~ There’s nothing quite like a walk in English countryside – well, when the weather’s good, anyway. It’s cow parsley galore at the moment, which brings out all the butterflies which is lovely. Add some good company and you’ve got yourself the perfect afternoon.
~ This particular walk was with my bestie and our husbands. We talked about all the changes happening in our lives at the moment, and it surprises me that after knowing each other for 10 years, our lives can be exactly the same, whilst being so completely different all at once. 
~ I’m currently thinking about what on earth to pack to Mallorca next week. I’m very excited about going, but for some reason this is making me less organised. I just think about all the nice sunshine, views, and food and get completely distracted. I have yet to pack a single thing. It’s giving me the urge to make lists…. lots of lists…
~ The trip is with work, for a whole-company away team building thing. I’m sure we’ll do some actual work as well while we’re there, but it may be fairly light touch stuff. That’s for 2 days, and then I’ve extended my trip for another 2 days of holiday time, yessss please. S will be joining me for those too, and I’ve found us a nice Airbnb in Palma from which to base our sightseeing and eating operations. If anyone has any Palma tips, please let me know… 
~ Thanks to some voucher code serendipity, I’m now the proud owner of these beauties – with a 20% discount. Score! They will definitely make treasure hunting around the streets of Palma a little easier on the feet than my flip flops would have been (I hope?!). I’ll be breaking them in over the weekend, just to make sure….
~ I’ve tried two new recipes this week. One was for gluten free gnocchi, which was a total disaster, and the other was for cookies, which were great. I swear, the world is conspiring against me and making me eat badly. Yes, that’s what it is.
~ Oh and we may have just bought a house. Whaaaaat. 
What’s been the surprise highlight of your week?!

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*This week is brought to you by… I have to say I don’t normally go for this kind of music but it’s had me jiving around today, and also it’s wordless which means I can work whilst listening to it. Win.


  1. 5th June 2015 / 08:18

    Oh! Buying a house is soooo exciting! Congratulations.

    • 9th June 2015 / 22:13

      Thank you! I think I’m currently 40% excited and 60% terrified, but looking to reverse that in the near future…

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