Life is weird

It’s been a bit quiet on the blog recently, because life off the blog has been a bit of a whirl. A lot of Life Stuff is happening around me and it’s quite dizzying. I don’t know how I feel about using my blog for therapy, but it’s my internet space so here goes. If you don’t like the ‘life update’ type of post, please skip on over. 

I have one friend who is in the early stages of pregnancy, one friend whose mother just passed away suddenly, a sister who is in the throes of a marital breakdown and whose husband is exhibiting controlling behaviours, and my beloved Granny has had to move into a care home due to the early stages of dementia. 

This week I have been visiting said bereaved friend to eat pizza and not talk about it, having text conversations about the realities of morning sickness, and travelling to my Granny’s house to help clear it out. We’re having to do this without her knowledge, and her house is full of beautiful treasures collected throughout the lives of her and her ancestors which were fascinating, full of travels and achievements. How do you choose what to keep and what to throw away? How do you honour the start of a very important life when you’re trying to understand how another has just ended?

Nothing about any of these things is particularly unusual; plenty of people are dealing with much worse around me day by day. I think it’s just the stark contrast between them all that’s messing with my head. Life is weird, hey?


Excuse the generic Picture Of Flowers. My philosophy in these types of situations is to embrace the cliché, because they’re clichés for a reason. 


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