New recipes I’ve tried this week

I do love trying new recipes – I find it oddly relaxing (given I have all the right ingredients). This week I’ve managed to have both the time and the supplies to try out three new recipes. Here’s how I got on…

Lasagne soup ¦¦ This seemed an odd concept but all that cheese drew me in. This was pretty easy to make, although all the boiling steps took a while. The end result was super tasty, and certainly a lot easier to prepare than an actual lasagne, although I was a bit stumped at first as to how to approach it. Knife and fork? Spoon? Spoon and fork? Spork?? FYI, I used gluten free lasagne sheets and stock etc, and it turned out great. If you use Pepperplate, my Anglicised version of the recipe is here.

Blueberry breakfast muffins ¦¦ This recipe was taken from The Gluten Free Cookbook by Dorling Kindersley/Heather Whinney, Jane Lawrie and Fiona Hunter. This book is excellent and every recipe I’ve tried from it has been easy, no fuss and foolproof. These muffins were no exception. They’re tasty and make for a convenient breakfast as I’m running out of the door, late as usual. They may not be the healthiest breakfast ever, but they’re certainly not the worst. The texture turned out particularly well; not too crumbly or dry as is often the way with gluten free baking. I can’t link to the recipe unfortunately as it’s not available online, but I’d highly recommend the book. You can find it on Amazon here.

Quinoa enchilada bake ¦¦ We have a winner – this was absolutely delicious and so easy! I can’t remember where I heard about this recipe (was it KristinSteph?) but I’ve linked to the original source. I couldn’t find the jar sauce mentioned so I freestyled with another Mexican sauce and it tasted pretty good too, so I think you can use some creative license here. I like that this is gluten free, vegetarian, easy to make, and filling. Again ,my Anglicised recipe is here.
There ends my week of adventure in the kitchen. Have you tried any of the recipes? Were you the blogger I heard about these dishes from…?!

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