What I wore: temple hopping in Cambodia

What do you wear to look at ancient temples in 35°C heat when your legs and shoulders must be covered?

Light temple hopping

[Preah Ko]

A plain black tee which covered me up sufficiently, without being too clingy. White may have been a more sensible choice, but I have yet to find a white t-shirt that isn’t see through… These fisherman trousers may be a tourist cliché, but they’re actually super comfy and have the benefit of letting a cooling breeze in through the sides! For less intense temple trips, flip flops were good enough footwear – these ‘Havaianas’ are really comfy, kept my feet as cool as possible and as an added bonus were washable. Those temples were dusty! All these were picked up from Patpong market (hence the quotes around brand names; all branded goods in this market are imitation) in Bangkok the day before we departed for Siem Reap. Maybe a slightly stressful way of doing it, but much cheaper than the UK! I did bring my sunglasses with me, because they’re prescription – they’re from Jigsaw and double as a handy headband.

Serious temple hopping


For days where our amazing guide Lo (pictured, what a guy) took us on a proper temple route march, some more serious footwear was called for. These are my dainty Converse, which I mention in this post, which were perfect. I’m wearing the identical twin of the black t-shirt from above (I’m very glad I took the precaution of buying two) and the results of my hunt for Temple Trousers, again from Patpong market. Surprisingly, they were actually long enough – if worn low enough on the hips, anyway! My watch is from Asos, although I’m not really sure why I needed it. Maybe so I could keep looking at it and saying “guess what time it is…. Temple Time!!” to S. Yeah, I’m totally not an annoying travel companion. I’m also holding my new camera, the Panasonic GF7, my sunglasses, and the folder containing FPM’s photos for us to refer to on the way around. 

Sidenote: just before this picture, a Chinese tourist had asked to have a photo taken with me. I have no idea why, but it may explain why I look a bit confused and/or amused!

What would you choose to wear whilst clambering around temples?


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  1. 10th June 2015 / 21:33

    Love both of your outfits, perfect for staying comfortable and looking cute while site seeing. And Cambodia?! Oooh my goodness, hoping to get there someday 🙂

    • 16th June 2015 / 09:41

      Cambodia was unreal. I can’t recommend it enough. I really hope you do make it one day! And then you get to wear some crazy trousers too 😉

    • 16th June 2015 / 09:38

      Yes it was comfy! A bit hot, but that was a given, all things considered. I did love my print trousers, I think you have a license to wear something a little outrageous on holiday!

  2. 11th June 2015 / 09:38

    I love seeing what people wore in different places! Helps me know how and what to pack. Way too many times I’ve shown up somewhere and reazlized I’ve packed for .. well somewhere else! Thanks for sharing 😀

    • 16th June 2015 / 09:38

      I know! I googled what to wear to the temples before I left and came up with nothing. Although I did find out about covering legs and shoulders so that’s something at least! I am often a useless packer, too. I feel your pain!

  3. Happinessatmidlife
    12th June 2015 / 04:30

    These are perfect outfits for temple visits. Modest, comfortable and chic!



    Would love for you to stop by & join TBT Fashion link up.

    • 16th June 2015 / 09:36

      Thanks Alice! I’m glad I worked out something in the end. It took a little bit of consideration I have to say!

    • 16th June 2015 / 09:35

      It was incredible! I highly recommend it. I hope you make it there one day!

  4. 20th June 2015 / 17:13

    Lovely topic 🙂 well when I visit the Grand Palace in Bangkok I was super confuse about the dresscode, in the end I left the hotel with a blouse and shorts and once I got to the place, I put over my classical strechy/light pants (bought them in Koh Samui). I looked like a mess but after the visit I went back to my shorts. I wore hiking sandals, unfortunately the havaianas make my feet hurt.

    • 21st June 2015 / 22:30

      Oh man, I was in a constant state of confusion about dress codes. I actually never made it to the Grand Palace, but went to Wat Po. Some poor folk had to wear luminous green dressing gowns as they weren’t deemed suitably clothed! I love the stretchy trousers you can buy everywhere, they are just so handy even though they won’t win any style awards!!

  5. 3rd July 2015 / 15:57

    This is such a fun post! I wore tennis shoes around Angkor Wat, but I think those sandals with sneaker soles are really useful for exploring in heat and humidity.

    • 3rd July 2015 / 15:59

      Here’s where I admit with a red face to not owning any tennis shoes! Turns out the dainty converse were perfect. Sturdy enough, didn’t let in all the dust (so much dust!) and relatively cool, whilst not being clumpy. I’d highly recommend. How did you find Angkor Wat? I hope you loved it too 🙂

      • 3rd July 2015 / 17:11

        Angkor Wat is the best! Agree about all that red dust. My husband had to throw away all the socks he brought along after the trip as they were coated with the stuff.

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