Beyond Bread, London: A Gluten Free Haven

I thought I’d stop by for a quick review of my new favourite place to go in London, Beyond Bread. Beyond Bread is a relatively new cafe which is entirely gluten free. They have a menu which includes those things you’ve always wanted to eat like toasties, quiche, sandwiches and pastries. And cake, obviously there’s cake.
How London is that picture? Of course it was raining. But you didn’t come here for pictures of London rain. Onto the good stuff…
Round one for me was a slice of baked cheesecake whilst I made some calls and did some work, which made the experience about 100000x more pleasant. I polished it off slightly more rapidly than is usually acceptable in polite society, and waited for my good friend Jenny to arrive.
Beneath the coppery glow cast by one of their trendy light fixtures, Jenny and I indulged in some cupcakery. I’d had to move tables, in order to accommodate the epic amounts of cake we had. Anyway, hers was a rose and vanilla cupcake and and mine was a chocolate muffin. It was absolutely delicious, nice and squidgy, and with just the right amount of chocolate. It wasn’t too sickly sweet, either. I tried some of Jenny’s cupcake, which was a novelty in itself (if you’ve got food allergies you’ll understand!), and it was definitely an acquired taste but beautifully flavoured and textured. Not too crumbly or dry. 

Plus points

+ Everything is gluten free

+ They have free water that you can help yourself to whenever you like
+ The staff are friendly and just as excited about everything being gluten free as I was
+ It wasn’t too packed out when I went
+ You can eat in or take away
+ They have a loyalty scheme (that weird green card on the photo above) which gives you points per purchase. I’m not sure whether it will be any good or not but if there’s the promise of free cake at some point, I’m in.

Minus points

– No loos
– Quite a few things had sold out by the time I popped in, which was about 2.30pm. Having said that, I’ve been it at similar times before and they’ve had plenty of stock left


I think you can probably tell I’m a huge fan of the place. Everything I’ve had from Beyond Bread has been delicious, and it’s so amazing to eat somewhere where you don’t have to constantly ask questions about ingredients or worry about cross-contamination. They get it. If you’re gluten free too, I am certain you’ll love it. 
Prices are reasonable, with my cheesecake coming in at £3.35 and the muffin at £2.85. I think it’s cheaper if you take out, as well. All in all, especially given London pricing, for me this represents pretty good value for money.
You can find Beyond Bread at 2 Charlotte Place, London W1T 1SB and I particularly recommend the chocolate muffin, the chocolate and custard danish (omg) and of course the cheesecake. If you do go, please let me know what you have and whether you’d recommend it.
Happy eating…
NB this is not sponsored. I know it comes across as a bit of a rave review, and I can assure you that this isn’t because it’s sponsored… It’s because it’s just.that.good.


  1. 27th September 2015 / 00:59

    Oh yum that cheesecake looks so good! 🙂

    We went out for dinner with some relatives and on the way out I noticed they had cheesecake, felt a little sad I hadn’t bought it for dessert, but with a cranky toddler and it being past his bedtime we had to go. I ended up buying some cheesecake when I went grocery shopping for after dinner the next day, haha!

    Away From The Blue Blog

    • 29th September 2015 / 09:40

      Mmmmmm cheesecake. That sounds like a wise decision to me. Sometimes you just need cheesecake!

  2. 28th September 2015 / 03:07

    Sounds like a great place to be and great food not to miss! Visited London and love its huge range of pastries and cakes. I’m sure this is also one of them!

    • 29th September 2015 / 09:40

      It’s absolutely not to be missed, especially for those with gluten free needs! Plus, it’s cute anyway. London is fantastic for food options, it’s true. I think I need to go on a cake crawl.

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