Autumn Workwear: Fashion For Normal People

It’s definitely Autumn around here, and my work wardrobe could do with a very small overhaul. I’m all about translating fashion trends into something I can actually see myself wearing, particularly in my somewhat conservative office environment. This isn’t high fashion here folks, it’s just a normal person trying to clothe themselves on a daily basis. If that sounds like you too, then you might like some of the things on my list.

Autumn Workwear

1. // A beautiful leather strap watch in Autumnal hues.

2. // A tartan dress. One that doesn’t make you look like you’re just heading off to Erinsborough High.

3. // Seasonal shades for the eyes. I have this and – spoiler alert – it’s fantastic.

4. // A biker-style blazer to give your tartan a hint of grunge.

5. // The perfect berry nails.

6. // To match your floaty berry top.

7. // Oh look. Some more tartan.

8. // A warm jumper for overly air-conditioned offices.

9. // More berry shades. Avoid looking like cabin crew by wearing with large jewellery and some…

10. // Distressed brogues to get you round trains, planes, and/or automobiles.

11. // A dainty rose gold ring for simple glamour.

12. // A basic top to play nicely with your tartan.

13. // Berry boots which are smart enough for the office but stand a chance in the weather.

14. // Seasonally appropriate note taking.

Can you tell I’m big into tartan and berry shades at the moment?!

What are you dreaming about this season?




    • 24th September 2014 / 16:27

      Thanks Mel! Glad you liked it. I’m having a lot of trouble not rushing out and buying the lot…..


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