The Tawny Frogmouth & Other Work Stories

So this week has been a little strange at work*. Here’s why.
~ There’s a man at my client who bears a surprising resemblance to a Tawny Frogmouth. Now, you might think that’s weird but it reminds me of taking my niece round the Australian Nightlife display at Taronga Zoo, so I quite like having meetings with him.
Podargus strigoides (Wroclaw zoo)-1

Tawny Frogmouth, By Guérin Nicolas CC BY-SA 3.0 (

~ A third person joined our project team last week and while he’s a lovely chap, he has some terribly Antisocial Colleague Behaviours. Namely, cracking his knuckles extensively and comprehensively roughly every ten minutes, and chomping on his nails. We have a small room for the three of us to sit in, and these noises ricochet around it like small arms fire. It gives me the shudders.
~ A National Blood Service van was parked outside the office on Tuesday. I’m pretty keen on the whole blood donation thing, given I needed a transfusion myself after losing 3 of my 5 litres of blood during my back operations ten years ago. Sadly, this means I am no longer eligible to donate myself, but I try to encourage others around me to do so. Please, if you can, consider donating blood. I’m endlessly grateful for the person/people who donated and saved my life. If you’ve ever donated, thank you sincerely.
~ Also this week at work, I learned about “lights out factories”. The client I currently work for is a business to business manufacturer, and whilst you’d probably never have heard of them, you may well use their products on a daily basis. Their US business was, for a while, keen on pushing a “lights out” model for it’s factories – the concept being that the machinery is all automated such that no workers are required. No people = no need for lights. I don’t know why, but I find this really creepy. Automated factories, completely in the dark, pumping out products for us to consume. Anyone else find that weird? Just me?

~ Plus/minus some snow, lots of broken trains, and pots of chocolate Angel Delight  (yummmm) that basically sums up my week at work. Happy Thursday, everyone!

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*An explanation: I work in a consultancy, and when I’m assigned to a project I work from the client’s office full time. When I’m not on a project, I work from home on internal stuff. Luckily, I’m onto pastures new next week so I’m able to wave the Knuckle-Cracker a cheery adieu (I’ll have to make my own Angel Delight though…. sadface). 


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