Review ¦¦ The Salthouse Harbour Hotel, Ipswich

Back in October, I decided to book us a last minute getaway for S’s birthday. I picked a place totally at random based on a special offer, and that’s how we ended up spending a weekend at the Salthouse Harbour Hotel. Cool story, bro.

Anyway, here’s what I made of the hotel…

Good things

> The decor was pretty cool. Check out the telephone!

> The view over the marina was beautiful. I’d say it’s worth paying extra to get the front-facing room.

> At breakfast they had gluten free bread available, and can order in gluten free sausages if you let them know in advance.
> The bathroom amenities were fabulous! They use Temple Spa products and they were all amazing and actually functional, unlike most hotel toiletries.

Not so good things

> Our bathroom had a really strong mould/drain smell. It wasn’t so bad when we checked in and we were only there for one night, but by the morning it was actually stomach churning. In fairness, I didn’t say anything to the staff about it until checkout time, so I can’t complain too much.
> Breakfast was a la carte rather than buffet, so if you’re someone who likes to hang out by the buffet from 7-10 getting set up for the day then this will be a disappointment. This was my eggs benedict, to show you a portion size.

> There’s no air conditioning in the room, which was ok for when we visited but might be an issue in the summer.

> No plugs next to the bed, and no plugs near a mirror.

Overall verdict 

According to my key criteria (based on this post), the hotel scores 7/12. Not bad, not bad.

The Salthouse Harbour Hotel is doing a lot of things right, and the service was excellent. It’s a quirky place to stay in an interesting location, and has a lot of good things going for it. However I find the lack of air conditioning surprising for a hotel that’s priced upwards of £100 a night.

Things to consider
If you are at all into history, archaeology, Anglo Saxons, or beautiful outdoor spaces, do pay a visit to Sutton Hoo which is about a half hour drive out of town. You won’t regret it, I promise.

There are also a bunch of old churches and historic buildings in Ipswich itself. It’s definitely worth a wander around, especially if you like old churches.

Have you ever been to Ipswich? What was your favourite thing to do?



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