2015: Year Of Travel

This year is shaping up to be fairly travel-filled, and I couldn’t be happier about it. In 2014 we didn’t travel a great deal, because I was saving my annual leave (and funds!) up for a trip out to see my sister in Sydney. Next year is shaping up to be quite different, however… 

So here’s where I’ll be heading off to this year:

January – Sydney ¦¦ Ok so I’ve already returned from this trip, but it spilled over into January so it still counts. I’ve started big with this one, and it’s basically my favourite place on earth so, no pressure on the rest of the year.

May – Bangkok, Mae Sot and Siem Reap ¦¦ This involves a slightly long story. Stick with me on this one. Mr ANN and I will be travelling on the same plane as my sister when she flies solo (with my niece and nephew) all the way back to Australia. We’re only going as far as Bangkok, where we’ll stay for about 24h with them while they try to catch up on some rest ready for the second leg of their journey. Once we’ve done our Aunt-and-Uncle duty, we are free to head into full tourist mode. We’ll spend a few days in Bangkok soaking up the culture, then we’re off to visit some friends in Mae Sot who are working for a charity there. We support their work and can’t wait to catch up with them. Finally, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to go and visit Angkor Wat which I’ve always dreamed of seeing. Ever since I saw the slides my great-grandfather brought back from his visit to the site when it had just been rediscovered, I knew I must get there one day.

June – Mallorca ¦¦ My work is holding its summer event in Mallorca this year, in a rather fancy looking hotel on the west coast. Work are putting me up for one night, but it falls on a Thursday/Friday so Mr ANN is coming out to join me for the rest of the weekend. We have no idea what we’ll do, but it’s for such a short time that I think we’ll get an AirBnB in Palma and enjoy the food, drink and sunshine for 48 hours!

Of course we also plan to visit interesting sites in our locality, and get to know the great town of Bedford a little better. I’m also keen to take some weekend trips to cities around the UK which I’ve (shockingly) never been to, e.g. Cardiff, Liverpool, and Brighton, which is at the other end of our train line. We might even revisit some old favourites like Oxford, Bristol and Bath.

I’m super excited about all this… can you tell?!



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