Are you a science nerd? Well, from one science nerd to another, welcome. If you’re not a science nerd, perhaps you like food? Or picnics? Being outdoors? Historic properties? Hilarious selfie fails? If so, I got you. If not, I’m sorry. Maybe try back next week. Last weekend I took a last minute road trip with Kelly up the A1, a road I have a chequered history with. This time it was totally different, with the sun on our faces and a breeze through our hair (well, the air con anyway) we set off in search of history and intrigue.… View Post

I have no relevant pictures for this general rambly update so please enjoy these flower shots from the orangery at Belton House, taken on my jaunt with Kelly around the National Trust properties of Lincolnshire yesterday. This is Belton House. More to come later… Planning… my trip to Barcelona at the end of the month. I’m so excited! We have our flights and our AirBnB booked, so now I’m just looking at activities and places to eat. Mostly places to eat, if I’m honest. Watching… Celebrity Masterchef, despite the fact I don’t recognise any of the celebrities, who are quite annoying, and… View Post

Following one not so good experience in a Hotel Indigo, I had the best ever experience in a different Hotel Indigo. I’m not sure how that can happen within one hotel chain, but I swear these two hotels were chalk and cheese. Anyway, moving away from the negative and onto the very much positive. I stayed at the Hotel Indigo Lower East Side for one night in June; let me give you a run down of the place in 5. 1. The rooms. What more can I say? My room was absolutely stunning. I was lucky enough to get a corner… View Post

Have you ever done a slightly unconventional side trip? One that makes people look at you a little bit funny? Well, I did when I went to New York in June. Let me tell you a bit about it. What? During my six day trip to  NYC, I decided to spend one of those days travelling up Long Island to a place called Riverhead. Why? There were a mixture of reasons for this, but to be honest the main one was shopping. The next was affordability. After my travel buddy Emma departed on day four, I didn’t want to stay in our AirBnB in… View Post

So I posted about my Spring goals back in March and then… never mentioned them again. I thought I should probably address that today. Here’s how I did with my Spring goals, and I’ve made some late in the game Summer ones too. I do think having goals was a good motivation, so I’m going to try and keep it up over the Summer. Sort out the back bedroom ¦¦ Alright so this is partially sorted. I’ve got the furniture moved around and I can successful use my cross trainer whilst watching Netflix on my laptop so that’s the main thing.… View Post