What do you buy for a baby shower in the UK?

Here in the UK, baby showers are a bit of a novelty. Like hen dos and Fathers Day, it’s one of those things that my parents would shake their head at and say “well we never did that in my day”.

To be fair, I’m still not sure what a Bridal Shower is myself.

Nonetheless, it appears that Baby Showers are here, and here to stay. I myself have been invited to one in a few weeks, and it appears to be customary to bring a gift to such occasions. So what should you bring? I’d like to give a gift that…

> they will actually use

> doesn’t take up much space

> doesn’t create more work for them – eg an empty baby scrapbook

So, sticking to the very basics it is, then!

With that in mind, I have found a few options from around the internet. Here are my favourite options so far:


1. (RED) Special Edition Musy | aden + anais | £19.95

Muslin cloths are something that everyone seems to class as an “essential”. These are slightly more exciting than your average, and for every purchase a donation is made to (RED). This can provide up to 5 days of live-saving medicine to help prevent a mother living with HIV from passing the virus to her baby.

2. Sophie la Girafe | John Lewis | £13

Everyone loves Sophie – and as my friend is French too, this may prove a fitting gift. Available widely (not just at John Lewis), this is relatively inexpensive but still a fun gift to give. Also, babies seem to love it, for some unfathomable reason.

3. 5 Pack Pure Cotton Muslin Cloths | Marks and Spencer | £5 (down from £7)

If your friends aren’t into jazzy muslins, perhaps they’d prefer a set of plain white ones. Very chic. These are also a lot better value than the aden + anais ones, leaving you lots more money to donate to a charity of your choice on your friends’ baby’s behalf. Baby’s First Philanthropy – whilst still in utero!

4. Spa pregnancy massage voucher | Various

Many spas offer packages for expectant mothers. These generally include a special pregnancy massage, but can also involve manicures, pedicures, facials, or be tailored to your friend’s needs and/or desires. This can be a great way to treat your friend just before the baby arrives. It’s something they’d be less likely to buy for themselves and if they’re already all set with baby kit, this is something you can never have too many of.

5. Bib and blanket set | acraftyhen via Etsy | £14.35

Another essential made fun – this matching bib and blanket set is modern, stylish and gender neutral. Keeping seasons in mind, a blanket may not be the most appropriate gift but it’s bound to come in useful at some point. You can’t outgrow a blanket, right? And can we just talk about those stags for a minute?

6. Babuqee Classic Bouquet | John Lewis | £40

This one is a little on the pricey side but packs a lot into a beautifully presented package. You do get 8 items including a bodysuit, t-shirt and bib, plus a bunch of silk flowers, which gives a nice spread of useful basics plus something pretty to look at. It’s available in both pink and blue, but sadly no gender neutral green/yellow/white which is a shame.

Have you been to a baby shower? What gift did you give?



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