this? I’m going to take the bitesize approach, via Kristen via Gina. I plan to spend 10 minutes at a time listing things. No excuses. This needs to happen.

Watch food spend at home

I feel like we did a good job on this this month. We ate at home for 129 meals out of a possible 174 this month (I’m counting breakfast, lunch and dinner here for both of us because it’s all food that needs buying) which works out at about 3/4 of a month, or three weeks. We spent £108 on food over the course of the month, so that’s the equivalent of under £1 per person per meal. Take that, meal subscription service. We made inroads into the pantry and used up some odds and ends that had been hanging around for a while, and I tried out some new recipes which mostly went well.

Don’t throw any food away

I threw away a minimal amount of food. Not nothing, but minimal. It’s probably an improvement on last month so I’ll chalk this up to a partial win.

Fill in my expenses as I go

No, massive fail on this one. I did it for literally the first day and then slacked off because I didn’t have many expenses. Well, even if I don’t have many I still need to fill them in as I go along! I ended up spending a good chunk of a Sunday afternoon doing them which made me annoyed and S sad. So I won’t be doing that again.

What I learned

I learned that for some things, goals really help me. For example, the food related things and the expenses target (even if I failed at that one…). However, having a goal to spend nothing on clothes actually made me want to shop more! Reverse psychology at it’s worst. So I think I’m going to steer away from clothing and spending oriented goals and go more towards task and value based goals. I’ve never really set proper monthly or seasonal goals before, maybe it’s time to start?