Let’s go back to Budapest

Do you remember when we went to Budapest?

I’d love to go back again.


We’d have such a great day. We’d start out by going to some of the more famous sites. You know, like the Fisherman’s Bastion


We’d consider taking the funicular up, but then decide against it – partly because we want the walk, and partly because that thing looks darn scary.


Seeing as we’d already got our walking legs on, then we might take a walk up Gellert Hill. Just because it’s there, and we want to escape all the tourists swarming all over the Bastion.

Well, the walk is tough. I’m not going to lie. But we’d be rewarded by views of the Parliament building from the top, as well as some interesting Soviet-era art.


Originally this lady was holding a plane propeller when she was built in the cold war era. Later, it was switched to a palm frond to symbolise peace.


After all that climbing we’ll be hungry. So we will go in search of lunch.

Perhaps we’ll eat in the shade of St Stephen’s church. It’s a very pretty church.


You’ll have an experimental lunch involving turkey and banana. You’ll maintain it’s delicious, and I’ll side-eye you the whole time.


Suitably fed, we might consider popping in to St Stephen’s. I’ll get my off we go! face on and you’ll know it’s a lost cause to try and argue.


Well, maybe I shouldn’t be so keen because we’re not allowed in the church because I have my shoulders uncovered. Never mind, it didn’t look that pretty anyway.


So we’ll go and look at some other pretty buildings instead.


There’s a lot to choose from in Budapest.


Some of them have bonus cool statues near them, too.


Then we’ll probably decide to take a trip on the chairlift that a colleague told me was one of the most fun things she’d done in Budapest.


Maybe we’re easily pleased, but we’ll think it’s pretty rad too.

We’ll love the long views out over the city…


…and the views into people’s back gardens.


Oh, would you look at that. Time to eat again.


We’ll decide to go to that one place we read about that’s in a cellar. After realising that the lady who seats us is also our waitress, chef, and pot washer, we’ll settle into the family atmosphere. Given you don’t get to choose your food, you just get what she’s cooking, we’ll just sit back with our chilled wine and let the food arrive.


It’ll be typically Hungarian of course, and we’ll love it.


Then some men will turn up and start playing traditional Roma music.


We’ll spend a while trying to work out what the seated man is playing. Is it a cimbalom? A dulcimer? A sideways harp??

I’ll be amused by the fact the loo is in an actual cupboard, and we’ll end up buying shots for the musicians and a CD of their music which we’ll treasure for years.


So, shall we go back to Budapest?



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