Angkor Wat: Temple style

As I’m currently gazing at temples somewhere in Cambodia, I thought I’d share with you what I’ll be wearing for this momentous occasion.

Temple style

I’ve been desperate to visit Angkor Wat and the various other temples around Siem Reap in Cambodia ever since I was a child. They just seemed like the epitome of the golden age of exploration. Followed by the realisation that my great-grandfather had himself visited Angkor in 1931, my mind was made up. One day, I would go.
Fast forward to today, and I’m about to head off on my way to fulfil this dream. I can scarcely believe my luck! I’m writing this post in advance as I daresay the internet in Angkor may not be the best – and also I’m planning on maxing out my temple time – but this is also helping me with working out what to pack for the trip.
I’m mindful that I need to cater for a few factors: namely the heat (it’s going to be over 35°C) and cultural sensitivities (knees and shoulders must be covered at all times, and shoes off in sacred areas) as well as logistics. So here are my picks to cover all bases.
1 ¦¦ You can’t go wrong with a Plain Black Tee. This will cover my shoulders, has a sufficiently modest neckline, and will hide any dirt well. 
2 ¦¦  I’m still all about the minimalist jewellery. I think a vaguely hippy-ish ear cuff may be all the jewellery I’ll stretch to in the heat.
3 ¦¦ A slightly colonial styled hat will keep the heat and sun off between temples, but I’ll be sure to remove it in sacred areas.
4 ¦¦ Cambodia operates in USD, so I’ve ordered a stack of small denomination bills to enable me to pay tour guides, entry fees and tuk tuk drivers with ease.
5 ¦¦ A jaunty scarf will add some colour to my outfit as well as providing an extra cover up should I need it. It’s got jungle and statues on so fits with the theme of the whole event….
6 ¦¦ I desperately need a good pair of Temple Trousers to cover up with. I don’t own anything like this and I’m hoping I can pick out a pair in a market in Bangkok (where we’ll be for a night on the way) for significantly less than the pair I’ve linked to.
7 ¦¦ A good comfy pair of plain black flip flops like these Havaianas is another thing I desperately need. These will slip on and off with ease and keep my feet cool. I’m hoping to pick up a pair at the airport, where I’ve seen stands of them before.
8 ¦¦ The heat is really something to be reckoned with, so in order to dispel any fainting fits I will be packing my water spray. It’s surprisingly effective and light to carry, too.
9 ¦¦ I’ll be packing my water spray and other essentials in a cross-body bag like this one. The smaller the better – I don’t want to be lugging around any excess weight in the heat.
10 ¦¦ I’ve bitten the bullet and have reserved this beauty of a camera for collection at Heathrow duty free before I fly out. I’m extremely excited to have a camera all of my own (rather than nicking S’s all the time!) and this one comes with some cool features. I’ll let you know all about it..!
11 ¦¦ Some sunglasses will be necessary to keep off any glare and prevent tired eyes, and also mine are prescription so I’ll need them to be able to see the beautiful temples in all their glory.
12 ¦¦ A recent discovery of mine is the dainty Converse. Yes, I know they’re a bit girly but those of us with big feet need shoes to be as un-clumpy as possible so as to avoid the clown effect. I will be taking these for any slightly more involved temple climbing or longer walks.
13 ¦¦ A paper fan will be just the thing to cool off between temples. I’m hoping I can pick up one of these at a Bangkok market at the same time as I’m shopping for Temple Trousers.
Have you visited the temples in Angkor? What was your outfit of choice?

Edit: And this is what I actually wore


  1. 11th June 2015 / 07:59

    This looks like perfect style to stay covered and appropriate in the heat. I’ve visited a lot of temples in hot areas and generally opt for jeans though I have to ‘think cool thoughts’ to keep from dying in the heat.

    • 21st July 2015 / 09:02

      Oh my I would have died in jeans! You’re a brave person indeed! I joke about the trousers I ended up buying but I kind of love them. I wish they were appropriate to wear back at home…

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