This year, I’m determined to Do Christmas. I have been a bit of a scrooge about things in the past few years – last Christmas was awful (we had just lost my Dad, there was a very uncomfortable divorce situation in the family, it was just very strange all around) and the Christmas before I spent in Australia. Which was great fun, but not Christmas-y at all.

So this year, I’ve written a hit list to make sure I maximise a good British Christmas. I’ll check back in post-Christmas to see how I did.



Go to a Christmas market

This one had to be on there, right? Visiting a Christmas market is such a festive activity, it can’t fail to get you in the festive spirit. I’m talking about browsing handmade gifts, drinking Glühwein, soaking up the atmosphere.

Go to an outdoors carol service

Carols = Christmas. Outdoor services don’t happen very often and there’s something pretty cool about carols unaccompanied by overpowering music.

Bake Christmas cookies

I love baking, and I think baking Christmas cookies would be a great way to get me in the holiday spirit. Anyone have any good recipes?

Go to a candlelit Christingle service

I love Christingle services, celebrating Jesus the light of the world with actual lights. Ideally this would be the midnight service on Christmas Eve – I always preferred this service to the one on Christmas Day.

Sit by an open fire

Nothing sums up cosy to me more than sitting by an open fire. The smell of woodsmoke, the noise of gentle sputterings coming from the hearth, and the sensation of the side of you facing the fire being roasting hot while the rest of you is freezing. Ah, nothing like an open fire.

Play board games

Board games are fun for all the family, and we have a good group of friends who love board games too. Sadly we only have about one game but I figure if we provide the venue and snacks, others will be happy to provide the actual games!

Light all the candles

I know. I’ll put the hygge book away now.

Wear all the cosy clothes

One thing you absolutely have to do to enjoy Christmas is stay warm. This year I would like to stay warm.

Eat my own weight in Pigs in Blankets

I LOVE pigs in blankets. They’re one of my favourite things to eat. I would like to eat pigs in blankets for multiple meals throughout December, not just Christmas day. Why limit the fun?

Actually put up our Christmas tree

We have a fake Christmas tree because real ones are too much of a commitment for us, especially as we’re not usually around over the actual Christmas period anyway. However, that’s a scroogelike attitude so I just need to get with the program and put up what decorations we do have in good time. And try and spend some time enjoying them. I might even wrap presents for underneath the tree…

Does anyone have anything else I can add to my list, to do Christmas properly?


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