So you may know I’m moving to Australia at the end of March. Ok technically I’m moving to Australia at the end of April but we leave the UK at the end of March, but… details.

So where have work decided to send me for two weeks?


Yes, hello from Adelaide.

Are you confused? That’s ok. I still am. Basically I should be here for about 2 weeks, after which I’ll return to the UK for just under 3 weeks before leaving for good.

Yes it was quite annoying to lose half of the remaining time I had in the country.

Yes I did have some visa issues that made me SO STRESSED that I peaced out of the internet for a bit.

Yes I was going to miss my own goodbye party (it’s ok, we managed to reschedule it and only a few people can’t make the new date – although one is my bestie so I’m quite sad about that).

And yes, I have taken advantage of my generous baggage allowance in business class in an attempt to minimise my shipping budget.

All in all, I’m happy to be here exploring somewhere new. And seeing some sunshine! So far, I’ve been to small town Victoria, and now I’m in Adelaide, South Australia. That’s two new Australian states ticked off for me, and I’m thoroughly enjoying it.

The small town we visited was in the middle of the desert yet contained inexplicably good dining options (plus Heston Blumenthal, who ate in the restaurant my colleagues ate in the night before I arrived. Gutted to have missed that) and we’ve come to Adelaide during their Fringe festival. I’ve got tickets to see Tom Ballard tonight so I’m pretty excited about that.

All photos taken from my perambulations around Adelaide to date. I’ve spent one night in the beachy suburb of Glenelg where people are scarily active, and a morning wandering the Botanic Gardens which are just beautiful.

Have you ever been to Adelaide? Anywhere I need to check out?