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I may have mentioned that I’m going away soon. It’s times like these that bring about an attack of the internet window shopping, so here I go again.
This time I’m looking for perfect transitional holiday pieces which will suit Sydney in Spring, Croatia in Autumn, as well as Paris in Winter. Layering will be key, I feel.
1 ¦¦ This lovely tartan dress looks lightweight and cool enough for the heat, but would look equally at home layered with some tights and a cardigan when things cool down.

2 ¦¦ Everyone loves an anchor tee. Worn with shorts it’s perfect for the beach; over a long sleeved top and jeans it works in cooler weather, too.

3 ¦¦ This looks a bit like a coaster but is actually an automatic lens cover for my camera. I’m forever losing my stupid clip on lens cap. This would make my life approximately 170000 times easier.

4 ¦¦ How about a 3-in-1 macro, wide angle and fish eye lens to really up my iPhone photo game? I’d like to think that’d improve my instagame but I’m really not sure about that.

5 ¦¦ Classic wayfarer-style sunnies are totally transitional, dahling.

6 ¦¦ I’ll need something to lug around all my new kit in. This would manage all of the above with ease.

7 ¦¦ A travel journal is one of those things that just makes me inexplicably happy. Especially leather bound ones.

8 ¦¦ Some comfy flats with a bit of bling to throw on to go to a fancy restaurant for dinner. Makes a change from dusty flip-flops…

9 ¦¦ Wear sunscreen. Especially if it’s Korean – they know their skincare.

10 ¦¦ While we’re on the topic of skin, why not take a sheet mask away on hols? It’ll perk things up after the flight and no messy liquids to carry around. Spa treatments on a budget.

11 ¦¦ A colour blocking tee looks cheerful in summer and chic in winter, so some famous designer probably didn’t say.

12 ¦¦ An Instax Mini is just such a cool piece of kit. I’ve been eyeing these off for ages, and I’m so keen to make this sunshine-happy-yellow one mine….

13 ¦¦ …along with a special film that gives all your photos pastel stripy edges. How cute?!

14 ¦¦ A classic stripy dress (someone keep me away from the stripes) which would look great with those snazzy flats for dinner by the Croatian coast, or with various wool layers stomping along the Seine.

15 ¦¦ Wool layers such as this wool layer, for example, in a classic winter berry hue.

16 ¦¦ Denim and I have a love affair that lasts all year around. I have a feeling this dress and I would be very happy together.

17 ¦¦ This gadget here is not only an external battery recharger for my phone, but it’s solar powered. Oh yes.

18 ¦¦ Noise cancelling headphones have long been a dream of mine, and this pair are so pretty. Just think of how blissful my flight to Australia would be in my own silent cocoon. What do you mean that’s not how it works?!

19 ¦¦ A simple top for layering, with cute buttons and contrast trim. The kind of thing that looks a bit boring but you end up wearing every day.

20 ¦¦ And finally, another dress just screaming for some layers. This is so classic it hurts.

But the absolute best thing about all these things is that I found them in just one place. I know!

It’s a new discovery of mine, called Light In The Box. It’s got a sister site called Mini In The Box, which is where a couple of the smaller gadgets came from. I’m just so intrigued by a website where you can buy very good value clothes, plus gadgets, plus travel accessories, all with free shipping. If you click the picture above you’ll be taken to my Polyvore set, with pricing and links to each item.

Also, if you go in through a referral website such as TopCashback or similar, you’ll get some money back on your order. At around 10% cashback, that’s not to be sneezed at.

Now, obviously these are slightly risky purchases. However, following my success with SheIn which seems like quite a similar set up, I’d be a lot more confident about things working out well here. Obviously I’d be sure to be careful about fit and fabric, but what’s not to love about a website where you can get an adorable flower girl dress, an alarm clock that you can leave handwritten notes on, and some Halloween themed nail wraps all in one go?!

Have you ever heard of this website before? Are you as intrigued as I am?!


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  1. 1st October 2015 / 17:17

    All of those dresses are so cute and would be perfect for layering, so you could go easily between seasons. I’m also in love with those blue flats! So cute!

    • 2nd October 2015 / 21:58

      I know! I mean, there’s loads of stuff on the site but I was surprised at how much cute stuff there was. I now have to stop myself from buying it all…..

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