All Change

Hi fellow nomads,
So we’ve finally reached the end of the line, in many senses
of the word.

We’ve reached the end of our time in our little flat in St
Albans. We are moving in a few short weeks to the actual end of the (railway)
line and will be setting up camp in Bedford for the foreseeable. I’m excited
about the move, and really excited to get to live in a whole house, but a bit
daunted at the prospect of settling in a new area, making friends, etc.
I’ve reached the end of my 27th year on earth and
entered my 28th. It’s not quite as scary as I thought it would be,
and I had a lovely day celebrating with S and friends. So that one came
off rather more smoothly than I thought it would. Perhaps the major age-related
freak out will happen next year?
I’ve reached the end of the project that kept me holed up in
a Holiday Inn in Kent for a month. With no wifi! It amazes me that in this day
and age, a hotel mainly designed for business travel would have no free wifi
for its guests. Apparently it’s coming in a couple of months but seriously?
Holiday Inn, get it together.
In blog related news, A Nesting Nomad has reached the end of its tether with
Google+ comments and native blogger comments, and is moving swiftly on to
Disqus. Has anyone else used this commenting platform? Any experiences, hints
or tips to relate?

And finally, but most importantly, we reached the end of my
sister’s pregnancy which has been quite a high risk one. And…. I
have a new nephew! He has been so much hoped for, so much prayed for, and so
much loved already. He’s basically a miracle baby so we’re all astonished he is
finally here. I can’t wait to meet him.

All change….

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