February Wallet Watch

January’s always a hideous month for finance, isn’t it? Actually, it’s a hideous month for a lot of things but let’s not dwell on that shall we? Steph recently posted about her February Wallet Watch and I thought that would be an excellent way for me to keep an eye on my spending this month. There’s nothing major that we’ve had to adjust for, but the new year has brought changes in finance that I want to make quite sure we can cope with.


Latest Kikki.K purchases. It’s allowed; they’re presents…..

No new clothes or shoes or stationery in February 

I shouldn’t do too badly at this one I hope, as I barely bought anything in January. I think I bought a denim top for £7 and that was it. However, my latest weakness is the new Kikki.K shop that’s opened in London. Just look at how pretty their stuff is. Heeeeelp.

Sell some clothes on eBay

This has been a goal for so long that I’m honestly bored of hearing myself think about it. This needs to happen, and I’ll be putting any funds I make towards spending money for NYC in May. How’s that for a motivator?!

Watch food spend at home

I’m pinching Steph’s goal here. I also want to use more storecupbard things, especially lentils and pasta, and try and eat more vegetarian meals.

Also, I need to look up good-but-cheap meals to cook for when people come round. I always panic and end up buying expensive stuff because I don’t want people to go away hungry or bored.

Don’t throw any food away

Thrown away food is wasted money, and food gets thrown away when I have failed to plan my meals and shopping properly. And as everyone knows, fail to plan; plan to fail.

Fill in my expenses as I go

This one isn’t actually a spending target as such, but I have to file work expenses every month and I always leave it to the last minute by which point my wallet is stuffed to bursting with receipts and I have to spend an entire evening trying to remember what on earth I did on that one Tuesday. If I do them as I go along – or at least weekly – I will a) gain time and b) not have to lug around an overstuffed wallet everywhere I go. It’s wallet related, right?!

I’ll be sharing how I did on the 4th of March. Be prepared for some brutal honesty.

In other news…

> I went to see the film Spotlight last night and I really recommend it. It concerns difficult subject material but the focus wasn’t on that, rather on the journalistic process that went into uncovering the whole situation. We’re so used to hearing the media portrayed as the bad guys, so this was refreshing.

> Guess what, we’re travel planning again. Currently, we’re weighing up whether the high price of travel at Easter is worth it given we wouldn’t have to use any/as much annual leave to go away. You can probably guess which is winning.

> I finally went to see an orthodontist about getting the gap in my teeth closed, which is something I’ve wanted to do for ages so I’m pretty excited. Even if it does mean braces. I’m hoping to get the ones that go on the back of your teeth so I don’t look even more like a teenager than normal, but it’s not a cheap procedure by any means.

> I’m just about to finish a spell of temporary support on a project to go and start my own new one. Hurrah! It’s going to be a fairly short one and entirely UK based (in fact, probably mostly home based) so nothing too adventurous, but it’s with a client I find interesting and with a colleague I haven’t worked with before so I’m pretty happy about it.

> And finally, I’m now slightly concerned about my Amazon purchase history…


Are you watching your wallet this month? Or your anger issues?!


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