An unexpected break

I always do this when I get back from a trip. I get overwhelmed about posting about it, because I just don’t know where to begin. Therefore, I write… nothing. There may also have been a touch of jet lag to recover from, not to speak of a serious case of missing Australia-itis.
[Can I go back now, please?]
So to overcome my case of overwhelm, I thought I’d just start off with a gentle update type post. 
The obvious update being I’m back, I made it home, and it’s cold. Moving on.
I am now full on, send out for reinforcements addicted to candy corn thanks to my lovely package from Jen. You see, directly after I received it I left the country for a month so couldn’t eat any. Since my return, I’ve descended on it with vigour and now I’m trying to work out a candy corn sourcing strategy for next year. 
We have no Christmas decorations up, and I’m not even sure we will. Today is Friday, and we are leaving next Thursday to spend the Christmas period with our families. We’re not even really around much this weekend. It doesn’t seem worth it to decorate for less than a week – or am I being a total scrooge about this?
[Gratuitous picture of Sydney taken from my flight back from Brisvegas]
Similarly, I have no idea whether I’ve got all the presents I need for Christmas this year. I think I might. There’s a chance I haven’t. Maybe I should check.
Can you tell I’m in a little bit of denial that it’s nearly Christmas?
The reason for my denial is hopelessly obvious. It’s our first Christmas without my Dad and I have no idea how I or any of the rest of us are going to deal with that. Add in to that a completely unrelated difficult family situation and I hope you can understand my tendency to want to stuff my fingers in my ears and la-la-la loudly.
In addition to the maelstrom of disorganisation above, we also haven’t really been food shopping since we returned. Which means I’ve been playing freezer roulette with strange, unlabelled containers. 
[You’ll be pleased to know I have since adopted a rigorous labelling protocol]
Just so you all feel a lot less jealous about the photos up top… Sidenote: I love how optimistic S was that this might be a pudding!
In other news, I finally told one of my sisters that this blog exists. Eek. I’m hoping that had nothing to do with the overwhelm, but I’m going to see how it goes and then potentially start telling the others. Wish me luck. It’s on my 30 before 30 list and I really need to start crossing some of those suckers off!
Right, wall of text done, hopefully that’s broken me in for the next wave of Australia type posts. I hope you’re ready for some sunshine!



  1. 19th December 2015 / 15:47

    I know exactly how you feel! I still haven’t talked about our Hawaii trip because of the thousands of pictures I need to comb through and I don’t know how to start talking about our trip! Glad you’re back, and I would say that I probably wouldn’t decorate if it was only for a weekend. Especially since y’all are leaving Christmas Eve to spend time with family.

    • 26th January 2016 / 22:17

      I’m glad it’s not just me! I think I’ve begun to begin but it’s tough. I’m looking forward to reading about Hawaii, I’ve always wanted to go there.

      We did end up decorating a bit in the end, because we had some folks around for NYE. If we hadn’t, I don’t think we would have! That said I did enjoy having something festive up, even if it was just for a little bit.

  2. 20th December 2015 / 04:10

    It must be good to e back home with family, even if Christmas is going to be different this year! 🙂 I’m the kind of person who loves having Christmas decorations up and candles lit and carols playing, but if you aren’t going to spend much time at home at Christmas I agree it doesn’t make sense o do something you’re not really fussed about. Hopefully when you’re visiting people you can enjoy their decoration, haha!
    Have a lovely Christmas – and don’t stress about not posting right away about your trip, it was a big one!

    Away From The Blue Blog

    • 26th January 2016 / 22:15

      Yes, family is always good no matter the circumstances. We definitely maxed out on other people’s decorations, and we did end up throwing up some things at the last minute anyway because we had my mum, sister and a couple of friends round to ours for NYE, and we thought it was depressing enough as it was without a dearth of festive decorations to liven things up! In the end I was glad we did it.

  3. 21st December 2015 / 22:29

    oh wow, good job on telling people. i am trying to keep mine a secret haha. a few people know, but only because they found out accidentally or i needed to tell them for a specific reason. i can’t imagine how hard this christmas will be, or how it will be in general, hope it is as good as possible. i say denial works 🙂

    • 26th January 2016 / 22:13

      I know, I’m letting it out super slowly and I don’t know why I’m being so sheepish about it, I just don’t want anyone to know! Christmas was actually as alright as it could have been thanks, denial all the way baby.

  4. Jen
    22nd December 2015 / 18:32

    Sometimes its good to take a little bit of a break, that what I am doing. 🙂

    • 26th January 2016 / 22:13

      It turned into a slightly longer break than expected but I feel so much better for it! Hope you’re good 🙂

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