Sister Love @ Palm Beach

I’ve been meaning to join the linkup hosted by Emma for ages, but seemed to keep missing the prompts. I’ve finally got my act together and noted that this month’s theme is love. Now, you may have been expecting me to write about one of the many fantastic trips I’ve gone on with my beloved husband.


If you know me, you may know I like to do things differently just because. Today, I wanted to share a different kind of love with you. Sister love!

Sister love is… gambolling in the ocean


Sister love is…. taking photos of each other being stupid. Selfie time!


Sister love is… not caring that one’s flab is showing, skirt has gone see through and hair is sticking up in crazy peaks and whirls


Sister love is… having exactly the same mannerisms without realising


Sister love is… not getting a parking ticket for the illegal park you swung whilst gambolling


Sister love is… not minding that the inside of the car now resembles a beach itself


Sister love is… an amazing kind of love



Photos taken with a precariously balanced camera on a timer at Palm Beach, Sydney, one of my and my sister’s favourite places in the world. I only wish my other two sisters could have been there, too.

P.S. And this is the reason I’ll never be a model…


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