If we went for coffee… [Feb ’16]

It’s been a while since I’ve joined in Kristin and Joey’s linkup so I thought I’d get back into things with a good old fashioned catch up post. If we went for a coffee (/hot chocolate, as I’m not actually a coffee fan…), this is what I’d tell you all about.

> We had a pancake party to celebrate Shrove Tuesday, something I picked up from a French ex-colleague of mine. She took her crepes very seriously. We had all kinds of toppings and stuffed ourselves silly with friends – all in all my favourite kind of night. I took no photos because #badblogger, so here are some of the toppings spread from last year. This year was much the same, to be honest

Has anyone else ever tried a creme egg pancake? If not you need to.

> In the good news stakes, I found out that I got promoted at work! I’m very happy about this, for lots of reasons which are too long and boring to go on about here. Basically, it validates to me that I’m in the right role for me in the right company for me. I feel valued, which is nice. Also I can finally tick something else off my 30 before 30 list. About time…

> In less good news, I then found out my staff manager is going to be leaving. I’m a bit gutted because he was instrumental in getting me that promotion, and we get along really well. The thought of getting to that place of understanding with a whole new person is all a bit much. Having a good manager is so important to me, so I’m feeling a bit wobbly about it.

> Is anyone giving up anything for Lent? I didn’t last year and ended up regretting it. I was considering giving up pudding in total – no sweet things ever and only fruit after meals (yikes) but I still have all sorts of puddings around the house so clearly that isn’t going to happen. I think I might give up fizzy drinks, instead. I’m already craving them and it’s only day 2…


> S and I had a whirlwind booking session and have got our next trip down. We’ll be spending the Easter weekend in Istanbul! I’m super excited, it’s a new destination for us so if anyone has any tips please let me know.

> This weekend I’m catching up with two old friends from university and I can’t wait. I haven’t seen them since before Christmas (because I’ve noticed that Christmas makes seeing friends impossible, why is that?!) and we have a lot to catch up on. We’re going to a new-to-me gluten free eatery that looks amazing and I’m generally very excited.

> I may also be going to a Tallgirls pop-up sale in London, which I’m hoping will yield a bargain or two – but I’m also slightly nervous that it’s going to completely scupper my February Wallet Watch. Also they have no changing rooms so it’s basically a room full of giraffes all whipping their clothes off and clobbering each other with their gangly limbs. #tallpeopleproblems

> And finally, I’m watching Forensic Files on Netflix and it’s so good! The episodes are only 20 minutes each so they fit in easily to breaks. Have you seen it? I’d definitely recommend it if you haven’t

So, what would you tell me over your hot beverage of choice?


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    • 15th February 2016 / 19:30

      Yep, it’s amazing. Sort of a pancake game changer, if you will. It seems like this isn’t a well known thing so maybe I’ll write a post about how to make them! And thank you 🙂

  1. Kerri Taylor
    11th February 2016 / 14:21

    yay for promos and vacation planning!! woo hoo! i think we would have a lovely chat over coffee (or hot chocolate!) – love these kind of posts 🙂

    xoxo cheshire kat

    • 15th February 2016 / 19:31

      Yay! I think we would. Lots of happy things happening right now. All good coffee catch up material!

  2. Jen
    11th February 2016 / 14:46

    Yay!!! Congrats on the promotion, you more than deserve it! 🙂

    • 15th February 2016 / 19:31

      Thank you so much! I’m very happy about it!

  3. 11th February 2016 / 16:16

    Congratulations! Oooh, Istanbul – I REALLY want to go, so I’m excited to read about your time there. I make pancakes here in Chile too, but not creme egg ones, that seriously sounds amazing!! 😀

    • 15th February 2016 / 19:32

      It was sort of a spur of the moment decision but now I’m so psyched. I can’t wait! Good thing Easter is early this year. I’m glad you upheld the pancake tradition in Chile, any excuse as far as I’m concerned. Creme egg pancakes are a one and you’re done kind of thing, but so good!

  4. 11th February 2016 / 16:58

    Congratulations on your promotion! And an exciting Easter weekend ahead as well.

    Do tell about a cadbury creme egg pancake.

    • 15th February 2016 / 19:33

      Thank you! A creme egg pancake…. I’m realising this isn’t really a thing so I should probably elaborate. Basically you melt a creme egg into the pancake while it’s still cooking in the pan – but there’s a specific technique to make sure you don’t end up in a huge mess. Maybe I’ll write a post about it!

  5. 11th February 2016 / 18:51

    high five on no coffee, me too. we would have a hot chocolate date. mmm cadbury creme eggs. i’d probably just eat those, no shame. i’m intrigued about how you get them into / on the pancake / crepe.
    lol @ tall people problems. i want to go to that store.
    congrats on your promotion! sorry about your manager though, that sucks.
    i gave up soft drinks at the beginning of the year (i don’t do lent) and i’m going strong! i’m gonna give up sweets / junk next week (after my birthday celebrations).

    • 15th February 2016 / 19:37

      See, I can’t really manage a whole creme egg in one because they’re too sickly even for me. Especially since they changed the chocolate, it’s definitely not as good now. I’m pleased to report that the tall people shop was awesome! And it was so nice to be around fellow tall persons!
      I’m very impressed at your soft drink abstinence. I can only hope to reach the milestone intact!

      • 15th February 2016 / 20:52

        hmmm they changed the chocolate? i could eat 75 of those in a row and not blink. lol

  6. 11th February 2016 / 23:01

    I feel I missed out not celebrating pancake day, haha! Days like that just creep up on you I find, this year is flying by.

    Congrats on the promotion, that’s really great! 🙂

    That Rebecca Minkoff bag would fit a laptop in it…if you were wanting to celebrate your promotion with a new bag, haha!

    Away From The Blue Blog

    • 15th February 2016 / 19:37

      Yes it was super early this year, took me quite by surprise. And I’m someone who pays very close attention to anything that gives the excuse for pancakes!
      I’m very happy about my promotion, and you know that’s an excellent solution for a celebration! Thanks!!

  7. 16th February 2016 / 04:18

    Congratulations on your promotion! Good for you- no coffee and now maybe giving up fizzy drinks (I call them “soda”) for Lent too? I should give them both up as well, but I feel I’m very addicted to caffeine. Enjoy Istanbul!

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