It’s finally here! This year has been particularly full, travel-wise, but the trip we’re about to take is the pinnacle of the lot. Tomorrow, we leave for our grand US trip and I absolutely cannot wait. These last few months have been really hectic at work and I’m so ready for a break. We’re away for two whole weeks, and I can’t remember the last time S and I went on a trip that long, just the two of us. Our itinerary is pretty packed, and we’re going to a lot of places. Here’s what it looks like. 2 1/2 days… View Post

If we went for a coffee, I’d first and foremost apologise for being completely MIA recently. This week’s been a bit mad so I’ve not had time to write any blog posts at all, and I’ve not even managed to reply to all your comments! I’m really very sorry about that, let me tell you what’s been going on… Not only are things still mad at work (only 2 weeks left on my current project! I’m so nearly there!) but all my Australian family are over and I’ve been spending all the time that I can with them. We’ve all been congregating as… View Post

After bringing you my top 6 attractions, I’m here to bring you another 6 sights in New York City that I loved. I loved all these activities too, and I’d recommend them to anyone visiting NYC. The High Line If you’re feeling the need for some greenery inamongst the skyscrapers, make a beeline for the High Line. It’s got plenty of trees, as well as some interesting sculptures and when we were there, we found some food stalls set up in an underpass. You can catch a glimpse of some iconic sights from the walkway: I just love how the foliage contrasts… View Post

I thought I’d just stop by for a quick Incognito lingual braces update because… the gap has gone! It’s no more! Totally closed! Alright, when I last left you I had just had my first tightening and I thought I could see the gap shrinking slightly. Thereafter, things were pretty uneventful. I had grown fairly used to talking with the braces and the first tightening only required a small adjustment to that. I liked the new elastic bands on my upper teeth, which were sort of in an infinity sign formation, because I felt like the brackets rubbed on my tongue less when… View Post

I thought the New York Subway would be a walk in the park. I’m used to the mysterious ways of the Tube, surely nothing could surprise me? Well, I was wrong. To everyone else who is heading to New York and hasn’t given the subway a second thought, here are my top tips for you. Because things may not be as easy as they seem… Some stops are named twice Some subway stops are called different things on different lines. For example, I totally missed getting off at Union Square because it was called 14 Street on the line we were… View Post