Today I’m bringing you a guest post from the lovely Courtney, because I will always take the opportunity to share internet space with a friend when I can. Welcome, Courtney!

Hi friends! Some of you might know me from the expat blog circuit, but if not- I’m Courtney and I blog over at Alkeks Abroad. Rachel and I have been “blog friends” for a few years now, following along on each other’s adventures. So, imagine my excitement when she announced she was moving to Australia! Last July while she was in Brisbane we got to meet up for lunch and finally become “real life friends” too! It’s always fun chatting with other expats about their experiences and comparing the differences between our two cities.

Earlier this year, Rachel and I both were given the opportunity to participate in a project with Currency Fair, helping people who are thinking of making the move down under. We discussed why our cities (Sydney and Brisbane) were good fits for our stages of life. Of course we had plenty to say on the topic, so we decided to continue the conversation on our blogs. Today I am sharing 5 Reasons Brisbane is the best city to live in Australia. I have chosen to live here the past three and a half years so it must be pretty special, right?

Big City, Small Town Feel

Brisbane is the capital city of the second largest state in Australia, so you have the perks of a major city (plethora of options for restaurants, shopping and an international airport). Although with a population of 2.3m and a sprawling layout it feels more like a small town than a congested city. You still run into people you know walking through the city and everyone is generally quite friendly. I have made good friends chatting on the ferry, playing at the park with my daughter, even at a local workout studio.

The Weather

Brisbane is pretty much sunny skies and warm weather year around. Summer can get hot like the rest of the country, but we don’t see those triple digit highs nearly as much as some of the other capital cities. The dead of winter is actually my favorite time of year in Brisbane. It’s sunny but not too humid and the temps are in the 70’s (low 20’s). You get some wear out of your winter coats and boots in the mornings and evenings, but by midday it’s shorts weather. I have even been to the beach on several winter’s days. Overall Brisbane climate is temperate, which is perfect since there is so much to do outdoors!

Day Trips Galore

What do you feel like doing? Going on a hike to a waterfall, laying on the beach, kayaking down the river, checking out an island? You can do all of these things when you live in Brisbane. Sandwiched between the Sunshine Coast and the Gold Coast (the two main holiday destinations for Aussies) you are spoiled for choice with beaches an hour each way. I can’t even count how many national parks are within an hour radius of my house, so you never run out of hiking options. The hinterland areas (mountain regions from the coast) are stunning and a perfect place to spend a day checking out wineries, unique shops and cafes in their small towns. Brisbane is also home to three of the four largest sand islands in the world, and they are all accessible by short ferry rides.

Outdoor Activities Galore

I realize I already mentioned several day trip ideas to get outdoors, but within Brisbane city limits there are plenty of options available. The Brisbane River runs straight through the city and there are always people kayaking, boating, jet skiing- you name it. The riverwalk is a hot spot for runners, bikers and moms pushing prams. Brisbane is full of green space, even in the middle of the city, and has some of the biggest, most well taken care of parks and gardens. South Bank even has a manmade beach right on the banks of the river if you don’t feel like making the drive to the coast.

Family Friendly

One thing we knew for sure once we settled into Brisbane, it would be the perfect place to raise a family. Not only is their maternity hospital one of the top in the world, but the support and resources available after you have a baby are phenomenal. There are tons of different mother’s groups and playgroups in every suburb. Parks , playgrounds and libraries are on every corner with activities going on (mostly free) daily. Plus Brisbane is a very safe city, which puts any parent’s mind at ease.

Well, I hope I have convinced you to move to Brisbane ☺. Thanks Rachel for letting me take over and thanks to Currency Fair for the opportunity to share about our adopted homes. If you are interested in moving to Australia, you should check out their very comprehensive moving guide.

Thank you Courtney for your post! What I love is that we share many of the same loves for our cities. Thank you to Currency Fair for sponsoring this post, the fee for which has been donated to Baptist World Aid. If you’re looking for ethical gift ideas, do check them out. There’s a range of gifts for all budgets and interests. 

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