Quick fire round

 – My post travelling laundry pile has shrunk a little, but my house is now festooned with drying clothes. Progress?
 – Apparently I needed to tell Bloglovin’ that I have now moved to a custom domain (www.anestingnomad.com) rather than my old blogspot address (anestingnomad.blogspot.com). So, here we are.
 – Friends is now available on Netflix. Goodbye, weekend.
 – I keep finding little hoards of gold coins stashed around our house, like some kind of chocoholic magpie has been at work. Oh wait, that would be me.
 – I am not at all ok with all this darkness. Thank the Lord we’ve had the equinox and things are on the upswing (let’s not think about alllll the winter still left to get through, though). England, you are not your loveliest at this time of year.
 – I’ll leave you with this message, from the cup of ‘snow choco’ we bought at the Charlie Brown Cafe in Incheon Airport. There was also a Hello Kitty Cafe but we gave that one a wide berth.
Have you ever been to a themed cafe?

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